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Video: The Origin of Gun Control in America in 30 Seconds

Written by Gary North on April 1, 2013

Liberals want gun control. They never mention where they got the idea.

In 30 seconds, here’s the “background check” on where they got the idea.

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36 thoughts on “Video: The Origin of Gun Control in America in 30 Seconds

  1. And the democrats were the ones that formed the KKK. Remember your history people. By the way, Republicans freed the slaves.

  2. I thought it was telling that States that have the least freedom are those with a liberal agenda like California and New York (both large and both anti-gun). So what does that say about the federal government?

  3. Herbert Moore says:

    And to think that I was under the illusion that the British attempted to seize Colonist arms before the American Revolution. I am from the South, and this video is pure fantasy. Nothing like this ever happened in my part of Virginia, and I doubt anywhere else in the South. And the KKK was not originated by Democrats: it was initiated in attempt to restore law and order in the South during Reconstruction. Sure, it went sour when members started to use it for revenge and other personal vendettas. It was a secret organization and therefore very difficult to control. But the beginning was to RESTORE LAW AND ORDER, something that was sorely in need in the Reconstruction South. Please content yourself with current affairs: they are much more applicable to the circumstances we face today. Let's drop the disgraceful "War Between the States". It was supposed to be over long ago, along with the reprehensible Reconstruction.

    I was raised around Southern black citizens. We got along fine, some worked for us on our farm, and they had weapons because a few of them used their weapons on other blacks, and whites, just like today. Get real! I was treated very kindly by the blacks I knew, and I returned the kindness as well. My father and grandfather also dealt with black businessmen for farm business. Please stop trying to divide people with your prejudices!

  4. Gloria P. Sterling says:

    To Herbert Moore: You are partially correct. However, the KKK is a very big embarrassment to the South. I'm from farther south than you and probably older, so I know that it was not started to "restore law and order". Yes, "reconstruction" because that's what they called it after the slaves were freed. What do you think "reconstruction" truly meant?
    As far as getting along, my family also respected the "colored", as they were called in my day instead of a derogatory term. They were respectful and responsible people, but I also remember those that thought of them as "lower" class and liked them as long as they "kept their place". Thank G_d for my parents who taught be differently and for my church people who also taught me better. I, too, tho', have thought we need to stop "fighting" the "civil" war.

  5. John4637 says:

    Herbert you must have a public school education or you just came out of a coma!!!

  6. Erik Osbun says:

    Not revolution, but civil war. Support your local sheriff, not the DHS. Remember Waco!

  7. Just remember: GUN CONTROL is not about GUNS; it is about CONTROL

  8. Sheriff Smith of Smith County Texas was a member of the evil cabal of BATF that slaughtered those at Waco. Think he means anything he says? He issued his "statement" saying he would support the Constitution and then went on a multi-county raid of 79 people that were rounded up with SWAT teams for "drug" crimes, whatever that might be since the Constitution says nothing about the federal govt. having the power to tell you what you can or can't put in your body, a matter between you and yourself and no one else except it's great business for those who wish to control people and rob them. The Drug War=The War on People. Wake up Erik.

  9. Yes and because so many blacks are uneducated can't read nor write they blame the Republicans for everything and therefore vote Democrat. How do you teach the deaf dumb and blind??????

  10. Blair Franconia, NH says:

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
    ―Edmund Burke, (1729―1797).

  11. Yes, there are many blacks who are uneducated and there are many whites who are being re-educated. When the blind follow the blind, they both end up in a ditch.

  12. @Moore said: "And the KKK was not originated by Democrats: it was initiated in attempt to restore law and order in the South during Reconstruction." Um, who originated it and why it was created are two different issues. There is no question that it was originated by Democrats. The Democrat party was pro slavery and the Republican anti slavery. The original reason usually given for creating the KKK was to suppress the Black vote, because Blacks were voting Republican (and even getting elected to congress as Republicans). Undoubtedly there were many reasons, and as even you admit, it became more violent and increased the character if its activities over time.

    The point here is that Jim Crow laws were created and supported by Democrats for the purpose of suppressing Blacks, and were opposed by Republicans. And that one of the kinds of Jim Crow laws were laws to prevent Blacks from owning firearms.

  13. Sinatra98 says:

    Right on, and he or she who believes otherwise is a fool that just don't know what's going on in their own country.

  14. NoMoreMarxistsInDC says:

    O.K. Let's not talk about the past because it will definitely repeat itself. Let's talk about the 20th Century. Almost 300 MILLION people were murdered by their governments' imposition of gun control and then gun bans–Nazi Germany 12 Million, Soviet Union 40 Million, Red China over 100 Million, Cambodia (Pol Pot) almost 2 Million, Vietnam almost 2 Million, Imperial Japan killed almost 10 Million, Turkey killed about 1 Million Armenians, etc. (notwithstanding the US murdered nearly 50 million in the past 50 years by government fiat through a court decision). Government murdering its own citizens after gun control and gun bans is known as demicide.

  15. Chicago and Detroit are the proof of "Black Law" validity.

  16. Bob Marshall says:

    Most blacks would not want to goggle http://www.wallbuilders.com and click on black history. They were denied the right to vote because of the Democrats. The right to an education. Considering 96% voted for Obama in 2008 and 94% in 2012 they still haven't learned much from their ancestors past history. They need to look at their unemployment rate compared to the rest of the nation. Almost twice the white race. 7.7% vs almost 14%. Black youth unemployment is near 40%. Obama is taking care of them in return for their vote. Change they can believe in. The 2008 and 2012 exit polls show Obama knew his sheepe.

  17. Being a Democrat or Republican is not the issue, both parties are corrupt and are selling us out. Lincoln’s unconstitutional war against the South was not initiated over slavery. The Emancipation Proclamation was not written until 1863, almost 2 years after the war had begun, and only had to do with slaves in the terrtories in the South occupied by Union forces. Lincoln’s excuse for invadeing the South was preservation of the union. That does’nt hold any water either since no such power is given to any president. Secession is not addressed in the Constitution and is not a federal issue. Secesson is a right reserved to the states and the people–and still is. The 10th Amendment clearly states: “The power not delegated to the United States by the Constitution [read Federal Government] not prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectivly, or to the people.
    Lincoln had no compassion for the black race. According to Lincoln’s speeches, written before he was President, he stated he was not in favor of making blacks equal with whites, and did not think he ought to interfere with the states who practiced slavery. He beleived the final solution was having all free blacks deported out of the country to special designated colonies. Also, he supported the passage of the “Ghost Amendment” which would have made slavery perpetual in the states where it was legal. The amendment would have became the 13th amendment had it not been for the war and the secesson of the southern states.

  18. BillH, the KKK was not started by the Democrats or Republicans. The very first as you call them "KKK" was a ultra secret society made up of white and black men from the South. Yes, they wore hoods to conceal their faces and their objective was to protect the southerners from the Union carpetbaggers that moved down south after the war. Research your history before posting.

  19. The Democrats are genius at manipulating words and messages. They have managed, since LBJ’s presidency, to hijack the fact that the Democrats had to be almost forced to sign the Civil Rights Act. There is a very offensive quote attributed to LBJ(which I won’t repeat here, but you can Google it)–when he saw that he had no choice but to sign the bill, he articulated the Democratic Party’s new view of blacks–sign them up to vote!

  20. Surprisingly, the uneducated blacks and the re-educated whites might have a reason for their "blindness."

    Going back to the days of the racist South (don't forget the KKK was founded by Dems and they weren't called "Dixicrats" without a good reason), blacks grew up in this culture. The original southerns came from northern England, Wales and Scotland. They were rude, crude, uncouth, uneducated, clannish, etc. (remember the movie "Braveheart"). This behavior was transported to their new homeland in America. Much of this behavior rubbed off on blacks. I personally feel that Southerns are recovering from their past faster than are blacks. However, lack of education cannot be blamed entirely for this situation. The President is black and part of the reason that even educated blacks (think Colin Powell) is black pride. No matter what the Democratic Party or the President does, they are going to be influenced more by the fact that Obama is black rather than by what is good for the country.

  21. Remember that the video is a clip from a movie–this is what Hollywood presented to people as the situation. It is all stereotypes. Perhaps that is the reason that Americans, in general, are so poorly informed. We rely on these biased presentations by the media to form our opinions.

  22. Absolutely. Just like Obamacare is not about providing affordable health care–it's about government seizing control of healthcare.

  23. Thank you for this wonderful resource. After I got to the website, I had to click on "Library" and then click on "Black History."
    I would recommend the article "Democrats and Republicans in Their Own Words: A 124 Year History of Major Civil Rights Efforts….". The question is how does the Republican Party get out this message to blacks and liberal whites. Very few people are going to want to read this message–if it could be turned into a media message, it would reach more people.

  24. Bob Marshall says:

    " To disarm the people is the most effectual way to enslave them." George Mason'

  25. Don't forget the most famous gun grab in our history–up until the one the mulatto Hitler has planned. I refer to the totally idiotic decision by the idiot British Military and gummint to march on Lexington and Concord and confiscate guns and ammo. The morons started a war, and lost it, and one of their richest colonies. THAT has to go down in history as one of the stupidest, and costliest blunders in history. And, it NEEDS to happen one more time.

  26. I'm probably the oldest southerner here and the history I studied agrees more with Mr. Moore. Even though the KKK became a shameful evil force against blacks it was originally started to try to defend against the Northern military units sent to restore the south like the North wanted it to be. My history books said they were abusive and destructive in their efforts to make the South regret that they ever started the war. The Washington politicians finally decided they militia had inflicted enough punishment on the south so they called them home. After the reconstruction was over the political arm of the south used the KKK to try to keep the black person from improving himself to become totally independent and eventually gaining the ability to vote. Even though the black man was now free the KKK wanted him kept segregated from the white southerner.

  27. Excellent Video!!! She needs to do more of them.

  28. The best reminder yet to the brain less who follow like sheep.You are 100% right here

  29. votervic says:

    True: Gun control is NOT about guns it is about 'control'. But, I believe that self protection is a God given right that man can not
    're-give' or take away (although the gun control radicals may try)…the 2nd Amendment is not about the right to self protection. Our God fearing, founding fathers knew this. That's why the 2nd Amendment as written by God fearing men, is ALL about protection from tyrannical government leaders……lets make that the arguement.

  30. these a-holes keep repeating, over and over, "why does anyone need a semi automatic (assault) weapon??" the mantra is repeated over and over as if to convince us to surrender our arms to a government that can't be trusted; and reflecting on history, RECENT HISTORY, proves that only an absolute fool would surrender their arms.

  31. why argue with Piers? he's a complete twit.

  32. your absolutly correct Anthony; it's time we the people stand up to this tyranny that bomama is placing on law-abiding tax paying citizens of the United States of America!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Democrats who shared their Democrat convention stage with the KKK want their dominance back. That's why they want your gun gone. They want to bring slavery back with multiple races oppressed.

  34. You are so right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. FRENCHIE says:


  36. Pavel Uglovski says:

    Do you really think President Obama has any real power? Really? Do you think any American President post JFK has had any real power? If you do then you are all even more stupid than I originally believed. Your insularity and racism obfuscates the truth about your so called government and political system. Fact, it is the fractional reserve fiat banking system that has destroyed America, not the "Black President" or "African Americans" or "Mexicans" or any other of the powerless you like to blame for your ills. That the most powerful American merchant and retail banks, including the Federal Reserve, which is a private corporate entity, foisted onto the American people by stealth, has an agenda which is to destroy America, doesn't seem to bother you at all. Oh no, but "Blacks" voting for Obama, Obamacare and everything else except the truth is the true cause of your ill's. How we look over from Europe and laugh at the stupid Americans. Poor fools, they suffer from selective amnesia, they are so insular and uber racist. Their governments are controlled by Zionist banks and corporations. Why else would they afford Israel such largesse? We cannot wait until the Chinese are stepping on your lilly white necks. You are such cowards. Instead of fighting the real enemy you cower and just like all good bullies attack the weak and powerless. Doubtless some poorly educated right wing tea party Nazi will try and refute my words, but it will all be in vain. From here we can see you all very clearly for what you are, cowards. And yes the Democratic party is equally corrupt and expendable. Bring on the hyper inflation, bring on those Chinese boots, I can't wait.