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Wanted: An Online High School Chemistry Course. Pay: A Permanent Passive Income Stream.

Written by Gary North on April 24, 2013

If you have ever taught high school chemistry, here is an “annuity.”

If you are an untenured college chemistry professor, but you can teach high school students, here is emergency income, just in case your contract is not renewed.

If you are in the chemical industry, and you have thought about getting into teaching part-time, here is a chance to prove you can teach.

If you know someone like this, send a link to this page.

For details, click the link.

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5 thoughts on “Wanted: An Online High School Chemistry Course. Pay: A Permanent Passive Income Stream.

  1. profitup10 says:

    If you want a FREE Constitutional law and American History class – here is the biggest and best on the WEB – no ads, no cookies, no debate, just facts and sourced documents, books, ebooks and pdf books. Just a click away from the real truth of America and her dreams that are being stolen day by day . . It will show how to take our REPUBLIC BACK . .

  2. Bryant Hopkins, PE says:

    College teachers, chemists and engineers: need an income? Teach high school chemistry (or physics, or science) as a part time source of income. I am a retired engineer, PE. I worked in manufacturing from i950 until 1992. Between jobs I signed up at high schools to teach math, physics, chemistry and drafting. I was quite good at teaching, but the one thing I lacked was a lesson plan. The teachers I filled in for were required to have lesson plans. But non of them did! About nine of them, over the years. Needed, should someone decide to do it: "A standard lesson plan for unemployed technical professionals when teaching in the high school."

  3. Mr. North, try Khan academy. His courses are fantastic, and he doesn't charge. This guy can get through to anyone, he is that good. I have no idea about his political views, have never seen them involved in any of his lessons, but his classes are a joy to take and FREE. If he is willing to do so, bet he could come up with a great plan for you all. He offers economics classes, finance classes and all sorts of math classes, I've taken several for refreshers, since it has been 40 years since receiving my MA from Trinity U in San Antonio. Brain cells getting a bit rusty.

  4. Bryant, you can take an education course at most colleges with teaching programs just on how to make a lesson plan. I was working on a graduate program in hospital admin and foolishly signed up for a minor in Allied Health Education, and found I was the only one in the class with absolutely no prior education classes. Had to take an undergraduate class in making lesson plans at the same time as I was taking a graduate class that the undergraduate class was the prerequisite for. Ended up making a C on the undergraduate prerequisite class and a B on the graduate class. Only grade below B I ever made in any graduate class. And had to get a lot of help from other students when we were told to prepare a semester lesson plan, and I had no idea at all what they wanted. Luckily, made a boyfriend in class who explained to me what is (was) necessary. There are likely ways to find that on the internet by now. I took the class in 1977, just as personal computers started being fairly common, way before the internet was readily available. You can look up almost anything you need to know now on the internet. Use Google,yahoo, bing or other search machines, you can most likely teach yourself how to make up a proper lesson plan. God bless Al Gore (snicker, snicker) for bringing us the Internet.

  5. One more remark, if anyone else gets as many offers as I do everyday to get a grant from the Obama admin to further your education, use it, everyone else is (except me), let Obama – through tax paying citizens – pay your way through whatever courses you want to take. From the come-ons I keep getting, these are grants, do not have to be paid back. Of course, if you do not want to help Obama drag the country off the cliff any faster than it is going, you won't want to do that, but it is out there for any with no real conscience. I also get ads offering to help me get on SSI or SSDI, food stamps, cobra, anything they can come up with to suck up taxpayer money, every day.