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Boehner Prefers to Sweep Benghazi Under the Bureaucratic Rug.

Written by Gary North on April 17, 2013

Over 100 House Republicans want a full-scale investigation of Benghazi, which means a full-scale investigation of Hillary Clinton’s role in the disaster. John Boehner is not one of them.

Boehner thinks a report by various executive branch bureaucrats is all we need.

He is having trouble keeping the lid on. There is a revolt brewing.

A full-scale investigation of any scandal in government never takes place. The hotter the potato, politically speaking, the less full-scale any investigation will be.

Still, it would be fun to see a partial investigation. This would be the question: “How fouled up was the Department of State? Totally, or merely extremely?”

So, let us hope that Boehner loses his stand against an investigation. Every hour that Congressmen spend on an investigation, they are not attending hearings on the latest multi-billion dollar boondoggle.

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36 thoughts on “Boehner Prefers to Sweep Benghazi Under the Bureaucratic Rug.

  1. Bonehead needs to go he is a butt kisser for Ovmit and the Demacraps We have to clean house big time in 2014 and2016 or we will not get are goverment back where it should be these ones in office now are crooks and think only about money and power this has to stop I dont want to pay these people a dine of my tax money I dont think I will pay taxes at all anymore they just use it to line there pockets and pay people off If they had no money they wouldnt even want there jobs They wont listen to the people or try and do the right things They wont even stop Ovmit on anything they all have to go

  2. You can bet when relection comes up these loosers will not be voted back in office!! Benghazi needs to stay in the news lest we forget!!!!

  3. Boehner need to go vote someone with a baclbone! not a jelly fish like this one!!!!

  4. correction Backbone*

  5. It's time for the looser to give the hell out of our government…if all he is going to be is an ass kisser and not stick up for the American people. We have enough asshole in demacraps party. We don't need or want anymore of those kind of people in our government. Lets stick together and clean house from the top down. First and for most get the ILLEGAL OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE…and the other will fly right, knowing we will not stand for there lies anymore. Enough is enough it's time to take America back while we (the people) still can . STAND UP AND BE PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN. Enough for this madness from the Illegal in the White House. It's time to take him out of the White House an into the big house (Jail)for TREASON.

  6. Uh, this isn't remotely true. There already is a Congressional investigation by FIVE House committees. The need for a 'select' committee is redundant when you have Darrell Issa and others already on the case.

  7. Richard Raff says:

    need to get all the media back reporting on this. keep it in peoples face.

  8. I don't give a damn what John Boehner wants. I am a Tax Payer and you work for me and all Tax Payers, We are Sick of You Representatives doing what you want and saying the majority wants it too. NO, From now on we want proof of how many people want ; WHAT. I know there are SO Many people WHO AGREE WITH ME, we want the Benghazi Investigation and those who messed up on this, held responsible. Obama, and Hilary. Understand. People blow up things here in America and we still don't know who really blew up on 9-11 01 Now Yesterday's bombing, will we ever know who did that ? No Benghazi MUST BE INVESTIGATED ! JOHN BOEHNER, YOU COWARD; YOU WORK FOR THE AMERICA PEOPLE, NOT HILARY OR OBAMA, BUT 'WE THE PEOPLE". Now earn you pay and Demand this Investigation ! Or get the Hell out and let someone with the guts, to do this job.

  9. Benghazi will be swept under the rug because it is the bomb that will take obama down. Just as obama proclaimed, "we will find those responsible and the full weight of the law will come down on them." Same thing he said about Boston. We will see nothing being done on either front.

  10. Dale H Alber says:

    I don't care what Boehner wants. He is a RINO. The only thing he wants is money in his pocket. Its time we put people in Washington to Represent yhe PEOPLE not themselves. I wpuld love to see the party rebell against Boehner and Throw him OUT

  11. Anyone,from obama,hillary and further down are put in jail for murder,never allowed to have a job with the government ,and lose there benefits forever.they are murders just as much as the people that did the shot.like the song goes, find a tall oak tree!

  12. Hey Boehner, YOU need to grow a pair.

  13. Martin Shaw says:

    We must have a new Speaker. He is only good at golf. It is time for him to go home.

  14. Your wrong about Johnny Boy. I understand he is a better bartender and arhse kisser than he is a golfer.

  15. The politicians do not care about what we say or write. They know there is nothing we can do about it. They tell us this but they do that and then they expect to be reelected. I have been saying boycott Google because at Easter they ckose to honor Chavez instead, a dead communist. We may need to boycott the elections since our vote doesn't seem to count. I have an idea, let's all vote but write in Mickey mouse and vote for him. I was kidding, but not anymore.

  16. I still wan to know what we were doing there.

  17. The bad part is that people are saying that they want Hillary to run for President. What the he l are they thinking??

  18. He shouldn't mind giving up his job, we are going to support him anyway. He can retire. Wow what it must feel like to screw things up and when it is irreversible just retire.

  19. Amen. And the quicker is better. David

  20. Boehner should be kicked out of the house by boots on feet everyone knows he is a sellout to conervatism and they had the chance to get rid of him before but he still goes against America like atrue communist will.

  21. Boehner is the most usless house speaker in history , he is a sellout and a coward , if congress was not so corrupt with rhino's he would not be speaker .

  22. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    I still haven't figured out how Boehner kept his Speaker position. A LOT of people were against him, but he managed to hang on. Apparently, some of the Dems voted for him, or else, there was voter fraud! It's time people in Ohio started a recall, or the governor needs to step in & remove him from office.

  23. Don't you dare Boehner. That would lose you your job before you could blink twice.

  24. geneww1938 says:

    RINO Boehner is not a conservative nor a republican. He is evil and clearly ungodly. He bought into the one world systems will not support our constitutional rights when push comes to shove.

  25. olzapper says:

    They had the votes to kick him out as Speaker, but some said no one wanted the job, so they let him stay hoping he would change his ways. It appears he is starting to backslide again.

  26. Controse says:

    Yeah right. Boycott the elections. That will show them. That is how we got Oboutme a second time around.

  27. Boehner has got to go… as I said after the election, we can't afford 4 more years of him. That RINO is worse than a Democrat… he gives RINOs a bad name.

  28. truthbeknown says:

    Boehner is on his way out. I am from Ohio and he has lost many many votes there. He is history. The man with no balls like the president is history.

  29. obama is nothing but a bag of WIND! Get his bag of golf clubs and send him out to the golf course in a thunderstorm! That bag of wind/traitor needs to go!

  30. Dale Alber says:

    I could see thru this guy a long time ago. I labeled him a RINO then and worse noe! The sooner we remove him from his hold on the house THE BETTER!!

  31. If 170 + Americans were killed/injured, ioverseas, there would not have been an investigation! The Flucking SAUDI Pfag they had in custody first, TOLD on the Chechens!! and was Let Go. I'll bet that he was the Ring-Leader.

  32. standtallall says:

    Boehner! 'cause it's one, two, three strikes you're out ! And don't cry!

  33. It sounds like bonehead may be getting just a bit low on testosterone. Maybe his age is affecting his testosterone.
    Maybe is just a RINO.
    Either way, it is time for him to go!

  34. When Boehner became one of obama's golfing buddies, I knew he would soften up on his political duties. There is good news though that the 100 reps are going after Benghazi, Darrell Issa is working on it, and Frank Wolf's House Resolution 36 to get a REAL investigation into Benghazi has gained rep co-sponsors every week, it's up over 100 now. Check Wolf's HRes 36 at thomas.gov in the 113th session, house resolutions and see if your rep has signed on as a co-sponsor, if not, don't let them off the hook. Call them, email them, visit their local office and let them know how you feel…If all those people who voted "NOBAMA" last November stood up and demanded answers on Benghazi, we'd get answers…

  35. Hipockets says:

    Agree totally’ Get rid of them all’ Bengazhi should never be forgotten’ Two of our Brave seals died saving people, and our Ambassordor was sacrificied to hide Obama’s illegal goings on’ Fry everyone involved, and don’t let it drop[‘

  36. Hipockets says:

    We were dealing in illegal weapons to the terroists (Obama’s Muslim buddies’)
    It went wrong,like Fast & Furious’ He tries to keep a lid on his illegal going ons,but he gets caught most of the time’ Think about all the times we don’t know about’