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Gun Shows Are Jammed. Ammo Is Missing in Action.

Written by Gary North on April 22, 2013

Across the United States, attendance at gun shows is up . . . way up.

So are gun prices.

Ammunition is hard to find. The price of ammunition is up.

This indicates a turning point. All economic decisions come at the margin. Gun shows have not become mainstream, but they are moving in that direction faster than ever before.

This will not be reversed. This is not a flash in the pan. The public senses that there is a political shoot-out in progress: a gunfight at the Not-OK Corral.

Every time the Obama Administration pushes for gun control, attendance rises. This time the main issue was the imposition of background checks at gun shows. That bill failed to pass the Senate. This bill sent a signal: “Get to an in-state gun show with cash in hand while you still can.”

Pelosi vows that the gun control forces will return. So does Biden. Americans who are ready to buy a gun believe them.

The message is clear: neither side will give an inch. So, those who see an opportunity are taking it. This is a window of opportunity. It is open for now.

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4 thoughts on “Gun Shows Are Jammed. Ammo Is Missing in Action.

  1. Friday, Va. gun show was not a sardine can, but a bee hive. Long lines, one hour wait to get powder, American made. Two longer lines for ammunition, not American made. What bothers me is the money going away from our economy. Too bad U.S. can't keep up with the demand.

  2. James Maxwell says:

    I find it rather strange that we had plent of ammo of every caliber available and then it was gone. They have tried to blame
    it on people buying up in panick mode because of possible confiscation of weapons by the POS in the White House and
    his minions. As soon as the relase about the Government buying massive amounts of ammo (.40 cal hollowpoint and
    .308 hollowpoint rifle ) it all disappear along with every other calibr and shot gun ammo also. This seem rather strange
    considering how much ammo is produced daily by the ammo plants. Besides the panicy buying of many people and
    the sudden drastic rise in price this seens bizzar at best. What I want to now is what the hades is happening to our
    ability to produce ammo? The military has first dibs on any munitions produced for National Defense even above
    DHS or any other agency. The munition producers are not going to stop producing ammot just because DHS, DEA or any
    of the other government agencies put in a requist for ammo at the expense of the military. They will not stop assembly
    of various ammo just to fill one paticular order since they are running thier reloading at maximum speed already. The
    shortage in available munitions must be somewhere else in the supply line. I have seen no reports from the muniton
    manufacturing companies the would explain this problem in supply.

  3. I thought I read somewhere that there is a law giving the US government priority for ammunition orders over citizens. Sound like a new law needs passed. Lets say after the government stockpiles 50 years of ammo citizens have priority. I am being sarcastic as the stockpile of a couple billion rounds is a 100 year stockpile!

  4. I see the gummint's dirty fingers in all this. Normally, if ammo is in short supply and demand suddenly skyrockets, the supply decreases even more, but the industry steps up production. Supply and demand, free market economics. But that isn't happening, so someone is manipulating the market.