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“This Is a Drill,” Said Police Before Boston Marathon.

Written by Gary North on April 19, 2013

A runner in the Boston marathon reports that he saw police using explosives-sniffing dogs before the marathon began. There were police spotters on nearby buildings. He said that there was an announcement that this was just a drill.

Some drill!

He said he has never seen a drill like this in other marathons he has run.

A drill on bombing the London subway system was being run on the morning of July 7, 2005, the day the bombing occurred.

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38 thoughts on ““This Is a Drill,” Said Police Before Boston Marathon.

  1. w.bowers says:

    Thank God for TheTea Party,finally getting through with the truth on many issues.

  2. On 9-11, there was a NORAD drill in progress to simulate plane hijackings. The air traffic controllers at the 4 airports were told to ignore any planes that went off their routes because it was just a drill. When the attacks started, none of the controllers knew which planes were part of the exercise and which ones were real hijackings in progress. FEMA was also in NYC the day before to participate in the "drill".

    Also, in the week before 7-7-2005, MI5 had been in poor London neighborhoods recruiting dark-skinned immigrants to participate in a terror "drill" of the subway system. They paid recruits to wear backpacks containing what they were told were fake bombs and take certain routes through the London Underground.

    Eyewitnesses say the Brazilian electrician Jean Charles Menezes was running away from police yelling for help when they gunned him down, so authorities would have a convenient "swarthy-skinned" corpse to point at. This is right out of the Nazi playbook when they staged a fake terror attack on the radio station at Gliewitz to convince the German people to invade Poland. The Nazis shot some Polish prisoners and strewed their bodies on the spot at Gliewitz to convince the people that Poland was trying to invade Germany.

    False-flag attacks: that's how governments stampede a people into going to war.

  3. Simon Jester says:

    They were having "drills" on 9/11/01 too…

  4. If you've not already done so, you may want to checking out the information which is posted at:

    which likely won't answer any of your questions, but will only raise further doubt as to what's really going on with this entire senseless tragedy. My prayers are with the victim's and the survivors and all of their families. God bless you all.

  5. retiredcapt says:

    Practice drills and training are conducted routinely. Nothing here!

  6. Adrian B says:

    Sue – you are just completely misinformed. The actual facts are readily available from countless published sources. One key fact is the Ribentrop pact with Russia in which The Soviet Union and Germany agreed to divide Poland between them. The subsequent invasion was purely a well-planned opening move in the Nazi plan for quick domination of Europe. Blaming the Polish people as deserving of the slaughter inflicted on them is slandering millions of Polish victims of Nazi genocide.

  7. How many practice drills and training exercises have coincided with actual attacks, that are then used as emotional pretexts to ram through draconian unconstitutional laws that Congress doesn't even read before voting on? In 1993 the FBI undercover informant who infiltrated the group planning the 1993 WTC bombing ask his handlers if he could defuse the bombs to be used in the underground parking deck? The FBI told him "No". This government constantly needs highly publicized "incidents" (USS Maine in Havana harbor, Pearl Harbor, Tonkin Gulf, 9-11, Sandy Hook, Watertown) to march the nation off to yet another war.

  8. Here's a good explanation of what's going on http://www.itsagodthingproductions777.com/boston_

  9. And there was a mass shooting drill in Newtown the day of the shooting as well.

  10. tsimitpo says:

    It makes no sense that it would be called a "drill" or an "exercise" on the day of the live event. That's like saying players are "practicing" when they're simply warming up for the game – which is tied directly to the game itself. Those aren't "drills".

  11. I won't be surprise if our government had something to do with this. They want to go to war people. When things are bad our government starts a war with someone. They think it would make things better. There needs to be a change in Washington. I have a neice in Boston and she said it's like a war zone there. She had two tanks follow her to work before they put Boston under lockdown. Her building has armed guards all around the building with ak47's.

  12. Bob Marshall says:

    The government knows that the majority of Americans believe anything the corporate controlled media either says or prints. We can't have a war or an intervention into another countries for American interest without this government propaganda machine. Hitler once stated his most powerful tool was propaganda.

  13. geneww1938 says:

    Some "Drill". Like the one they were having within blocks when the twin tower were 'hit' or the one in the adjacent town during Sandy Hook killings or is it coincidence that hundreds were also attending a 'drill' during the Texas plant explosion and the list goes on …

  14. How odd that all this surveillance, snooping, police presence and monitoring of Americans' actions never succeeds in predicting or preventing an attack, but presto! within days of the incident the authorities have already located the prime suspects? I knew when the Israelis showed up to "assist the investigation" they soon would be parading a patsy — uhhh — suspect before the cameras who is conveniently from a Muslim country.

  15. Poles "merrily" slaughtering Germans just prior to WWII? After German tanks mowed down those Polish saber-drawn cavalry charges during the first world war? I don't think so.

  16. I agree!!!

  17. you guys should get a real job and vote for a real political party(other than the coffee party) and realize not everything is a conspiratie

  18. because of the tea party, we now have in this country a bunch of paranoid people who really believe that doomsday is gonna be the fault of the democrats. Prepare, you bunch of losers

  19. Jacob Steelman says:

    lock downs – Isn’t that what the Nazis did to the Jewish ghettos?

  20. Capt.Howdy says:

    Nazis Were Democrats,Pat,and You're The Real Loser,Goose Stepper

  21. awkingsley says:

    Our Federal government is so out of control that sometimes the task of returning our country to a state of liberty and Constitutional restrictions seems impossible. A look at the video of the police gathered to apprehend the Boston Bomber trapped in the boat is a good example. I counted 29 police out in front at one time, plus firefighters. There were said to be hundreds surrounding this particular house. Tax payers paid for hundreds of police to do the job of one sharpshooter, with 2 others for backup.

  22. thank god that people have awoken to this treason…now lets all go after them and arrest them.

  23. Steven Swedenburg says:

    Pat must be a government agent, too stupid to spell properly. Gotta love a Government education.
    Keep up the pathetic attempt at disinformation Pat, probably not his or her real name, too cowardly to use their real name.

  24. oldgringo says:

    Another government sponsored Fast and Furious Operation gone beserk!

  25. Made_in_the_USA says:

    There was also a FEMA drill during the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. They are tweaking their abilities to respond, have a patsy ready to blame, and don't seem to care who the one's sacrificed are. Everyone's a potential martyr for the take over America agenda, and Christians, Jews, and US Veterans are most likely to be set up to be charged with the crime. Unfortunately, two Chechnian's got caught up in this latest attempt to instill chaos into the daily American culture.

  26. IAmWinner says:


  27. Problem is, everyone who voted for Obama will vote for Hilary, if she runs. I think she will. She is no different than Obama.

  28. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Paranoia strikes deep!

  29. Seymour Kleerly says:

    The ignorance of the Tea Party was the final nail in the GOP. coffin!

  30. I'm not sure about the bombing itself, but I'm pretty sure the response was a DHS drill designed to (maybe) find the perps, and for sure to cow the American people by showing them what the Fascists in gummint had in store for us if we dare resist them. Day dream believers! When 10-20- million of us decide we've had enough, they won't last 2 days. Just long enough to head for the exits and join their money overseas.

  31. My nephew was an accepted student at a Boston college. He was there for one day with his dad, checked into a hotel in Harvard Square, one mile from the stakeout. I live in one of the suburbs that was on lock-down as well. Not only did this student never get into his campus, but we did not see each other before he flew off to the West Coast after a completely futile yet interesting visit. "May you live in interesting times" interesting. I wrote to my brother afterwards: "Cast a cold eye on Boston; Horseman, pass by." I don't want him here or anywhere that such madness holds sway. But it's up to him.

  32. And now Boston is totally in the bag.

  33. If only. I can see another one for the history books, unexplored and unverified.

  34. Sureshot says:

    To WASP it won't put an end to it, the lies will just continue whoever is in the WH.

  35. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Even more will vote for Hillary than Obama because the Conservatives have actually gotten even less electable.

  36. Margaret jacobson says:

    I think the Boston marathon bombing could have been planned by our government ?? Maybe the two brothers were government agents?? Wa the bombing something to take something else to back pages of the newspapers or some "secret law being passed??

  37. Margaret. Jacobson says:

    Boston Massachusetts is a democratic stronghold . My mothers people came from Boston, city of revere. I used to send some summers there. There was revere beach, wonderland dog track, Kelly's roast beef stand . It was a working class kind of town. It was HEAVILY democratic and Catholic Church . The church owned revere!!