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Ammo Rationing Is Here

Written by Gary North on April 8, 2013

Ammunition is in such short supply (at today’s prices) that police departments in east Texas are not able to buy it. Officers are not issued ammunition. They have to buy their own.

There is something strange with a market when any item becomes so scarce that rationing is required. Under normal circumstances, the manufacturer would simply hike prices in order to reduce demand and also increase profits. There is something abnormal with the price system in a particular line of production when an item is in such short supply that there are people lining up to buy it, and the stores that sell it have run out.

If I were in the ammunition manufacturing business, I would simply double the price of my product line. I would test it in order to see where the price point is at which demand is reduced, and profit is highest. it seems to me that the rational response to increased demand is increased prices.

For some reason, the ammunition industry is not responding in a way that I would regard as rational. The same thing is true of gun manufacturing. The manufacturers say that they are manufacturing guns at full capacity, yet there is still a shortage. People are lining up to buy guns and ammunition, and there seem to be more people who want to buy than who want to sell.

The restriction may be some sort of internal restraint of sellers, based on an unwillingness to anger the public. I cannot think of any other rational reason. Prices should keep going up until there are no more people out there who want to buy, and the people who want to sell, whether owners of used guns or sellers of new guns, are in a position to sell all that they can.

There has been a fundamental shift in the United States regarding gun ownership. People who want to buy are now in such a state of agitation that it is unlikely that we are going to go back to what I would call pre-Newtown conditions. There are such fears regarding the Senate and Obama, that the public forgets that the House can block any legislation. The public is convinced that the government is going to do whatever it can to keep gun owners from buying guns, and therefore buyers at the margin are finally loading up.

Reports coming from the industry indicate that people are coming into gun stores and buying three or four guns at a time. They walk out with $3,000-$4,000 worth of guns. In other words, one background check leads to the sale of 3 to 4 times as many guns as there are background checks.

This is good news. It means that the public has finally realized that the Democrats would like to confiscate the public’s guns, and the public is buying while they still can. This is going to make it ever more difficult for the gun-control advocates to get their legislation through Congress.

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65 thoughts on “Ammo Rationing Is Here

  1. Of course there is a shortage of Guns and Ammo. That apparently is part of the Dictators plan.

  2. Lt Roger Wilco says:

    An interesting viewpoint–the column, not Lowell. I know people who would never have considered purchasing a gun of any form. It is not just gun people who are arming. This is terrific. The criminals in the government will perish promptly should they mistakenly attempt to enslave us. There are simply too many of us. A large portion of the military will side with patriots for that is what they are. The "leaders" who will shoot us are peacetime admin personnel. They wear their commissary ribbons and never see combat. The combat veterans will take out the thugs sent by the government to slaughter patriots. It will happen when the copthugs murder the wrong citizen or a family and people will arise and storm police stations and kill everyone with a badge. Copthugs have been universally given a pass thus far, as they murder innocent civilians, but it will reach a point where they will receive their due.

  3. 1,200,000,000 rounds of .40 caliber purchased by the DHS can be the rationale for our ammo shortage. Our target practise days might be behind us (I heard that from a friend last November). It's a tactical advantage to hold all the ammo and convince newfound enemies that their oath, allegiance, way of life, (whatever) isn't worth dying for. The French called it the Bastille.

  4. Have they taken reload kits/stations off the market yet? Not too hard to reload. Just need primers.

  5. Of course most will deny it to their dying breath, but the American Way Of Life is over. This includes cheap oil and now it is starting to include ore scarcity. We didn't have ammo shortages during the wars, nor during the first Obama election. We also ran out of rimfire way before the election. All the free market thinking can't change Malthus ( cheap energy did, for a time ).

  6. truthbeknown says:

    in case no one is looking the price of ammo has more than doubled. no its not obamas plan its the publics reaction to what he has been doing. you know like the dhs and their new armed secruity..equipment as good as the military. all the ammo they have purchased. wise people are prepared.. better to have one and not need it than to not have it and really need it. the sales of guns and ammo will start to go down. it just takes time for all the good people to arm themselves. alot of them have not had guns before.

  7. I hope that you are not forgetting about the 800 Islamic terrorist cells in the United States where they are trained to do hand-to-hand combat with the patriots. They were probably trained by this administration. We are going to have quite a fight on our hands.

  8. border patrol is short on ammo??? are they not part of dhs? Our marines are short on ammo, why???? Where is all this ammo? The Russians and afgans are training in our national parks. where are they getting ammo? Why are some of the calibers the dhs are buying Russian? ie: 7.62×39 AKS round?

  9. I think this is very good news. Sounds to me like people are starting to see that our government is attempting to disarm us so we can be totally helpless. Now if they would just stop voting for liberals…..

  10. I think we can thank the manufacturers for having the decency not to hike prices. I've been buying ammo at normal prices, sometimes by standing in line at the local Big Five where we've been able to get our rationed ammo at decent prices. They do ration them so that each customer has an opportunity to get some. This a great customer service on the part of Big Five. Their consideration for the customers standing in line has been awesome. The manager will come outside and talk to the people in line and tell them just what they have and how much each person can have, if there is even enough for that.

  11. Just Need Primers, have you tried to buy components lately, they are as hard to find as loaded ammo.

  12. Increase the price of all 40 caliber and any other ammo that is not considered NATO ammo by 2000% to the government.
    Normal prices to the people. The government will pay unrealistic prices for crescent wrenches, toilet seats and other things so let them pay super high prices for ammo they want. Especially since it is ammo they plan on using on the American citizens.

  13. The answer to this problem is simple. Laws and lawuits in recent decades sharply reduced the number of gun and ammo manufacturers. For example, about 25 years ago "Saturday night special" manufacturers were driven out of California by state legislation. Nationally, only a handful of gun makers could make a profit and pay the legal bills. That now is changing. But you can't just put up a new factory overnight. And gun and ammo imports are difficult because of federal laws. The gun companies now are running overtime and building new factories. The market will work in the end to ease the shortage.

  14. what planet are u living on the chimp dick-tater is behind everything thats wrong in our great country

  15. Michael4yah says:

    There are only a few companies that make the brass. When the government puts in orders for a billion rounds it soaks up the available brass and hence there is a shortage. All Ammo companies need to commit to supplying the public at least at the same rate as the government. If they would agree to this the ammo shortage would disappear and prices would go back to where they were before.

  16. Glenn Jacobs says:

    The French Resistance never really got going until the average French family realized that they were in more danger staying home and collaborating with the Nazis — than skulking around in the dark taking potshots at German patrols.

    It may be that the Wonderful Wizards of Washington will decide that three hundred million Americans with five hundred million guns would be a bit too tough a nut to swallow.

    It may be that they will unloose Obama's new "civilian army" of murderers, felons, predators and bad guys on us to murder us wholesale. When they come to your door, you are dead. There is no fighting fifty men with body armor and submachineguns. They will just kick in your door and slaughter men, women and children, stomp on your cat and kick your dog.

    In that evil case, the only chance of "getting" one before they get you is to be skulking around in the dark watching and listening for the trucks and kill them as they get off. After a couple of really good ambushes, they may lose their enthusiasm for this sort of thing.

  17. JohnWayne says:

    Another thing we can "thank" Obama for! His administration buys 1.6 billion rounds for what purpose one can but imagine . . . Then nobody else can buy ammo now. How did we as a nation ever get so stupid as to elect this Marxist ?

  18. You must not of tried to buy 22 long rifle ammo I have seen it as high as 10 dollors a box of 50 or 100$ a brick that is a real rip off

  19. I went to my local sporting goods store Saturday to buy a box (1000 primers) of small pistol primers, they were $96.00 +6% tax ??? they had been running $25 to 30 a box. What on earth is going on ?

  20. DaddyRabbit says:

    well folks, I don’t think Obama is really intelligent or smart, and that be is a puppet for others who reside in the background and pull strings and program the prompter. With 50+ (?) zars to provide info and dictate policies, Obama can ride along without fear, as long as he follows his handlers. What do you think?

  21. Have you read the report that there are a large number of russian troops training in various area's in US? http://www.westernjournalism.com/are-world-herita

  22. 2WarAbnVet says:

    There was a gun show here in Fayetteville last weekend. There was plenty of ammunition on sale there. The problem is that the prices, for popular types of ammunition, was double to triple what it was six months ago.

  23. There is definitely something wrong with the normal supply and demand chain functioning regarding ammunition. I live in Canada. We have no ammunition manufacturers and get all of our ammo from the USA. There is NO shortage of ammo in Canada, it is readily available. My friends who are firearms dealers say they have not problem getting ammunition from the US via their wholesalers. The prices have gone up a bit in the past year, but not dramatically so. There is a problem getting US firearms hear, though.

  24. With all the voting errors and questionable results (like many more people voting than registered in a county, or NO ONE in a county voting for anyone other than Obama, and the people admitting they voted 5-7 times for Obama) he didn't WIN election, the election was stolen. With the law passed that prohibits Republicans from challenging voting results in Democratic areas it has not been followed up on and challenged as it should have been. The fact that the elitist own the Political parties (and most politicians) & the Media as well as most other sectors of the country, it will be up to us to be ready to respond when the time is right. I am just grateful that we do have some excellent people entering the political scene and fighting for the country, they just need to know we are behind them. There are several organizations forming, find out what is in your local area and get involved.

  25. During WWII I was a young teen and .22 ammo was difficult to find. Also hunted rabbits with my homemade slingshot.

  26. You are evidently not a research person, so let me enlighten you. First ,I am a retired Army SNCO E-7 of 20 years, and mary, it is very common for foreing countries to come here and receive training. What training they receive is from our special ops personnel who are the best in the world for fighting…"terrorism". Russian soldiers comere for training for that reason, because they want to be able to thwart terroism as good as we do. Yes, there is other training going on, but not what you think it is for. Relax, I and All the other vets will always be there…no matter what. Do me one favor, before you take , as gospel, information and then re post it…check it out with "several sources"…and most of all…do not trust SNOPES..what a joke they are.

  27. F.N. ignorant says:

    Any dollar spent by government is a liability on the people. Government has no money except what it can steal or con the people out of. Big government is a parasite, a useless eater.

  28. I get ammo from our local Big Five. We are treated very well. They do not try to scalp us. Ammo is the regular price. It is delivered twice a week, but in small quantities. We have to stand in line and they limit what each person can buy so that as many people as possible can get some ammo. I don't know if Big Five is national, but if you have one in your area support it, and forget the ripoff gun stores. Gun shows are ridiculous now. They were great fun in the old days, but there are just a bunch of ripoff artists there now. I don't go to gun shows anymore. I do better at Big Five, except for handguns.

  29. Don't ever go back to that store again. They are inconsiderate, opportunist ripoff artists. I pay regular price for everything at Big Five, and they have shipments twice a week. You do have to stand in line, though, and they limit how much you can take so that others have a chance, but that it fair.

  30. Much of this is by design. The Obummer administration is finding a way to restrict ammo. Part of their plan is to buy up so much of the most popular ammo, like 9mm and .223, etc. so that there is none available for us.

  31. KJQ in Canada, you have plenty of ammo because your government is not using ways to restrict ammo to American citizens. They want to take everything away from us and no idea is so low that they will not stoop to it. Worst president in American history.

  32. Benjamin Martin says:

    Perhaps the manufacturer's realize that the game is on and are arming as many as possible before the shtf. With the threat against their existence, at as much a fever pitch as our ability to possess their product, it's an "all in" proposition. Sounds like good old fashion American rebellion to me. Molon Labe

  33. Unfortunately we don't have a Big Five , I have never heard of them. Dicks and Walmart is about all there is in this area.

  34. Ammo prices HAVE risen substantially, due to the shortage. At this point, that isn't going to make people buy much less.

  35. T Terrell says:

    If they did hike prices, more would be sold. Basic economics. By keeping their prices down, they impose costs on customers in the form of standing around in line and searches to get 2 boxes here, 3 boxes there–and other costs. I'd rather wait less, and pay more $, since my time is worth something. The "decency" of manufacturers means less ammunition gets to the customers. And the shortages are prolonged, whereas with higher prices, it would make more financial sense for suppliers to increase output even faster and eliminate the shortages.

  36. WhiteFalcon2 says:

    I have high hopes that the whole thing wIll die in the Senate and not have to go to the House. At any rate, watch your Senators. An election is comming next year and now is a good time to see which ones to fire. The same holds true for the Representives if the bill gets to the House. Also, watch your state politicians. Many of them are tryong to be extremely PC, and those are the ones that need to go.

  37. WhiteFalcon2 says:

    There needs to be one or more manufacturers that simply don't sell to the Government. They would have more business than they could handle right now.

  38. Praise the Lord and pass the ammo. Patriotic, Constitutional loving Americans are finally waking up. Those who just sit there and collect their freebies and care less about what is going on with our liberties will wake up one day and wonderr why they no longer live in the land of the brave and free.

  39. ;iberty4us says:

    Just put up a sign stating: "Due to ammo shortage there will be NO Warning Shots"

  40. Maybe the manufacturers want to keep the price down for a good reason. SO WE ALL CAN AFFORD IT.

    I hate went people say we have to raise prices. Please stop saying that. When something goes to high, I just quit buying it, PERIOD. And find some other cheaper option.

    Believe you me they will show up and I will stand in line for it!

  41. Admiral America says:

    The government is buying up everything to create a shortage as they begin an arms race against the American people.

  42. Ammo shortage or not, there are tens of millions of leftist haters out there (look at the
    states that overwelmingly went for Romney) that when the dollar collapses and chaos
    reigns in the USA, 90% of the land area of the country will be COMPLETELY
    CONTROLLED by armed citizens ALL allied against Washington, DC. No force
    out of the Federal Govt. will be capable of controlling the vast majority of the United

  43. !BUT – the key to a Federal takedown of the US Constitution is to control
    essential industries such as power plants and refineries that will be choke points
    in any contest. You can forget about gasoline and electric power because the leftists
    will own these.They will also control all information sources including the internet.
    Still, without controlling land mass, any leftist takedown/inside revolution will fail

  44. And Bottom Line -they won't have any recognized currency to pay for their efforts other than ration
    coupons given to favored groups and seized commodities.
    Their hope is the average Joe falls in line to get food and gasoline, heat. Won't
    happen – People, once they cross that UNKNOWN THRESHOLD from law abiding citizens
    t o angrier than Hell Rebels, won't take it lying down. I expect to see alot of Confederate Flags which will probably become a unifying symbol of no small importance.

  45. aaronson2 says:

    The fact that an increasing number of people are arming themselves is a hopeful sign that the sprint toward tyranny in this country is at least beginning to be noticed by the general public. I hope it's not too little too late.

  46. The Gov't has made the purchasing of Cartridges and Primer's quite difficult as almost 100% of this is earmarked for the manufacturer's of ammunition. so far I haven't encountered much 'price gouging' in my area though there are rumors of some places charging up to $6.00 for a box(100) primer's and limiting that to 1 box per person. I am buying factory ammo when I can otherwise am doing as much reloading as possible. Obama has been named Gun Salesman of the Year by many gun shop's though that is indeed in jest. Just keep your ear's open and your mouth shut as we gather what we can for the unwanted possible action's of Obutthead's 'civilian Army"

  47. A. Roberts says:

    You missed it on many levels. The price of guns, especially AR15s HAS gone up, considerably. And the supply of bullets has gone down, largely because of the government's massive buying for SS, DHS, EPA, Dept. of Education, and Afghan policemen. I expect that the problem will stop if the gun control bills are all defeated.

    As to the possibility that the House can stop gun control, YOU ARE WRONG AGAIN. The UN Small Arms Treaty ONLY has to be approved by the Senate. Then it will be law. And all of us who refuse to acknowledge it and bow down, will be fighting for our lives.

    Just like so many other commentators, you get it about half right. Just enough to muddy the waters and keep people from actually knowing how serious it really is.

  48. I have been in the gun business for over 30 years and I am proud that I have never scalped prices. You can go to any gun show and find guns and ammo at 2 to 4 times the suggested retail price, and people are buying. I have tried to live by the golden rule. I don't like people overcharging me so I don't overcharge my customers. My 30 years of business is proof of the success of my business model. I have seen many stores open and then go out of business in that time frame, most of them tried to scalp prices in times of political pressure. I'm glad the manufacturers and distributors that I deal with believe the same thing I do, and when this rush is over we will all still be in business, while many of the scalpers will be gone.

  49. I have not heard that Canada has no ammo shortage. I sure would like to know more about that and I would like to be able to verify that.

  50. Blessings says:

    One World Government … Hold on, here it comes… The writtings on the wall. Get food, water and get ready to hold up at home. God Bless all of us. Pray for God to keep us safe from the enemy within…Our own Government 🙁

  51. CaptTurbo says:

    Generally, bills move from the House to the Senate.

  52. you are so right i was in the Marines and we all will have to stand fast and get everyone together to fight this mess ,whats wrong with the USA the people do not see this what is going on here and they did not see the 911 ,that we did it not someone else our own Govt did this so we could go to war,what a waste of young men and women.

  53. i think you are so right on what you are saying ,why doesn't anyone else see this ,what is going on and that he is not running the USA,it's someone else pulling the strings for this Government,sure is not him .

  54. As FN says, this just makes us all pay more for the Gov's ammo. The Gov really doesn't care what price they pay–it's not their money. I say, cut them off, like many manufacturers have done.

  55. Re "Obama's new "civilian army" of murderers, felons, predators and bad guys"–you mean "socially friendly elements", don't you? Read Solzhenitsyn's Gulag for the details. And yes, the kind of proactive action you advocate is exactly what Solzhenitsyn claimed the Russian people needed to do–and never did. He said the government had made rabbits of the people.

  56. You're just illustrating the truth of the law of supply and demand. Everyone has his price point. And it varies for different things. What you're saying is that your time is more valuable that your money. That's fine. It's your choice. Others can make their own decisions.

  57. Worked for David, too, though he was after larger game than rabbits.

  58. John Smith says:

    I have been here 35 years, legally, from the UK.
    I would never have considered buying a gun, British people just don't, however with the current administration I am now a gun owner.

  59. Cheaper than Dirt is advertising "Brown Bear" for 9mm Makarov for $49.48 for fifty. Formerly one could buy a box of fifty for about $11.00 US.

    The ammo sellers are starting to raise prices. We'll see where the Market reequilibrates.

    Another point – at local Chain Sporting Goods stores handgun ammunition is being held behind the counter. People were stealing it.

    Much will depend upon the Senate vote on Thursday The market may settle if the filibuster holds but if the Democrat's stealth gun registry, aka "Universal background checks" is passed then the panic may continue.

  60. M. Goldstone says:

    It's all about supply and demand. Obummer is distorting the market and will soon be dumping the DHS ammunition at bargain basement prices. This will put the amunition manufacturers out of business accomplishing the goal of the gun grabbers. All this right under our noses!

  61. zehbel39 says:

    None of this, of course is stopping criminals who want to kill, just to draw attention to themselves. When they run out of bullets, they use knives. Look at all the recent stories of stabbings on college campuses and elsewhere. http://www.amazon.com/Zehbel-Clever-American-Merc

  62. BillyBoy says:

    Two words. Racism and fraud.

  63. goyaathle says:

    I live in Marysville Ca and yesterday I went to all of the gun stores in Yuba City and Marysville and could not find one box of .380 or .38 and only one box of 9mm full metal jacket that was bought before I could open my mouth. I only have one rifle that has enough ammo should I need to defend myself and that is my old 300 Savage. This is getting crazy.

  64. jerry jackson says:

    I just talked to Congressman Lanksford of Oklahoma and he checked it out and Homeland security onlyhas 2 million rounds to date,although,they have many contracts.

  65. jerry jackson says:

    There is an AK-47 factory in Ardmore,Oklahoma FYI