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Connecticut: “No Guns, No Gold”

Written by Gary North on April 26, 2013

You probably know about the gun control bill that was voted into law this month. Gun manufacturers are threatening to move out of the state. The story is here.

The state is now about to shut down all coin stores. A bill to require complete record-keeping on all sales, including photos of every coin sold, and recording the ID of every buyer and seller, is about to be passed into law. The cost of complying will shut down the stores. Read about it here.


To require precious metals or stones dealers to provide a periodic statement of transactions in an electronic format to the local licensing authority and retain any goods purchased for at least ten days, and to make the requirements applicable to precious metals or stones dealers similar to those applicable to secondhand dealers.

Introduced by: Public Safety and Security Committee

You may recall that the terror of the French Revolution was run by the Committee on Public Safety.

How bad is this proposed bill? Here are the details, from the state’s website.

Property Description. Under the bill, the record’s property description must include:

1. all distinguishing marks, engravings, and etchings;

2. names of any kind, including brand and model;

3. model and serial numbers;

4. affiliation with any institution or organization;

5. dates;

6. initials;

7. color;

8. vintage; and

9. image represented.


Digital Photographs. The bill requires a digital photograph of property that does not have any identifiable numbers or markings. A number corresponding to the number assigned to the property’s entry in the record-keeping system must be visible in the photograph and remain attached to the property until its disposition or sale.

Bullion and Coins

For bullion and coin sales, in addition to the requirements under current law, the bill requires dealers to keep the record in English, be consecutively numbered, and include the seller’s general description.


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105 thoughts on “Connecticut: “No Guns, No Gold”

  1. If I lived in Connecticut I would gather everything I own and in the dark of night leave the state.

  2. gon4beer says:

    Looks like Roosevelt has come back to life-hide your gold and silver

  3. There doing the same thing in scummy Illinois.One of the Dicktators many home states,all 57.

  4. Dave Weaver says:

    So, The left is all "up-in-arms" (as it were) over states requiring photo ID to VOTE.

    But here is CT creating a law that requires people to have a photo ID to sell a rock?

    How F'd up is that?

  5. Richard Goforth says:

    This won’t happen in Oklahoma. We still have sane people in charge of our government.

  6. RivahMitch says:

    Those stupid enough to surrender their means of self-defense deserve whatever they get. Those who are unwilling to kill and die to defend their rights and freedoms will lose them all and deserve to. MOLON LABE! Semper Fi!


    I warned of this during his last term, it is now coming to fruition. Confiscation of arms, gold, silver and platinum. Same thing Hitler did (minus the gold and silver fillings). Confiscation of retirement accounts (401K's, IRA's, Annuitites). Annuities and death benefits taxed at more than 66% upon your death. A $300,000 annuity will net your family $75K after the gov't takes their share! Thats IF you don't have to get a lawyer as well.

    But it's OK that the idiots on the hill will exempt themselves and thier staff workers from Obamacare. That will be a big relief for them!!! As they passed this dammed thing.

  8. Rick Caird says:

    Connecticut seems to forget it is a small state. It is not difficult to go to a neighboring state or the Internet to buy those items. It appears Connecticut is a state run by idiots. Anarchy would be preferable to government by those clowns.

  9. You don't understand; with the internet tax possibly coming to fruition, if enough of us don't get off our butts and call or email our legislators about it (and, yes I have), states like Connecticut are going to this visual documentation so they can require you to pay sales taxes on items bought in other states. So, if you go to NY and buy a raincoat you'll have to pay sales taxes on it in Conn (I use the abbreviation on purpose for obvious reasons). If you buy a set of luggage or a trinket at Disney World… you pay Conn sales tax. Isn't it a wonderful system… of FASCISTS!

    Maybe someone needs to run an add campaign thanking all of the wonderful progressives (regressives) for all of their fascist input in turning Conn into a smaller version of NAZI Germany.

    No pun intended.

  10. truthbeknown says:

    Around every corner is a liberal pulling the wool over someone's eyes. The people of this country are going to wake up when its to late. And that is what Obama and his friends are hoping. they are going to take away every right you have and remove any wealth you have and if by chance you put up a fight you will be jailed or killed period. AMERICA WAKE UP NOW.

  11. truthbeknown says:

    One way to make the liberals pay is to avoid spending any money in their states. don't buy anything made in those states. My wife likes coors, however we will no longer buy it because of where its from. we went out west and drove thru the state of ill. bought gas before we entered and after we left . didn't stop and didn't spend a dime there, and wont. if enough people do this it will have its effect. they want welfare then lets put every one of those states on it. shut em down.

  12. Boycotting NY means no more Kimbers. Really liked those guns too..

  13. Coldcowboy says:

    Hitler went after the Jews, Odumbo is going after the Christians!

  14. I live in CT, which used to be like the last gun-friendly freedom oriented-ish state in the NYC region. So yeah, not it's working hard to make up for lost time and rival all others for suckiness. Hard part is, there's no where to in the region, if you're tied to an NY sales territory like me. PA? too far. NH? too far. VT? dubious and too far. MA? Too far and sucks. NY? Sucks donkey balls. NJ? Sucks 'em even harder. Not to say there's no way out… there is, but it's a biiig shift, with family, friends, etc…
    C'est la vie – just sayin'….

  15. The Dumocrats and Communist supporters don't believe ANYTHING you try to tell them, or warn them about.KyFloyd

  16. Every gun manufacture that's being threatened with various laws, should close their doors and move where they will be appreciated, such as any state in the South. Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, etc.

  17. Dale Netherton says:

    When will people wake up to the fact that politicians are a breed apart from rational freedom loving citizens? Just a criminals act outside the law, politicians enact laws that defy common sense and fairness and achieve the same unearned results under the auspices of legality. The rallying cry must be "decontrol" along with the complete rejection of the idea the only way to finance government is to allow them to steal via taxation. All other businesses rely on voluntary payments. Only the government claims it can't. How does it know it has never tried? They rely on voluntary contributions for campaigns. Why not voluntary contributions for operations?

  18. A long time ago I went to a gold dealer in CT to sell a gold coin. I asked for cash and the gold dealer got a startled look on his face and said paying cash for gold was illegal. I never encountered that elsewhere.

  19. Seymour Kleerly says:

    You also have the CRETIN J. Imhof for a Senator.

  20. Carol Olson says:

    Connecticut seems to have lost it's mind. What a bunch of loons!

  21. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Dumbest post of the week! Obama is a Christian.

  22. Carol Olson says:

    Right on!

  23. Did anyone actually read the bill or the information about what is being required? http://www.cga.ct.gov/2013/BA/2013SB-00928-R00011…. GO TO THE LINK!!! This requires BUYERS (Pawn Shops / Jewelry Stores) purchasing from a seller, to list the details of the transaction. The details include the description of the item purchased (with photo, if no identifying marks) and who they purchased it from, including info from a photo ID with their home address. Why would this need to be recorded??? So that the police can find your stolen property and the person that sold it to the PAWN SHOP. This has NOTHING to do with you as a buyer walking into a store, including that same PAWN SHOP, and buying gold or anything else. How about you READ before you comment. AND, how about reporting something with at least a grain of integrity.

    This is all good and should be law already.

  24. Did anyone actually read the bill or the information about what is being required? http://www.cga.ct.gov/2013/BA/2013SB-00928-R00011…. GO TO THE LINK!!! This requires BUYERS (Pawn Shops / Jewelry Stores) purchasing from a seller, to list the details of the transaction. The details include the description of the item purchased (with photo, if no identifying marks) and who they purchased it from, including info from a photo ID with their home address. Why would this need to be recorded??? So that the police can find your stolen property and the person that sold it to the PAWN SHOP. This has NOTHING to do with you as a buyer walking into a store, including that same PAWN SHOP, and buying gold or anything else. How about you READ before you comment. AND, how about reporting something with at least a grain of integrity.

    This is all good and should be law already.

  25. George DePloy says:

    I thought whosane was a mooslim.

  26. You don't get out much do you? Obama has admitted to being a MUSLIM!

  27. Dave Weaver says:

    Yes, just like any other "good law", it places additional burden on those who would follow the law. To those who will not, it will make absolutely no difference.

  28. The area of the country above the Mason Dixon line has obviously been lost to the communists and should be cut loose from the United States and made members of the United Nations , and Kalifornicate as well . The whole country would be better off and without their communist senators and representatives in Washington we would quickly get our country , the REAL United States of America , back .

  29. QuisPercusit says:

    Don't get caught leaving the Nanny state with out a permit.

  30. QuisPercusit says:

    It is draconian odious burdensome and smacks of communism. Boycotting Every conceivable thing possible in or from Connecticut is going to be so much fun. I hope Colt and Charter arms take the Midnight train to Georgia. soon. and turn Connecticut into a Larger version of Dearborn.

  31. Bob Marshall says:

    I wonder what Roger Sherman, Samuel Huntington, William Williams and Oliver Wolcott, the signers of The Declaration of Independence would have said to the state government of Connecticut today.

  32. Before you start misspelling names, just contrast him to the Chicago gangster currently occupying the White House.
    I'm from California and I would happily trade BOTH of my senators for one Inhofe — but I suspect that the people in Oklahoma are too smart to let him go.

  33. Seymour, he's only a cretin to you because his politics differ from yours. You should state minor details like that about your thinking right up front.

  34. Seymour Kleerly says:

    He is the poster boy for the Polluter Protection Program.

  35. Actually, 58. Remember he said he has visited 57 and has one more to go.

  36. If you believe that, then you're as dumb as the rest of Obama's supporters. He's a wolf in a sheep's clothing. He's a Muslim. Always has been and always will be.

  37. Connecticut has gone insane with government control. Good luck keeping your citizens there

  38. We have a communist governor but the state is being renamed "mexifornia" since we have the highest number of illegal mexican aliens next to Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

  39. PA is still above the Mason-Dixon line and is still fairly conservative, especially in Western PA. That is the area that Obama referred to when he said people cling to their guns and bibles in 2008. Unfortunately, our two large cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh keep us from voting Republican for president. Many of the people in those cities are receiving welfare benefits so they want to keep them coming. A big rally was held recently in Harrisburg regarding the Second Amendment, and they do like their guns in this state.

    Today I saw an interview with a Republican MA representative, and she said in MA you don't have to provide a SS number when applying for welfare. The Marathon Bombers were receiving food stamps, and other forms of welfare from the parents down through the kids. The governor of MA, Duval Patrick, good friend of Obama, refuses to divulge what kinds of welfare and how much these terrorists were receiving. Why do the people of these states keep electing these people? These states are run by Democrats and many of them are going down financially, The states that are doing well are run by Republicans. If the Democrats keep getting elected, people had better start looking for another country to move into.

  40. Illegals can stay here, get in-state tuition, subsidized housing, even if you are the aunt of the Pres. But I cannot buy a gold coin with having identifying marks measured? Perhaps if we require registration on condoms, alcohol, tobacco we can reduce drunk driving, rape, and unwanted pregnancies? Sacrcasm intentional for those of you stupid enough not to see it, and we all know you are there. LOL

  41. Citizens of CT. PLEASE STAY THERE – you voted these legislators in. We do not want you moving here and bringing your idiotic ideas with you.

  42. dadzrites says:

    Put everything into a trust. The state can't touch it. It is the last common law document that the government stays away from, because the wealthy and Congresscritters all have trusts. Having a trust prevents the state from looking into your assets when you die and pass the assets along to other family members or people you have as beneficiaries. I would bet there are trillions in trusts around the U.S. Most people in California have trusts besides their wills. They don't want the extortionate government there to get any money through death taxes.

  43. Not for long though~! These jack ass donkeys are moving everywhere and taking control bit by bit. Once Colorado was a happy, conservative safe place. Not so much since we have DEM gov, Dem House, AND Dem Senate. Colorado will NEVER be the same… Once Colorado had it's act together too…

  44. True. Spend your hard earned $$$$ only in businesses that support YOUR Constitutional rights. Google which businesses are pro gun, which businesses are pro first amendment, etc. Starbucks is a NO-NO! As is Pepsi as is JC Penny. Those 3 right there cold be shut down IF people quite spending their money at these places! Shut'em down!

  45. Boycott SPECIFIC businesses… like Pepsi, Starbucks, JC Penny's, any business that does not support your Constitutional rights to speech, religion and self defense. There are tones of good businesses, just like there are tons of good people stuck in these hell hole states and cities now… Support those good guys while choking the proverbial monetary life out of the bad guys…

  46. you have just proven david's point.
    you are a brain dead liberal.
    pathetic, and irrelevant, here.

  47. Enjoy it while you can. Cancer spreads…

  48. Big Mike says:

    Indiana. Just Eliminated Death Tax And Cut Income Tax. And Is Now Right To Work. Screw The NE.

  49. James Bernard says:

    You people in Connecticut deserve what you get! What fools you are! Why don't you start firing your criminal law makers starting today?

  50. profitup10 says:

    Are you losing your Freedoms and Liberties? Do you want to stop the overreaching to BIG TO GOVERN Federal Central Collective?
    Are you MAD enough to take action? Will you do your part to Save our REPUBLIC?

    Take Action!
    Ben Franklin's response when a lady asked – what kind of government did you give us? He said – "WE GAVE YOU A REPUBLIC IF YOU CAN KEEP IT." Our nation has never been so close to

  51. Out here in Texas, any politician stupid enough to vote for a bill like this, or for any sort of gun control bill, will be tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a still-smoldering rifle barrel! [ Clinging to God, guns, and gold, in that order ]

  52. ken1lutheran says:

    This is evidently what the people of Connecticut want. They've elected and re-elected Democratic majorities to both houses of the legislature for decades now. The people of Connecticut don't care if jobs leave. They don't care if small businesses are forced to close. This is what the state wants, and this is what the state gets. I remember when the state was politically competitive. It isn't any more

  53. Giving up freedoms a little at a time , and you are falling for it, good luck in you little world of stupid !!!

  54. vietnamvet1971 says:

    What do the Stupid people (LIBERALS) that live in those states think will happen they just keep voting Liberals in and look the other way. I hope it catches up with them and Hurts them in their WALLETS.

  55. We travel between upper Midwest and Southeast several times a year. Takes a bit longer to completely avoid IL. MO gets my gas and food money and I don’t worry about IL Gestapo.

  56. I moved OUT of the state about 15 years ago, even though I still own a rental property. Numbnuts, we tried that before with Lowell Weicker. He said and i quote: starting an income tax now is like putting gasoline on a fire. Sounds good right? well, he made an about face and passed the damn thing. BTW how are YOU doing with Obama as president? I did NOT vote for the TURD either time. How about you? And if you did NOT vote for him, what are you doing about it?

  57. Bob Marshall says:

    By the way, the men i mentioned above as signers of the Declaration of Independence were from Connecticut.

  58. Show them the phrase on the dollars that says "Legal Tender for all debts Public and Private." If they don't understand it, take your business elsewhere.

  59. G. Kuhns says:

    Is this why the price of gold has fallen? Do some insiders know something we don’t?

  60. With the left, the issue is never what they purport it to be- the real issue is CONTROL. The left want to control every aspect of our lives, without our consent. Think about it !
    “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against the tyranny in government.” —Thomas Jefferson, Founding Father
    “Cause the registration of all firearms on some pretext, with the view of confiscating them and leaving the population defenseless.” — Vladimir Lenin
    Any question, comrades ?

  61. Philosopherking says:

    I just see so many conservative and libertarians are stuck in liberal states. Have you not forgotten that states can break apart and form two new states? North and South Dakota comes to mind. I think, that when political divisions are so wide, and when one side can't live with the other then it is time for a separation. I'm not talking departing the United States but just suggesting that some states should split themselves in half so that people don't have to be subject to these stupid laws.

  62. LiberalsRCommies says:

    Well put, people dont study history, few people know what went on during the depression etc. Under color of authority etc. If Americans knew what went on during WW2 and just afterwards they wouldn't let their sons and grandsons fight in the middle east.

  63. The Constitution Party. Do not even waste your time with anything else.

  64. slickzip says:

    _ Looks like the population of the state will be dropping very fast as surrounding states increase population stupid liberals will never learn ,,,,

  65. SumerianMan says:

    Don't be a fool, they're getting whatever they want, from where ever they want, whenever they want, with impunity! You forget, the law and your rights as an a American means nothing to these people. If you want to keep anything you own YOU WILL have to fight for it! The pen is only mightier than the sword in the hands of politicians, and in the face of pacifists.

  66. Really?!? says:

    Holy crap, folks… how about you read the bill first, before running off on a tangent. This keeps pawn brokers and others dealing with precious stones and metals to keep records of who they buy from… basically allowing the cops to track down anyone that may be fencing stolen goods. Nothing new there…

  67. I want a Kimber! Are they moving or going out of business?

  68. Pete0097 says:

    Maryland is south of the Mason-Dixon ne and is a communist state (1 party rule ) Harford County can't even vote for their own school board as THAT county is primarily Republican.

  69. I also beg to differ. He is the same kind of scum as Muhammad and just as good a liar.

  70. Maybe that is why the Founding Fathers said to keep the government on a very, very short leash.

  71. Ditto for Texas !!!

  72. BallardKamees says:

    Roosevelt? You mean "HITLER"!!! Here it "COMES"

  73. Don't bother heading to California, we are just as nuts here.

  74. BallardKamees says:

    "IDIOTS" AGREED, but not nearly as bad as the "IDIOTS" in "DC"!! IMPEACH "OBOMA and BIDEN"

  75. BallardKamees says:

    Gold is "NO longer the Benchmark" of our econmy, I would consider the "Chineese Wan" before the "Dollar or the Euro" for that matter!!

  76. What I own is my busisness not the States or federal governments. We threw off the reigns of a king before and it looks like we may have to do it again. It is none of the governments business what I own. Our government has become nothing less than organized crime using the police as their strong arm soldiers!

  77. johnbbbb says:

    Haven't you heard…..Liberalism (Progressivism) is a mental disorder. I refuse to live in those Northeast States, and those few Conservatives that do should move out ASAP.

  78. Someone above stated that no record of the purchaser is required. You had better read closer: "By law, at the time of purchase, a dealer must provide the seller a receipt containing the required record-keeping information, amount paid for any property sold, and the purchaser's name and address. The bill requires the receipt to include the new information dealers must enter into their own records." Think about it. What good does it do the police to have sales records they can't track?

  79. For now.

  80. Ron Vohs says:

    RON. Born in Illinois raised in Wisconsin now back in Illinois.Montana,Wyoming somewhere like that maybe my next stop.My guns and religion will be going with me.

  81. buy a Nighthawk or Wilson Combat for 1911's . they are both from Arkansas
    If you want an AR-15, buy from Accurate Tool, Lexington ky. They makes excellent mil spec rifles in 5.56 or .308

  82. Don't worry WEP. 'doesn't see more clearly' is one of bamy's trolls. Has been since he started coming on these blogs trying to cause disruptions.

  83. Mike Egan says:

    I read it carefully – it is a bad law, and infringes on the rights of private citizens – sounds like something from Nazi Germany, 1939. It is clear that CT is governed by the corrupt and anti-American.
    -Mike Egan

  84. Jackspraat says:

    Like a good neighbor, Obummer is there. Ct. has fallen, Illinois has fallen, mi has fallen, land of fruits and nuts has fallen, Co. has fallen, most large cities have fallen, whose next.. We have to call these marxists/progressives what they are, national blight and scum, their only product/

  85. theonlysaneoneleft says:

    actually, your feeble mind only understands half of the story. what if i want to sell my gold. you only comment on the buyer. i dont need uncle sam, or the neighborhood crooked pawn shop owner to know where this one gold bar came from so he can send his goons out to hold my family at gun point for the rest. you are a retard. you are the stupid fucking leader lemming telling everyone there is no cliff and to just fall in line. shame on you. your vote should be taken away you idiot.

  86. American in USA says:

    Very F'd up. We the People must fight back!

  87. chiefcabioch says:

    Only fools will comply with any such thing……

  88. chiefcabioch says:

    Richard, it wont happen because Politicians aren't stupid enough to think they wont be Tarred and Feathered for something like this…..

  89. chiefcabioch says:

    it's Inhofe genius…..and Okies wouldn't put up with even the suggestion……much less anything else…..

  90. Soffitrat says:

    When they reap what they are sowing, they will change back into better Americans… But it will be a very painful experience for many of them.

  91. lupine100 says:

    It may safely be said that since Connecticut has has suspended its affiliation with the US Constitution by these despotic measures, it is no longer part of the union and patriots should now regard it as a foreign land. Spend no money in Connecticut nor travel thereto. Any state which can offer the Electric Boat Company which is in Connecticut a better tax deal ought to do so immediately. They build our nuclear submarines there and they should be encouraged to build in another state.

  92. It’s not your precious metals that are at stake. The Washington tax and spenders have already held congressional hearings on the feasibility of raping our IRAs, 401Ks, 403bs, et al.

  93. Brooklynresident says:

    I’m from Pennsylvania, and wish I could manage to escape New York. I don’t relish the thought of what will happen when the hyperinflation hits, or the North Koreans set of their electromagnetic pulse, or…? The welfare checks will stop, or stop being worth anything–or all machines stop. We’ve got tons of projects, with tons of worthless folks–welfare families, both State and Trust Fund–brainless, clueless All. Detroit is a paradise now, compared to New York Future.

  94. If the point is to interdict stolen goods, they already have the tools to do their jobs and holding periods. Coins however are exempt as money, it is written in the US Constitution, so if this law were appealed to the Scotus, it would be struck down. Stolen coins and bars usually end up fenced in NYC and other places where no questions are asked and there is no paper trail. I would like to know how many crooks have been caught by the cops with the tools they already have??

  95. Keep telling yourself that. Why are the additional records not required if I want to pawn a lawn mower?

  96. Ranchman says:

    Every state which is about to go bankrupt is doing this. So far Illinois and Connecticut. Watch what other states institute this policy, they're going to go bankrupt too. Next come currency controls, prices, wages, and then comes rationing, food and fuel. This country's economy is going to collapse and it will be sooner rather than later.

  97. Marigold says:

    You idiot.. Should be law already. I suppose you were one of those morons hunkered down in Boston while the Nazis searched private homes.

  98. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Doesn't he say that Global Warming and Climate Change are a hoax? That's protecting the profits of polluters at the expense of people. Only ditto heads Fox Botts and shareholders in Industry "believe" Imhoff and disregard the overwhelming science to the contrary. Don't these people have children? GOP.= Greed Over People!

  99. the country needs a large sanitary land fill site… looks like we just located it… they'll never be missed…

  100. DebbieOhio912 says:

    Hey Captain,
    Any more room in Texas for the rest of us?

  101. DebbieOhio912 says:

    In Ohio, the major cities (Cleveland, Columbus, etc.) are filled with liberals, as is true with most states. If we cut Ohio in half, we'll still have the same problem, no?

  102. DebbieOhio912 says:

    Is fencing stolen gold coins a major problem in Connecticut, enough to make a law like this? Just wondered…

  103. I thought Starbucks did its guns and coffee day , which was in support of open and concealed carry

  104. Check out Nashville Tn. Great town, family oriented in the burbs, no state income tax and jobs are plentiful. Weather is great most of the time. I’m from Cheshire Ct and will Never move back. I’ll visit family and be glad to return home to Franklin.

  105. Gun manufacturers are frightening to move out of the state. The state is now about to shut down all coin stores. A bill to require complete record-keeping on all sales, including photos of every coin sold, and recording the ID of every buyer and seller, is about to be passed into law. The cost of complying will shut down the stores