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43 thoughts on “Murder in Houston vs. Chicago

  1. mary conway says:

    I sure wouldn't mind living in Texas. I watch the ASPCA from there about everyday and all the people ,or most, are all so nice and friendly. Real down to earth folks there.

  2. Yep, and the murder rate goes up when it’s cold in Jamaica.

  3. BaconNBeer says:

    Chicago has no gun stores so it must be the most peaceful place in the US.

  4. jmac1951 says:

    How can the left ignore facts ? It takes an idiot to ignore them. Can someone explain this to me ?

  5. backtotheplate says:

    I think the non-Hispanic white percentage in Chicago should be 25.7 — right about what the percentage is in Houston. Makes the comparison all the stronger.

  6. Igor Karbinovskiy says:

    The implication being that legal concealed carry and gun availability causes homicides to be lower. True? Maybe. But surely I don't need to point out that correlation does not imply causation? An Austrian School economist surely knows the danger of applying mathematics (ie. statistics) to human actions.

    What about population density? If Houston is materially less dense than Chicago, this could be a reason why there are fewer murders. What about presence/absence of entitlement attitude? A person who believes he is entitled to something, is much more likely to commit violent crimes to get it. What about cultural differences? Houston has much Latin/Mexican influence. Could that have some ameliorating effect? You include earnings statistics, but not unemployment. Even working at a lower wage, a person is much less likely to commit murder than someone who is and has been out of work.

  7. How can the Left Right and Center here in IOUSA ignore facts? It takes an idiot to ignore them. Can someone explain this to me?

  8. Dan in NH says:

    They didn't ignore the facts. I remember several months ago reading something that claimed cold weather caused increase in gun crime. Liberals will only believe what fits their agenda. It doesn't matter what the facts are they will turn the facts to fit their agenda.

  9. To name just one. (Obama) To name a group. (Libs)

  10. Dan in NH says:

    England has banned guns. Gun crime has gone up 36% since the gun ban went into effect. Before the gun ban most police didn't wear guns and they didn't have any bullet proof vests. Now police don't dare go out on the street without being armed and wearing a bullet proof vest. Before the ban most criminals weren't armed because there was no advantage to being armed. Now that no one is allowed to have a gun it's a big advantage to be armed so now all criminals are armed. Police can't protect the public because that can be everywhere at all times. Response time is usually 15 to 30 minutes. The best that police can do is catch the criminals and bring them to justice. Criminals are generally cowards and if there's no advantage to carry a firearm they won't because of the extra charges of committing a crime while carrying a gun but when they know no one has a gun now carrying is a big advantage. That's what happened in England.

  11. David Ozanne says:

    It is called mentally challenged, ie; retarded

  12. And now we have to ban pressure cookers too. Seems logical-huh?

  13. roystoll2 says:

    We moved here to Houston in 1992 and honestly, I wish I had moved 20 years earlier. People are friendly and down to earth. Come on down.

  14. let 'em TRY to take my guns OR my pressure cooker. Flamin' blowholes… maybe take our matches and Zippos as well.

  15. What's the source of this chart? Thanks.

  16. This isn't necessarily to show that legal access to firearms and the ability to carry lowers crime – as you say, corellation does not prove causation. But it DOES put the lie to the leftist agenda that making firearms illegal and banning sales will REDUCE crime. Yes, many outside variables to control for when comparing different countries, but the demographics mix here is about as close as you will get with two large cities. The only thing 'dense' in Chicago is the voters that are enamoured with one-party-rule.

  17. Igor: All 5 points you made about additional differences are valid. I am not sure, but I think Houston has less population density. I am near Houston, and I feel safe because we have concealed carry availability, so the scumbags don't know who is carrying and who is not. Likewise they don't know which homes are protected. I would be afraid to live in a "no gun zone".

  18. As you said it takes an idiot to ignore them you couln't be more right pun intended.

  19. Chicago is a safe haven for idiots as well as illegals. Haven't any of you listened to Chicago politicians? Will you please come and take some of those idiots off our hands so us sane people in downstate Illinois can lead rational lives(yess there is lot more to Illinois than Chicago)?

  20. Compare the government bodies against each other to get a better understanding than just gun stores.

  21. Burt Fisher says:

    This only shows that this country works best as "These United States" instead of with a bloated over-reaching ineffective federal government that must make laws that apply everywhere to everyone equally. I bet there are some people in Houston who used to live in Chicago, and they took their guns with them when they left. And laws exist in both places that say "don't kill" but in Houston they respect that law, and in Chicago they don't. Yes, there are exceptions, but these statistics show that this is the general rule. And it is the rule that we follow when we are deciding whether to stay put or move away from liberal bleed into our neighborhoods and towns and states.

  22. DenverKitty says:

    Saving money for a permanent move to the Texas Gulf Coast!

  23. Seymour Kleerly says:

    They get the guns from OUTSIDE Chicago dummie.

  24. Bill Smith says:

    And the Mexican drug cartel got their guns from attorney general, Obama appointee, Holder.

  25. MetaCynic says:

    When I was growing up in Chicago many years ago, it was always the hot weather that was blamed on gun crime and violence of all sorts and the numbers seemed to confirm this. The police would prepare themselves in advance for the long hot summer. One doesn't hear of riots and looting taking place in a foot of snow in zero degree weather! Fewer people of all sorts are outside during the cold months. Criminals don't want to be inconvenienced waiting an hour in cold weather for a victim to saunter by.

  26. Txpatriot says:

    Why thank you all for the nice comments. Native Texan here. We are so glad to have you here in Texas. Yes we are just down to earth people. Very patriotic .

  27. Let us return to "These united States."
    Case sensitive is key.

  28. The left are idiots.

  29. G. Kuhns says:

    Gary, Love the “Tale of two cities.”
    However, your percentages of ethnic population total 113% for Chicago. Houston is 100%.
    Something needs to be fixed.


  30. Mr. Karbinovskiy, you might should think about the effects of "Diversity" in US cities. Check this out for yourself. Crime, dependence, several catagories.

  31. He must have used voter registration info for Chicago.

  32. jlmoncrief says:

    A 4 to 1 difference ?? My wife is from Chicago–or Chicaga as my father in law says…and no one in that family has ever told me Chicagans live in towers like rats ! In fact., I actually visited back there once…saw some very nice neighborhoods with really large older houses-all run down and all–but the size of the unmowed yards was really impressive !

  33. Re: Seymour Kleerly,
    — They get the guns from OUTSIDE Chicago dummie. —

    And Houstonians get their guns from INSIDE Houston. So what is your explanation now, dum-dum?

  34. Re: Igor Karbinovskiy,

    — But surely I don't need to point out that correlation does not imply causation? —

    The argument to keep the ban on guns is that it purports to lower gun crime. Even accounting for other variables, the gun murder rate in Chicago is much higher than in Houston. You can't argue with that fact.

    — What about cultural differences? –

    Unless you want to argue that Chicagoans are culturally predisposed to slaughter each other, I don't see how these "cultural" differences would matter.

  35. G. Kuhns says:

    I would like to forward this but the statistics don't add up. HELP

  36. WellNowDear says:

    The Whitehouse is full of idiots.

  37. WellNowDear says:

    None of your arguments hold up under scrutiny. The biggest deterrent to violent crime may be the fear of being shot, period.

  38. They have to balance the white population with the blacks and hispanics or the NAACP will get involved saying that there is to many whites and not enough blacks!!!!

  39. Seymour Kleerly says:

    The unrestricted flow and availability of guns in America is a tragedy and can reduced with the defeat of the NRA and other Right Wing groups.

  40. G. Kuhns says:

    It also brings the total percentages to 100

  41. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Only to a simplistic Rightie!

  42. This is such fraud. Chicago did not have 806 homicides in 2012, lol. The city recorded 506 homicides in 2012 which is still high but why lie and exaggerate the numbers to make a point? No wonder tea-baggers can't be trusted. Too bad the ignorant and and lazy folks who follow this b.s blog will never search out the truth for themselves.

  43. It's a made up chart. It's a bunch of lies.