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Leno, Out. Lauer, Maybe Out. Will Anyone Who Reads Even Notice?

Written by Gary North on March 28, 2013

The mainstream media are slowly fading into irrelevance. The World Wide Web gets people under age 35 — the prime audience of prime-time TV. Advertisers quit paying.

Movies are on cable. Old TV shows are on Hulu and Hulu-Plus. Oldsters prefer older shows. Youngsters prefer video games, YouTube, and texting.

The investment that the Establishment has made in network TV is paying ever-lower dividends. The Establishment’s 70-year broadcast media strategy is failing to grab new viewers.

Leno is amusing. I have never watched a Leno show beyond the monologue, and even then, I watch it on YouTube. As for Today, women may care if Matt Lauer leaves. He is not Katie the Interrupter. He is a liberal who at least lets people answer his questions. Katie is gone. Now Lauer may go. Anderson Cooper could be his replacement. If that works, I will be amazed.

There is no Walter Cronkite any longer. There is no anchorman who actually serves as an anchor. There are just people who read their teleprompters and who keep audiences away from Matt Drudge.

People who watch TV network news don’t like to read. They get stale news, because they don’t like to read. They get two-minute sound bites, because they don’t like to read. They are the advertisers’ targets, because they don’t like to read. They are not the decision-makers, because they don’t like to read.

I will miss “Jaywalking.” I see these segments on YouTube, and I marvel. Here are the products of the most expensive education system in history. They don’t like to read.

“If you won’t read, you won’t lead.” The TV networks are for followers. That is why advertisers pay for the privilege of entertaining functional illiterates.

When was the last time you bought anything because you saw an ad for it on a network TV show? Back in the late 1990s, I went to Taco Bell to buy some new item on the menu.  It did not last. I go to Taco Bell maybe once every two years.

I sometimes enjoy a TV ad, because I like ads. But I don’t buy whatever it sells.

I will not miss Matt Lauer. I am too busy to watch Today. I go to bed before Leno.

Let me know how it turns out after they are turned out.

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14 thoughts on “Leno, Out. Lauer, Maybe Out. Will Anyone Who Reads Even Notice?

  1. Texas Chris says:

    Leno could make his show work on any network. He could record the show and post it in 10 minute clips on YouTube and still be successful. He's good at what he does.

    The networks are dead. Algore's Internet killed them.

  2. jheasler12175 says:

    I think its a mistake to can Leno. I can't stand the cowardly Letterman who stopped being amusing years ago and I'm not sure there is another person out there like Leno who is the closest of any of the night show hosts to being an equal opportunity humorist. It wouldn't surprise me to find out that there is behind the scenes WH influence in this decision as Leno has increasingly turned his humor toward this administration after largely ignoring it for four years. When Leno's gone, I'm gone from late night TV.

  3. Tom Jost says:

    Right On Gore the Bore helped them along and I wouldn't even know if they start another fiascco in broadcasting

  4. chamuiel says:

    Funny, I prefer to read over watching video.

  5. Lauer is a liberal who always twists the facts and/or only tells part of the story. I remember once he tried to fool Charlton Heston. Heston made a fool out of him. I won't miss him as I never watch him. If he goes, good riddance!

  6. Bill McCroskey says:

    My thoughts exactlly.

  7. Bill McCroskey says:

    Sticking 'L' key sorry …

  8. slickzip says:

    NBC is all screwed up people who watch Lauer will not watch a fairy like Cooper ,,,,,

  9. Jacob Steelman says:

    The legacy media is dead. The legacy brick and mortar educational system is becoming less relevant with internet distance learning and will die unless it repositions itself. Legacy brick and mortar offices and accommodations (hotels,etc) will have to reposition themselves in an age of skype and video conferencing. Banks like conventional brick and mortar because they are easy to value using legacy valuation formula. Legacy businesses that resist the changes do so at their peril.

  10. ken1lutheran says:

    Cooper adds something Lauer doesn't. When a liberal is wrong on his or her facts, Cooper will challenge that statement. He did so twice, very visibly, in the middle of the last campaign. He's personally liberal, but he won't take BS. He's to the Left what Greta van Susteren is to the Right–the commentator basically on their side who won't let them skate.

  11. IMHO, Lauer's disgraceful treatment of Ann Curry clearly shows him for the racist, misogynistic LOUTer that he is! Good riddance to a slime-ball!

  12. Hey why are you blaming Gore and not DARPAnet?

  13. I do my part by not supporting the "network" propaganda centers… good ridance!

  14. HelenBAllen says:

    Let's not forget, Gore sold his TV station to a terrorist group. That is still treason. Ooh, I forget Obama and all the Liberal DemocRATS are above the law. They can do as they d….. well please and no one can stop them. Charlie Rangel is a good example. Never paid his back taxes. Geitner was put in charge of managing our tax money, when he didn't even pay his taxes. The Obama's only know how to spend money that does not belong to them. Letterman is the biggest Liberal on TV, but you will never see his show cancelled. I know many who won't watch him. Leno is a Conservative and everyone knows Liberals hate Conservatives. The best way to get Letterman cancelled, don't watch that blow hard. He's not even funny. Write to the heads of the network and protest. Just don't watch. I prefer to watch Leno, the Mystery channel or NOVA. Letterman makes me want to throw up. He is so full of himself.