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Ron Paul’s Online Curriculum: I’m Director of Curriculum Development.

Written by Gary North on April 11, 2013

The Ron Paul Curriculum is an online, homeschool curriculum like nothing else ever assembled: a free market-based curriculum with a core course, the history of Western civilization. I am assembling the curriculum. Dr. Tom Woods (Meltdown) is working with me.

On September 2, the site will post its first high school courses: personal finance, English, public speaking, government, Western civilization, algebra/geometry/logic, introduction to science, and biology.

It will also start posting middle school courses.

Grades K-5 will be free.

Today, your teenager can take my course on high school preparation, which will get students ready for September 2. It covers study habits, speed reading, goal-setting, time management, leadership, note-taking, and much more. Here’s a 90-second description.

If you want to get an idea of what the entire curriculum will offer, give me five minutes to explain. If this sounds good to you, be sure to read the frequently asked questions. Click the link at the bottom of this page. Once you read them, you will not need to send me an email about this . . . I hope. (I have this nightmare of 2,000 e-mails: “I have just one question. It will only take a minute of your time.”)

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25 thoughts on “Ron Paul’s Online Curriculum: I’m Director of Curriculum Development.

  1. This is why I like North. When we look back on this era we should ask ourselves, "Who was trying to offer a better way, or at least a NEW way, to fix our problems, instead of just flogging the status quo and shouting that 'Everything is just fine and there's nothing to worry about!'?"

  2. I have just one question. It will only take the rest of your life.
    What about the Bible?

  3. I hope you're including some of your information from "Conspiracy in Philadelphia: The Broken Covenant of the U.S. Constitution" in the curriculum. For anyone interested Dr. North's book, Google it at Amazon.com. You might be surprised by its information, but you won't be disappointed.

  4. Do you think Gary North of all people would not include religion?

  5. Anywhere here is the answer to your question:

  6. An economics course from a failed economist? I don't think so.

  7. The link sends me to "www.RonPaulCurriculum.com," not "www.GaryNorthCurriculum.com."

  8. Yes, I knew "religion" was included, because Tom Woods is using his book on how the Roman Catholic Church created Western Civilization. But that leaves out 4,000 years of prior history as revealed in the Bible.

  9. profitup10 says:

    Let me add a huge free web library on the Constitution and American history. The site has books, ebooks, pdf books, original source documents, founders papers, video debates, kids video section, and we are adding new materials every day. If you do not find what you need to research, study, teach, learn let us know and we will add the materials.

  10. Success, Gary!

  11. Will you be teaching the course on trolling and ankle-biting Shane? Because you are very successful at it.

  12. The founders of our nation and authors of our constitutional republic warned numerous times that it would NOT work without CHRISTIAN values , principles , and behaviors . Over the last thirty or forty years the liberal , progressive , left proven this beyond a doubt as it eliminated Christianity from ALL public venues . This once great nation has been on a downhill toboggan run to hell ever since , nor do I see a braking device in Washington with the democratic DEMONRATS running things .

  13. What do you mean the Catholic Church leaves out the Bible? I'm not following you.

  14. No, I didn't mean the Catholic Church leaves out the Bible, I meant Tom Woods' book is only intended to cover history after Christ came. That means the RonPaulCurriculum doesn't yet cover everything the Bible says about human history from Adam to Christ (4004 B.C. – 70 A.D.). That suggests to me that Gary North — author of the Economic Commentary on the Bible — does not have complete blanket dictatorial command over the development of the RP Curriculum. At least not yet.

  15. Uh, Shane, I think you'd better get a grip on reality. Tom Woods is as good as they come. Gary's in the same league. You're not. In fact, you don't know enough economics to even pass judgment. So, I ditto the previous reply to your smarmy comment.

  16. The Christian values, principles and behaviors you allude to are not Christian. They are, as Dr North recently identified, self-reliance, industriousness and thriftiness. Those were Protestant ethics that may have stemmed from the changed religious orientation and the new thinking of self-responsibility in one’s relationship with God, but they are not Christian. The were and are necessary for a successful Republic. One can be, and I am, a very moral man, without Christianity.

  17. Keith Mathison says:

    The problem with "Ron Paul Curriculum" is it is Ron Paul's Curriculum. King James also arrogantly wanted a Bible named after him. The Bible says… PR 11:14 "For lack of guidance a nation falls, but many advisers make victory sure." Ron Paul needs to be upfront about his Curriculum. Let's see the course material and books. Does it have Ron Paul's picture on everything? I would not want an education to be a clone of Ron Paul or any individual. The Bible says many wise Christian advisers make good counsel. Same goes for good curriculum to build forceful Christian activists and future leaders. Is the legacy of any curriculum build up Christ or a man? It is up each individual to read the Bible diligently like the noble Bereans to make sure it is true to God's Word not our itching ears (favorite politics)…. 2TI 4:3 "For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear." I suggest changing the name of the program and make sure it includes more than Ron Paul's agenda.

  18. He shows the shocking truth of the real problems, but unlike most presents the solutions. Actually, just like Ron Paul.

  19. As do I.

  20. Shane, wherein lies the failure? When making statements please source them. Show some examples, etc. Otherwise, it would be better to keep your trap shut, thus appearing wiser.

  21. That is blantant nonsense. Bojidar Marinov recenly showed clearly how the free market enterprise system is clearly based upon Christianity at a Libertarian conference in Moscow of all places. The same is true of morality. You can not, in fact, be a very moral man without tremendous borrowing of Christianity, so NO, you can not. You are merely borrowing Leo.

  22. Keith, your response is peculiar at best. What is your beef here? A guy offers a curriculum to try to break the back of the state monopolists and you complain? Please explain, because so far, you have not. First, explain your "anger", or whatever it is.

  23. Please also include a course on how to use a dictionary! EARLY-ON! Kids need to LOOK UP and USE words in sentences so they know what they MEAN! If they don't know the meanings of words, they'll never understand the courses! VOCABULARY IS THE KEY!

  24. North recently went off in a low intellect, shameful tirade on Dr. Jim Willie and his views on financial and economic events. Jim Willie's reputation stands head and shoulders above North which makes North's abusive blow-off look jealousy driven as Dr. Willie has a track record second to none while North went "Chicken Little" on everyone during the Y2K event…and was wrong.
    This is a poor and shoddy way to attempt to increase your subscriber base by trying to steal Dr. Willies Mr. South. Perhaps if your credentials were even a fraction of Dr. Willie's, you might have a tiny chance of swaying some over. Unfortunately, Dr. Willie supporters like myself have read Dr. Willies articles for years as well as your lame attempt to smear Dr. Willie and we are amazed someone from a Ron Paul organization would stoop to such low tactics.
    Does Dr. Paul endorse your mindless attack on Dr. Willie? Does he even know about it? As a Ron and Rand Paul supporter myself, I feel an obligation to enlighten them as you appear to be someone not aligned to the Paul's way of thinking.

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