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Overcharge: 29 States Mandate High-Cost “Green” Power Generation

Written by Gary North on April 23, 2013

Of the 50 states in the United States, 29 of them have state laws mandating renewable energy programs for local power generation plants. The trouble is, these alternative fuels are expensive. Natural gas costs have fallen by 70% since 2005. Fracking has made the difference. New supplies have lowered natural gas prices.

This means that the 29 states are prohibited from buying low-cost, clean-burning natural gas. This raises the cost of electricity.

In only 16 of these states have state legislators begun to discuss the possibility that these laws are economically foolish. Not one state has repealed these laws. The boondoggles of solar power, wind power, and other high-cost power generation continue.

The result is higher prices for electricity. The public pays because it has no alternative. There is only one power company allowed by law in local communities.

The laws mandating renewable energy were passed because the power companies would have continued to buy coal, natural gas, or oil to generate power. They would also have bought nuclear energy, but the red tape imposed by the greens makes this cost-prohibitive.

The free market is not allowed to work in the power generation industry in 29 states. The legislators are unwilling to acknowledge that cost-reduction should be a valid consideration in the generation of electricity. The politicians think it is better to gouge consumers in the name of energy sources that cannot compete in an open market.

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8 thoughts on “Overcharge: 29 States Mandate High-Cost “Green” Power Generation

  1. If the plan is to stop manufacturing in the US the way to do it is raise the cost of electricity. Cheap energy is key to a thriving economy.

  2. Rattlerjake says:

    It is also a perfect tool to gain more financial control of the people. When transportation and utilities prices are high the people have less freedom.

  3. Seymour Kleerly says:

    With a deteriorating environment, a thriving economy is not the most important thing. Stop protecting the POLLUTERS!

  4. Yo, Seymour. Are you aware that the Soviet Union was the biggest polluter in history? Large parts of the Eastern bloc are still unlivable. On the other hand, pollution in the west has been steadily dropping, only tangentially because of the government. The real reason is that as people get richer, they value a non-polluted environment. Trying to trade a thriving economy for less pollution is just completely wrong-headed, and will end with a bunch of poor people who don't care about the environment. The only way we'll ever conquer pollution is if we get rich enough as a society that conquering pollution is a worthwhile goal for everyone, not just closet Commies like you.

    Can you see more kleerly, now?

  5. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Yikes! Mental gymnastics at best! If the Commies were and are the worst polluters ( I agree) and I want less pollution, how am I a closet Commie? Profit and money should not be our God!

  6. Poverty is Not noble, Seymour nor is Politically Correct energy necessarily "less polluting".

    For example – in Nepal most people get their homes with 'bio-mass'. The resulting deforestation cause mudslides , landslides and muddy silted rivers.

  7. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Mental gymnastics again from the ignorant Right. I never said "poverty was noble", just that GREED is ignoble. The polluters I'm referring to are mainly the ones burning fossil fuels which all but Righties know is harming our planet. Turn off Fox News and think harder please.

  8. Nutter2612 says:

    You have no evidence that the environment is getting worse. In 1969 Lake Erie Perch was so mercury laden it was in edible. Also, the Cuyahoga River caught fire. We now have a better Lake & River. Not perfect yet but improving.

    Do you really think people want to pollute ? Businesses have been formed to treat the waste and supply equipment and much more. Prior to that time small businesses had little ability or resources to solve these problems themselves. The answer was not to stop all businesses and live in teepees at subsistence level. It was to look at the bigger picture…

    Do you think the Co2 from combustion goes into the atmosPhere and just sits there immovably ? It is acted on every minute of every day by everything around it. Without Co2 there would be no photosynthesis / plant life. How would that suit you ? have yOu heard of the cabin cycle from elementary school science ?

    Oh your point is that there is too much Co2 ? Well exactly how much is the right amount ? It has been much greater and much less in the past – which static model of the past are we choosing is best and them going to hold still on ?

    But, wait, if it was higher and lower in the past before People existed then how and why did it change ? who is really being scientific and who being religious (like in cultish Gaia worshi)?

    Bottom line is you can take any position and exaggerate it to the conclusion you want in the absense of rigorous analysis and real world data over time. Without you will conclude that man must exterminated because his breathing is polluting the world. You go first …

    Me, I choose to plant a tree or three …