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Public Says “Butt Out, Government” on Global Warming

Written by Gary North on April 4, 2013

The public is no longer buying the story of man-made global warming. So says a recent Pew poll.

About 69% of the public still believes the story of global warming, despite the fact that warming stopped over a decade ago. But of those still taken in by the hoax, only 42% say that humans did it. That means that only 29% of Americans think there is anything governments can do to reverse global warming.

About 23% of Americans think that natural forces are heating the earth, and 27% don’t believe the story at all.

The news gets better. Today, 33% of Americans think that global warming is a major problem. Last October, 40% believed this.

The global warming movement is cooling.

And though 33 percent of Americans believe that global warming is a “very serious” problem, that number has declined by 6 points since October 2012.

The mania is over.

The crusade is finished.

The hoaxers are losing.

How many Americans believe that global warming is a hoax? About 37%.

All that hype, and nothing to show for it.

Al Gore has failed to persuade the voters . . . on anything.

Over 31,000 scientists have signed Dr. Arthur Robinson’s petition on the non-threat of global warming. This galls the warmers. There is little they can do about it.

I will not say that it’s all over but the shouting. But it really is just about over. The warmers have lost. The public is no longer buying it.

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17 thoughts on “Public Says “Butt Out, Government” on Global Warming

  1. The idea of manmade global warming was always a hoax, propelled by power hungry politicians, radical environmental chicken littles, and grant-hungry scientists. The problem is the public doesn't look at data and just accepts the hype. All the fuss was about a 0.35 degree Celsius increase in globally-averaged temperatures from about 1978-1997. Before that (1945-1978) temperatures fell by a like amount. The problem was the 1978-1997 period coincided with the rise in environmental consciousness driven, in part, by Rachel's deeply flawed book "Silent Spring," and the political ambitions of Al Gore who wanted to ride that wave into the White House. Now that temperatures have flatlined since 1997 at 14.5 degrees Celsius (i.e. no change in 16 years), they have begun calling it "climate change," as if anyone could get animated by a changing climate. It's all part of the dumbing down of America and the ability of the elite to lead masses of sheeple.

  2. Seymour Kleerly says:

    How sad, our gullible Conservatives have bought the propaganda from the major polluters of the planet and their propaganda outlets, Fox News and Talk Radio.

  3. Dan Stewart says:

    Pull your head out of obummers back side & maybe you can "see-more clearly". Maybe, however, dumb is dumb.

  4. ProgressivesRCancer says:

    As a professional geologist (MS and BS degrees), I can assure you that the Earth has experienced periodic heating and cooling cycles of varying degrees ever since its creation (i.e., hundreds of millions of years before man and SUVs).

    Even with all of the hot air and noxious gases being emitted in recent years by the "global-warming" hoaxers, the Earth's natural climate cycles roll on unabated.

  5. We shouldn't stop with simply preventing the furtherance of Cap and Trade, etc. We should be looking into ways and means of criminally prosecuting Gore and the others who sought to defraud the American public and swindle the taxpayers for personal gain.

  6. WhiteFalcon2 says:

    I'm glad to say that I never believed it from the beginning. I have been saying from the start that it is a hoax and a fraud and now, thanks to one or two hackers, it has all come out and it is indeed a fraud. If Al Gore is involved, it is a fraud because Al Gore is a fraud. Fifteen or twenty years ago they were saying that the next ice age was upon us. They were wrong then also. I don't think they were frauds then however, but this bunch of monkeys were frauds from the start. I'm glad that the public is getting the message, but I still see that bunch of fools on The Weather Channel talking like global warming that is due to humans driving SUVs is a proven and accepted fact. It kind of makes me wonder about the rest of their credentials as weather prognosticators.

  7. whatnext says:

    Al gore certainly cashed in on the deal along with many other companies and organizations. Our planet has had climate changes for generations and it will continue. Yes we should recycle and conserve the environment but the "warmers" and the EPA have outlived their usefulness. They have cost us money too…seems as tho they plan to bleed us dry.

  8. Merle Burbaugh says:

    Seymour, you are the truly gullible one. It has all been PROVEN false. Even the UN admitted it was a hoax.

  9. Al Gore wrote a term paper on global warming. He themn wound up making millions if not billions from selling carbon credits. The other student who we will say studied meteorology studied hard graduated and got a job as a weather man. You tell me which one you should believe?
    I just read that Obama is going to cut his $400,000 pay by 5% to show he is in the same boat as everyone else. The rules they say will not allow him to cut his pay, he will have to instead write a check back every month. I say he should practice what he preaches. He says taxes are not high enough. Have you seen him sending a check to the IRS for the amount he thinks they should be? No. and you will not. Royalty gets to talk but not act.

  10. You sir must have missed the part where the e-mail was gotten and it was found out that they were telling each other that they had lied about the information they had put out to support the global warming theory. Then what was told was not that it was bad that they had lied but that those bad people had stolen their e-mail.

  11. I will vote for that one. I will also go along with having a referendum on reversing the perks and special treatment the senate and congress has given themselves. When social security was passed by the democrats they exempted themselves because it was so good they didn't want it. Now they are forcing everyone in the country to be under Obama care except them and the special groups they have given waivers to. Does this seem fair to you?
    There was a question about whether we would cut our wages by 5% like Obama says he will. My wages have been cut by 100% and so have a lot of other people. Shall not be infringed on is as hard for the politician to understand as balancing the budget.

  12. Really? Source?

  13. Al Gore is the perfect example of the kind of sociopath who studies the actions of normal people so he can imitate them and pass for normal. But he's just not a good enough actor.

  14. shorewater says:

    This fraudulent global warming rubbish panned by the left is clearly identified as a massive wealth shifting scheme by none other than Christopher Monckton. He should get a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to debunk this myth. Most of us who accept clear scientific data know trhat the earth and its atmosphere is a highly buffered system that man cannot change in a very large measure. Scientists now say the earth has been in a cooling cycle for a long time. Obama wants to kill coal, limit our access to gasoline, stop drilling for oil and basically bankrupt the country which he is effectively doing.

  15. Tunnel vision. I guess too many "conservatives" have it. Gummint needs to butt out of EVERYTHING, because that's what they have their filthy fingers into–EVERYTHING.

  16. flyoverp says:

    Government is the single largest polluter on earth. Ban government, problem solved. And, the Main Stream Media along with the mandatory government propaganda camps some still insist on calling "public schools" (including state supported universities) are their main propaganda outlets. __

  17. flyoverp says:

    I'll buy that. Government (especially in the form of the modern nation-State) is the root of all evil.

    Who was it (Hazlett?) that said, "There are two ways to acquire wealth. You can earn it. We call that the economic means. Or, you can steal it. We call that the political means."