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Knife Control Lobby Considers Response to Knifings at a Texas College

Written by Gary North on April 10, 2013

The brutal, senseless knifing of a dozen students at a community college in Texas has mobilized the knife control movement.

The authorities moved in fast. Here is one report.

Cy-Fair ISD secured the several campuses as a precaution during the chaos. Those schools were Aragon Middle, Postma Elementary, Fiest Elementary, Copeland Elementary, Birkes Elementary, Rennell Elementary, Robinson Elementary, Homesley Elementary, Jowell Elementary and The Berry Center. While the schools were not under an official lockdown, doors were locked and no visitors were allowed on campus.

Apparently, authorities expected a series of copy-cat knifings.

Knife control advocates are considering whether now is the right time to call for background checks on citizens who buy knives. The possibility of universal knife registration is being considered.

President Obama has dismissed all worries about registration. He said in a recent speech in Colorado,

Well, the government is us. These officials are elected by you. (Applause.) They are elected by you. I am elected by you. I am constrained, as they are constrained, by a system that our Founders put in place. It’s a government of and by and for the people.

His speech is posted on the White House’s website. You can read it here.

Meanwhile, in a related issue, the American Civil Liberties Union has not yet taken action regarding a prayer meeting that was held on campus while the knifings were going on. A media report says this: “Students were held inside classrooms as the campus went into lock down. One student told Eyewitness News he held a prayer circle with students in his classroom.” The ACLU may soon issue its opinion on whether such a knife-driven prayer circle is legal in a facility funded by taxes.

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61 thoughts on “Knife Control Lobby Considers Response to Knifings at a Texas College

  1. xdf sdfg sdfgsd sdg

  2. Use this as an opportunity to show violence comes from people not their tools. Smart remarks about banning knives don't faze the gun grabbers.

  3. I am going to hide my steak knives and serrated butter knives. I also will stop running with scissors.

  4. Rikkisan says:

    I demand a plan-and a vote.

  5. T.R. Overeynder says:

    Knives and guns or even baseball bats are NOT the problem, it's the crazy people that are to blame for any and all violence, only the fools on the left that want to "control" our lives would consider a ban on guns, knives or any other tool that could be used to commit a crime with. It's time we start addressing the real problems in this country and elect conservatives with common since.

  6. You know I only live about 50 miles from this recent incident and we had alerts on our campus too. You just can't fix stupid and as long as we have stupid people we're going to have stuff like this. It's not the guns, knives, or bats it's just plain ole stupid people, including our government.

  7. Another massacre that wouldn't have happened if ANY law abiding citizen HAD A GUN!! Perfect fodder for the pro concealed carry argument. We need to make this point LOUDLY and REPEATEDLY- give 'em a dose of their own ugliness. Conservatives need to quit pulling their punches, being nice doesn't work. Leading by example is something that libs have never heard of, ain't gonna happen, so let's sock it to 'em. However, I still won't stoop to the level of threatening them, that's a two-faced mindset I can't quite get around.

  8. tazz7859 says:

    Anything can be used for a weapon, a can food off the store self can be used to bash someone's head in! Political correctness has caused frustrations too boil an the first to react are the mentally unstable. It has also let stupid animals who would usually be killed off by natural selection are allowed to live an breed an make so many that we are now over run with them. example: stupid dogs(people) who stop to lick their nuts during busy traffic, get run over an never make it to breeding season! There are so many dumb laws that are ambiguous, that people don't use their God given common sense. Instead they wait for some piece of crap off the news to tell them what they should do an think, WHY? To the real people with common sense it's so obvious what too do, we are very often mad an offended by a politically correct ass wipe telling us how we should think, that I want to vomit on them.

  9. The Englidh wouldnt even let Irish men have their shilelagh walking sticks.

  10. My grandfather who was chief of detectives for boston PD, and long gone, told me as a child. "put them in the nut house."

  11. Lynda Cook says:

    In 1972 my three year old daughter was run over and killed, I guess we nedd to have car control.

  12. You can THANK Billy-Boy Badazz Klinton, and his Witch Wife, for closing down all the Looney Bins and Putting these Krazies on the Street!

  13. Michael4yah says:

    We just had a ruling on allowing pocket knives on planes. Now we have a knife attack on students. Whats good for the guns is good for the knives.

  14. ccfonten says:


  15. Actually, there is no "universal knife registration" being considered. Gary, stop trying to freak people out with bullshit stories. No wonder you're never taken seriously anymore.

  16. The loon used a box cutter. I guess the nut cases out there will start using the lids of cans of peas and corn as a sharp weapon once all the knives are locked up and the appropriate registration takes place!
    Will we then have to regulate can openers as they "create" these sharp edged lids??

  17. It IS possible this Marxist-led administration and their minions will soon come for your knives … not all your cutting utensils but definitely the valuable ones. The Treasury Department would LOVE to confiscate your family's heirloom sterling silver knives.

  18. You're an idiot Shane

  19. I wonder if the looney liberal left is happy a knife was used instead of a gun?

  20. Jim Wright says:

    Empowering Criminals by disarming Law Abiding U.S. Citizens is absolutely insane. The only answer to a criminal with a weapon is a good person with a weapon, if you don't believe that then don't call a cop when your house is broken into or you are afraid. There is always weapons available to criminals.

  21. Ed Thomas says:

    I think we should have all these ACLU lawyers meet in one arena in Chicago or Detroit, and then surround them with Knife, Bat and gun wielding thugs and robbers (while it is the local LEO's coffee and donut break) and see how quickly they form a prayer circle of there own.

  22. Perhaps while we are at it we can follow Monte Python's lead and create a "Ministry of Funny Walks" . That would go nicely with our new "Department of Sharp Objects" regulatory bureaucracy.

  23. Will the lunacy that prevails in the Liberal mindset never end? What, are they now going to do, ban knives from chefs such as myself? Good luck on that one you idiots! Knives have no identity numbers, as do firearms, so how is this blessed event going to take place? Will you inspect our homes to find out if we have knives to prepare our dinner? Good luck on that too. Show up unannounced and your peril will be your own! It is patently obvious to me our politicians and far too many of our citizens have lost their damn minds! Anyone who wishes to track down all knives that are available, without registration, enjoy yourselves! I wish you luck! Instead give some serious thought to that endeavor…do any one of you morons have any idea how many knives, of all types are out in the public's hands? No, I didn't think so. Here's an idea…why don't you go and scratch yourselves?

  24. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. At least now she is in a better place and she doesn't have to live under this Evil Regime. I will pray for you that GOD will put your mind at peace. GOD Bless You.

  25. One correction, spoken as a professional chef…knife handles may be Sterling Silver. Blades, however, are not made from metal as soft as silver. A sterling silver blade would ever hold up to the stress encountered on even one working day. Blades are made from either stainless or carbon steel, depending on the manufacturer and quality of the knife purchased. THey can come for the family heirlooms all they like but if forced will only get the blades! The silver remains my property, no matter what Obutthead may have to say!

  26. exbuckeye says:

    You are so right . Someone – anyone – with a gun could have stopped ANY of the mass shootings
    (well any mass incident since the St Valentines day massacre in Chicago in 1929)!

    But – Someone above had it right tho, NOTHING fazes the gub grabbers.

  27. Yes, and none of the "bans" are really about the things talked about being "controlled". Whether it be guns, knives, scissors, swords, or whatever else……it is mostly about controlling the sheeple.

  28. Wonder how many video games this guy's been playing all his life?

  29. oledad48 says:

    Does anyone understand satire anymore? Obviously NOT!!

  30. Lol DIY blacksmiths gonna be makin' bank soon.

  31. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Ask the parents of the SURVIVORS! The Conservative brain can be scary dumb.

  32. The News Media said on the report, that it was a knife but also was done by stabbing with a pencel. Finestine now wants backround checks for pencles? How can our schools be safe if they all have access to pencles without backround checks. Next we could see backround checks at eating places for toothpicks.

  33. defendconstitution says:

    Oh ya, I totally agree we need numerous laws to ensure we perform thorough background checks on any person attempting to purchase ANY device, tool or utensil that could possibly be used to kill any living thing, be it plant or animal. The jury is still out as to what to do with human being's hands, feet, knees and elbows. We must regulate them also because under the right conditions with the moon in the first phase, they could inflict damage up to and including death. A rider to any law MUST be to prohibit any monitoring or control over any individual prescribed a mood altering drug. Everyone knows that no person has ever been killed by someone on drugs, either legal or illegal drugs.

  34. joebanana11 says:

    Aspirin kills an average of 7000 people a YEAR. Care to guess how many children drone strikes kill every year? Isn't this a conflict of interest with drug companies?

  35. now lets ban all knives

  36. Icetrout says:

    You don't say,God Damn a Buffalo your right! Start hanging these crazy bastards from lamp post & let the crows peck their eyes out… Good idea… Bring back Public Executions!

  37. Icetrout says:

    Can't understand why they didn't kill the sick bastard… I ever see sh*t like that ,the animal is dead…

  38. Icetrout says:

    Here in Maryland if a crazy goes on a killing rampage the Governor Martin"The Asshole" O'Malley will reward them with a sweet life in prison… "Asshole" O'Malley just did away with the death penalty here…

  39. Icetrout says:

    worm food is a better choice… than again your grand dad was a "Statist"…

  40. In a rape case what would you consider the assault weapon to be?

  41. Icetrout says:

    Have been for years…lol price of mammoth ivory is out of sight…

  42. OK…it’s official! Every leftwing, fascist nutjob has escaped the home and trying to ban things. Next they will want to monitor how much air you are allowed to breath which will lead to a ban on big noses.

  43. dsinchrg says:

    Well said I like your analogy

  44. We also need to monitor people who laugh a lot because they are obviously using more than their "fair share" of available Oxygen. If we really want to stop crime, perhaps it's time to do away with people. (Please note: that was sarcasm)

  45. Confiscate that weapon, too. The liberals would eat that up.

  46. Txpatriot54 says:

    All you have to do is look at the prisons to see that a weapon can be made out of just about anything. In the prisons these guys make tattoo guns out of ink pen parts and batteries, make shanks (pointed ,sharp instruments ).

  47. Txpatriot54 says:

    Seems to me that they don't want us to defend ourselves at all. Run, Hide, scissors. They are always telling me at my sons school that there are consequences for defending ones self. I say be damned the consequences,(we'll deal with that later ) . But once you have put your hands on my son , all bets are off and it's on.

  48. Txpatriot54 says:

    So does that mean we register the Male anatomy now? Too funny. Truth is tho, this is how ridiculous this weapons issue has become.

  49. Kid Richie says:

    Yours was the answer of many German Jews re, Hitler's evil plans in the early 1930's. They heard and saw the early signs of tyranny, as we are hearing and seeing them now, but it was all "unglaublich!" (unbelievable). What was "bullshit" to them at first became a stark and horrible reality a few years later. Remember: , Never let the camel's nose get under the tent in any way or any place. If you do, it will own the tent:..

  50. I can't believ anyone is enough of an a–hole to be in a knife control lobby . How sick than some b–t–ds get ?

  51. ter 1968 says:

    your all nuts

  52. Bob Marshall says:

    The real problem is the use of anti-depressants by millions of citizens. The number one type of drug usage in America. Big Pharma contributes too much campaign money to candidates for congress to bother with although most mass shootings and stabbing have been perpetrated by individuals on meds such as anti-depressants.

  53. ron coleman says:

    thank you for the suggestion i shall work on this

  54. NOW do you see how stupid that gun control is?

  55. It's SARCASM, Jake.

  56. What about teaching kids, "Thou shall not kill" like when the Ten Commandments used to be posted at schools and honored as good instruction.

  57. Bob Marshall says:

    All knives will be made of rubber. Is that the next proposal on the Obama's administrations agenda?

  58. Seymour Kleerly says:

    You mean the two of the most popular people on earth?

  59. While we are banning, lets go all the way and ban rocks and clubs, the original assault weapons.

  60. tazz7859 says:

    I like the 3 L's looney liberal left. Good coin phrase!

  61. tazz7859 says:

    Better than the fantasy driven liberal looney left!!