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Second-Grade Teacher Suspended for Showing Children Garden Tools

Written by Gary North on April 24, 2013

Yes, my friends, a 17-year teaching veteran did it. He showed garden tools to his class.

It’s incredible. He actually showed them tools. That’s right. He got out a box of tools. There was a pair of pliers. There was a screwdriver. But the school’s authorities knew this was a cover.

He showed the children a pocket knife.

What kind of tool is that? What can a knife do that a pair of hedge clippers can’t do a lot better?

So, he was suspended for four days without pay.

And now some civil rights outfit is suing the school. What’s America coming to when a teacher cannot be suspended without pay for showing students a knife, and then trying to conceal this by also showing gardening tools?

The public schools are determined to protect children. They should not be shown a knife at age 7.

Condoms, yes. That’s different. But not knives.

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31 thoughts on “Second-Grade Teacher Suspended for Showing Children Garden Tools

  1. John Littlefield says:

    Very dumb they the progressives are saying to the kids you dont have to work for a living.

  2. Billy Goat says:

    the youth of today are down right lazy.One I know has written in a school project of"what in the future will you have as an occupation" and his answer was Ill get my monies from the Bass Pro by fishing for a living. This is so stupid as he is dirt lazy now at 10yrs old

  3. Tpatriot says:

    Billy , I certainly hope your comment is (tongue in cheek) sarcasm!

  4. truthbeknown says:

    every 7 year old knows what a knife looks like. It wasn't the garden tools they care about. if he had made a gun sign with his hands they would have hung him in the school yard. And that folks is how stupid the liberals in this country are getting. Yes they are brain washing your children. If we don't fight for our rights now. well by the time the small kid of today grow up. heck they wont remember what rights are. And that is how this country is being destroyed. Teach your children about God,Country,guns and Family.

  5. No but these schools will show them how to have sex and how to get pregnant and teach them filth People take your kids out of every goverment school or they will be stupid and lazy like are President is and the libs are that is what is wrong with are country now They are getting rid of are good teachers and putting in Muslims and stuped ones that dont no anything they want are kids stupid and on drugs that way they can control them wake up If you love your kids pull them out

  6. Cliffystones says:

    I've done some gardening in my time, but a screwdriver? Sounds like a right-wing, Tea Party conspiracy to me 🙂

  7. DoctorBob says:

    It's OK to murder children if they are full-term babies immediately emerged from the womb by wringing their necks. But it's NOT OK to show them a knife? Is there no end to Liberal insanity?

  8. "The public schools are determined to protect children. They should not be shown a knife at age 7." Instead let's talk about your sexuality and why Suzy has two mommies!

  9. there’s nothing to see here… Now all you lackies get up off your butt, get to work, and pay your taxes… Obama’s got things to do…

  10. 2WarAbnVet says:

    It's right there in the New Liberal Constitution – "Separation of school and sanity."

  11. Hah…..I don't think the liberals want a constitution….they have a "manifesto".

  12. yeah, a good weedeater with the tri-tip hard blade on it can be deadly. I'm waiting for some whack job to bring one of those to a school or shopping mall near you. Then we'll all have to have a background check, thumbprints, and a Mother May I permit to own one. Insanity could be excused…. its a "mental condition". But wilful subversion is what we see here, and it MUST end… I am SO thankful for media outlets like this for finding such incidents and bringing them to a wide audience. Slowly, we Yanks are being shaken out of our deep slumber. And things will not be all fun and cozy when enough are disturbed from their comfort and begin to DEMAND a return to the valies upon which we were founded.

  13. Hey, even worse, the UN is trying to mandate little 4 and 5 year old kids learn how to masturbate. Now why in the hell should little kids be taught that. And just who is going to show them how it is done? I sure would wonder the background of any adult who hastily volunteers to show the little kiddies how it is done. This public school "teaching" becomes more and more insane every day. like someone above stated, if there is any way you can homeschool, even if it means less immediate income, do so, you will likely save your child(ren)'s future(s). That is worth far more than a TV and stereo in every bedroom in the house.

  14. Separation of school and sanity, or separation of school and education?

  15. Maxine, you should at least learn how to spell and use proper English before you get so involved in posting. I agree with you're opinion, in this case, but also recognize you are one of the uneducated.

  16. My garden tools included a knife made from a tractor knifing blade and was almost a machete. It would open a big watermelon with one whack.

  17. Dick Grace says:

    The eduction system in this country is overpaid and consists of the most poorly educated and outright lazy individuals in this country. Who would belong to the highest paid educational system in the world and do a lousy job of educating and still clamor for more money. An establishment that thinks the public is clueless.

  18. SIRWIZARD says:

    If any of you leave your children in public school, you deserve what you get.

  19. Bob Marshall says:

    Public schools are nothing more than government indoctrination centers.

  20. MichiganREB says:

    those who can't do teach and those who can't terach teach stupidity.

  21. John- it should be your, not "you're" opinion. Don't get onto others for their use of Engish.

  22. geneww1938 says:

    There must be a school administrator with less brain power or compassion … I just cant think it is very likely.

  23. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Just imagine the reaction if she showed the kids a hammer and a sickle?

  24. Hmmm , suspended no doubt for teaching children , yes you can grow the food you eat if forced to or you want the joy of doing it . You really do not need the government or welfare they give us when times are hard . You really don't need engineered foods . You just need a little hard work to plow plant and cultivate your crop , a little water , a little hoeing and weeding . Watch it grow until harvest time . What ? No it doesn't grow in a can Johnny
    The education system has gone completely bonkers in their zeal to ' protect ? ' children . is it any wonder we have kids growing up with out the tools needed to survive on their own ? God For bid we have a disaster where people would be forced to provide for themselves to any degree .

  25. Way Old School says:

    Amen truthbeknown. Theach them about God,Country,Guns and Family. If you teach the kids when they are young about guns and knifes and garden tools then they know that they are to respect them

  26. Way Old School says:

    Cliffystones I guess you have never gardened with the real garden tools becuse a screw driver is needed to tighten some of the tools up and do adjustments on other garden tools. There is not right wing tea party conspiracy in it.

  27. Sinatra98 says:

    You said that right

  28. Lazy and stupid! This kids today are totally helpless. I was born in the 50's. I learned how to cook, sew, do wash, and got my first 22 @ 10. I may not have been proficient at any of those things, but I wasn't going to starve and could have clean clothes on.

  29. ramblinross says:

    The schools get crazier and crazier all the time. I had a Swiss Army Knife with me every day as a teacher.

  30. My son is 50, I told him about this, he remembered that grade school teachers had brought tools and other items to school to teach kids about them, it was part of their education then. Pliers? Screwdriver? Pocket knife? Gardening tools? Did the school think he was training them to be terrorists? My son knew how to use those tools, I taught him like my dad had taught me.

  31. Kill a progressive, save a kid.