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The Liberal Newspaper Industry Is Still Dying, But Slower

Written by Gary North on April 8, 2013

Half of the American newspaper industry reported a revenue loss in 2012 of only 2%. This was reported as a triumph. We don’t know how well the other half of the industry did..

The story said that some newspapers are charging online subscriptions. I know the New York Times is. I don’t pay anything. Do you?

Local news may be worth paying for. Some subscribers think so. I don’t. I can get the news I want from free sites. So can you. So can anyone.

The industry is still dying, but it is dying more slowly. It is like a report from the intensive care unit that the victim of some terminal disease has had his tubes removed, but he is still unconscious.

The journalists ridiculed Matt Drudge in 1998 when he scooped them on Newsweek‘s suppression of the Monica Lewinsky story. But he makes $15 million a year, and most of them lost their jobs. This is not going to change.

When optimistic is a 2% decline, there is no optimism. It is pessimism dressed up in a wardrobe bought at Good Will.

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7 thoughts on “The Liberal Newspaper Industry Is Still Dying, But Slower

  1. i just got home delivery of the toronto sun, i paid $15 and they gave me a $20 grocery coupon. that works

  2. WhiteFalcon2 says:

    I would charge the NYT to read it. They ceased to print news many years ago. I hope they will go under before long, but they probably won't.

  3. The only reason I get newspapers now are they are good fire starters and most of the time I get the left overs bundled. There are so many ways you can get whatever news you need now that I am surprised that there are any still going. Like everything else "What was yesterday is not today and tomorrow is not going to be today".

  4. I keep wondering when the old left media will take its final breath. The regime will crumble with out their partners in crime known as the old left media performing the daily shuck and jibe that sustains the low information voters.

  5. DebbieOhio912 says:

    Our only newspaper in Cleveland (Ohio) has just announced they wil be cutting home delivery to just two weekdays and Sunday. The other days will be online. Another liberal rag bites the dust.

  6. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Anything that challenges the existing POWERS (not just political), is Liberal! The Capitalists in Russia in 1990 were the Liberals! Liberals chased L.B.J. out of the White house! They reported Clinton's actual sexual deviencey on the FRONT PAGES! We need a Liberal media. Conservative Media fights tooth and nail to avoid any change to power of Business and the Enteprenuerial class (GREED)!

  7. The NY Times was forced to sell the Boston Globe at a 93% loss. I love it! Keep the lefty heads rolling!