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The Trusting Soul Who Tipped Off the Boston Invaders

Written by Gary North on April 24, 2013

A man in Watertown, Massachusetts noticed something odd. It seemed as though his backyard boat had been disturbed. He tipped off the government.

The various governments, which had locked down Boston in a vain attempt to find a missing teenager, sent troops into his back yard. They shot up his boat. To see the photos, click the link at the bottom.

Let’s understand causation. The authorities locked down the city. They put the locals in Watertown under house arrest. They invaded their homes. They found nothing.

It took a tip from a citizen for the armed troops to locate the kid.

What did the informant get for his trouble? A destroyed boat. There is a half-hearted attempt by locals to help him buy a new boat.

This sequence of events followed the time-honored principle of all federal bureaucracies: “You play ball with us, and we’ll smash you in the head with the bat.”

Meanwhile, in downtown Boston. . . .

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38 thoughts on “The Trusting Soul Who Tipped Off the Boston Invaders

  1. captainkudzu says:

    It seems that their inability to locate Tsarnaev without help disproves all those theories about police state surveillance. You should feel relieved!

  2. Hey criminals and low lifes. If you plan on getting in a gunfight with police, do it in Boston. They only hit the target once for every 1,000 rounds fired.

    People in Boston should feel really secure knowing their cops throw bullets around like beads at a Mardi Gras parade. They hit the general area, but miss a lot more often than hit. Just think of all the places that extra military grade lead can go, and what innocent people may be there.

  3. Rattlerjake says:

    The only reason that they knew it was these two guys from the surveillance tapes is because the FBI had been in contact with them and interviewed them in the past, otherwise they would have never figured it out.

  4. Rattlerjake says:

    So where's the pictures of the shot up boat?

  5. Bill McCroskey says:

    Click on link: Continue Reading on http://www.dailymail.co.uk

  6. banjokid says:

    100 rounds fired into a SUV while the two ladies were delivering news papers and the SUV was a bright blue not gray this cost the city 4,2 million plus about 80,000 to pay up for stupidity . Would someone please teach these miscreants on the police force to be able to hit their target ? it seems the general gun owning public shoots straighter than the police.

  7. When you use (fire) your gun … you OWN the bullet. Not only did they shoot up this guy's boat. There are MANY bullet ridden homes in the Newtown area. WHO will pay for the damage?
    If a CCL permit holder went all Rambo, like this, the govt would … 1. lock them up and 2. take his/her permit

  8. David Ozanne says:

    Not only the Boston plice, but remember New York City and 8 or 9 people hit by police bullets but not one hit the bad guy. This is par for the course with most police .

  9. Who in the heck is this author siding with? Boston was put under this "procedure" for their protection. These were extraordinary events that took exraordinary precautions to maintain public safety. For many in Law Enforcement this entire event was a 'first'. The Boston P.D. and other Agencies did a fantastic job. The Residents did a fantastic job by complying and assisting. So now we have Monday Morning Quarterbacks critiquing the action. I say go back to hiding behind your desks and shut up. I commend the Boat Owner who notified the Police of the whereabout of the Musl;im Terrorist. As to his Boat, I am gald he had Insurance. What IF the Terrorist had invaded his home?. None of the perpetrators had firearms Licenses. A License or Registration would have as usual, been useless to prevent this crime for the criminal. .So all you Liberals need to look at this and reassess your learned beliefs. Molon Labe. ~Rick Magee, FL

  10. This guy Rick has been drinking the KoolAid. Not all of us desire a sophomoric unprofessional militarized police force kicking down our doors. It was their first time and they should be fired. You who so quickly embrace the police state doom us all and we wont shut up.

  11. exbuckeye says:

    I think the guy with the shot up boat is kinda lucky. Imagine what his house woulda looked like if the
    perp had gone inside and the police had shot it up? He might not even have a habitable dwelling!! lol

  12. exbuckeye says:

    So right you are! And even among the group of informed, not many understand this.

  13. Well Dr North; what should the boat owner have done? nothing? arrest the kid himself?

  14. exbuckeye says:

    Went and read the full article and looked at the pictures plus note that a fund has been set up.

    Wonder how many of the police and FBI will donate to it?

  15. There was also a survivor who actually witnessed one bomb being planted. I’m sure he helped identify the perp on the video.

  16. Great line, "like beads at a Marti Gras parade." That's funny…..

  17. An Old Indian Proberb: You don't know a person until you walk a mile in his Mocassins. Not verbatim but applicable. In Law Enforcement you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. I always said I'd rather be judged by twelve than carried off by six. Granted their are HotDogs in every profession just as there are critics that know noithing of which they speak. ~Rick Magee, FL

  18. Desi Erasmus says:

    A good rundown on why some of us "non-liberals" are not sanguine about the way the Boston attack was handled:
    "Our response to 9/11 was to plunge ourselves into an economically ruinous war. We cannot afford to keep fighting stupid. Because our enemies are not stupid." – AN ILLUMINATING REVIEW OF THE BOSTON PANIC REACTION AND ITS IMPLICATIONS – http://www.patheos.com/blogs/markshea/2013/04/why

  19. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Good thing the "trusting soul" was not a right wing anti-gov. gun nut. He might have sided with the terrorist against our EVIL Government.

  20. Jan Dinkins says:

    The federal authorities knew these terrorists. They definitely should have had pictures/ adresses of them on file from the interview a couple of yrs ago. They could have checked them out…again…before plastering their pictures all over the country. That would seem to be a tip off to the bad guys to get the heck out of dodge! But, of course, they didn't so time, money, ammunition were not spared in the pursuit and death/capture of the two. Anguish and total lock down were imposed on the residents ,….as well as destruction of property that may have been in the line of battle. Once the authjorities had a visual of the brothers the logical step would be to quickly pursue them before involving every citizen. It seems that there is definitely more to the story.

  21. You cannot win a war if it is managed by politicians. I feel that Iraq was to avenge Bush #1's failure to get Saddam. Afghanistan was to perhaps secure a pipekine. To win a War, one's Enemy must be anihilated totally. Winston Churchill said, " Appeasement is surrender on the Installment Plan". Muslims hated Churchill. That is why Obama returned Chiurchill's Bust to England. The National Day of Prayer was cancelled by Obama and instead a Muslim Prayer was observed at the W.H. ~Rick Magee, FL.

  22. Disinfo Watch! the Boston Bombing survivor who ID the perp that captain-disinfo refers to is the fact the legless patsey that was last seen being wheeled around by the fake cowboy hero.

  23. crazymountain says:

    If we shot like that here in New Mexico, we couldn't get our Concealed Carry permits. Cops are notoriously bad shots. Why? Because the best gunman have jobs that pay more and have no risk.

  24. Sounds more like you'd rather someone else be carried by six!

  25. Rattlerjake says:

    Where are pictures of the boat with the damage?

  26. Or he might have just waited for the guy to bleed out and then drop him off to the police…that way he would still have his boat.

  27. David Ozanne says:

    It not only seems but is fact. Research shows that civilians are far less likely to hit something other than what they are shooting at than the police.

  28. What if………….the boat insurance doesn't cover bullet damage? Or maybe there's an "act of war" clause? But of course BO's regime doesn't want to call anything related to islamic terrorism or "acts of war", acts of war.

  29. I think Iraq was in response to Sadaams sabre rattling and bragging about having WMD's, plus there's that "non compliance" factor with the UN's inspection resolution. Afghanistan was where the 911 terrorists trained and Al Queda had training camps there all over the place protected by the Taliban. Muslims not only hate Churchill…but anyone that's NOT muslim, especially Jews and Christians, to the point that they sided with the axis in 2 world wars.

  30. Kill the patsy before he has a chance to testify and be cross-examined.

  31. I agree and would argue that Freedom is often times less than free. It hard work. Jimhodgeallied.com

  32. Yup. So many idiots around who wave incense in front of people wearing government costumes. To me it's just one gang of violent thugs fighting another gang of violent thugs.

  33. Mike1911 says:

    The gun owning general public are vastly superior shots than the cops. I've been saying it for years. Last year, I actually won $500 from a group of local cops who said they could shoot better than me. I told them to put their money where there mouths are, so they each bet me $100. I took the bet and won! (easily, by the way). They couldn't hit the broad side of a bulls behind. Disgraceful.

  34. Nancy in SC says:

    You are so correct. All of my property related insurance policies have one or more of the "weasel clauses": exemptions to coverage due to riot, civil unrest, terrorism, acts of war, resisting arrest, self-damaged, etc.

    The poor man will have to explain why his boat's damage should be covered since he notified the police (self-damage) who were shooting up his boat while attempted to capture a terrorist who was resisting arrest. That doesn't even cover all the war and riot gear in the area.

  35. I don't think he was suggesting that he shouldn't have done anything. North is making several points here: criticizing the government's mishandling of the situation by destroying his boat, that the government considers itself above the law, especially in regards to reparations (to repair, replace or repay for the boat) and that the people of Boston couldn't really care less.

  36. Bob Marshall says:

    SWAT like to see themselves as John Wayne when all they really are is modern day gestapo.

  37. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Sadamn WAS complying with the UN INSPECTIONS but Bush need to invade by the spring. The quick American action was to over before the blazing hot summer. Bush also had deceptively linked Sadamn to 9/11 and needed that "Patriotic" sentiment to sell the war. What a lying, ignorant administration. We deserve everything Bush brought down on us.

  38. We now know exactly what should have been done. Wait, and call the police asking if there is a reward and if so, how much.

    1) If the reward is valued greater than the boat, contact the police and media announce you are turning the fellow over to the cops in exchange for the reward.
    2) If the reward is valued less than the boat, keep waiting, and see if they bump up the reward or if the guy leaves the boat.