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Beating Obamacare: Strategies That Work

Written by Gary North on April 8, 2013

Some businesses are cutting full-time people to part time. Others are going to pay the $2,000 a year fine. Result: no health care insurance.

Nancy Pelosi thought she could get health care for all. She got Obama to front the program. He did, but she clearly was the ramrod behind it.

It has not worked. The coverage still is not there for all the people who thought they were going to get it. Instead, they lost their full-time jobs. Pelosi did not think this through. It involved simple economic reasoning. “When the price of anything increases, less of it is demanded.” The price of full-time workers rose.

This is the famous law of unintended consequences. The Democrats did not factor this in. They thought they could hike costs without decreasing the quantity demanded. They were wrong.

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9 thoughts on “Beating Obamacare: Strategies That Work

  1. Edward Shick says:

    Our Government borrowed our Social Security money to fight a war In Vietnam ,, why not pay it back out of money we are giving to Foreign Aid ,, most of these countries hate us any way , The middle East has never stopped fighting each other !

  2. I disagree with your conclusion that the liberals didn't think this through, businesses deliberately moving people to part time or opting for the penalty doesn't extinguish the mandate, it just transfers it to the individual. The individuals will also take a path of least resistance and sign up for some government provided service increasing welfare roles and in turn bureaucratic power. In turn, the system is working as intended – decreasing individual freedoms and increasing governmental power.

  3. It also puts more people in a postion where they have to rely on government aid, which is what they want. The more people depending on the free stuff – the more voters they have for the next elections.

  4. I agree with Dr. North. "Ceritus Paribus" is not just a slogan to these people, it's their operational state of mind.

  5. One option that wasn't mentioned is rather than adding more employees, companies will add more hours to their full-time employees.

  6. How will the workers who lose not only their healthcare but their jobs also, pay their 2000 dollar fine to the IRS ? I wonder if this could be the ramifications of a monstrosity created in over 2000 pages by clueless idiots in congress and which will take at least another 2 to 20 thousand pages to interpret the laws of which the creators themselves do not have a clue of the meaning. Take a glance at the flowchart of Obamacare and it is immediately obvious that It takes a totally deranged group of blathering fools to create such an idiotic, ambiguous bill.

  7. Our country will collapse as there will be less people working and more jobs moving over seas. Most jobs now are moving to more friendly states which than they will move out of the country. ObamaCare was a joke from the beginning and they new it that is why Pelosi said we have to vote on it to find out what is in it. With less and less workers there will be nothing to support unemployment or welfare.

  8. brianrichardallen says:

    …. The "Democrats" felt ("Democrats" cannot "think") they could hike costs without decreasing the quantity demanded. They were wrong.

    In other news the sun rose this morning, in the East!

  9. One thing is certain: When the leftist mush-heads wake up and realize that what they thought they bought was not what was actually delivered, they will no doubt blame the Republicans even though they all voted against it.