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Biden on Gun Control: Concession in Advance

Written by Gary North on March 28, 2013

If this were an NBA basketball game, Red Auerbach would be lighting his cigar.

Joe Biden has given a concession speech. Listen to his words on next month’s vote in the Senate — not the House, where the bill doesn’t have a chance of passing.

“That doesn’t mean this is the end of the process. This is the beginning of the process”

That means it’s all over but the burial. The body is in the intensive care unit.

“The American people are way ahead of their political leaders. And we, the president and I and the mayors, intend to stay current with the American people.”

Translation: The Democrats are going to pull back to where the voters are. The voters are not rallying behind gun control.

“The courage that was demonstrated by those teachers, we don’t expect the same amount of courage from our elected officials.”

He’s got that right!

“But Lord’s sake, we do expect them to have the courage to stand up and take responsible action to end this senseless violence.”

He does? Then he is dumber than he usually sounds.

“I think we’re on the verge of getting a serious thorough universal background check system in place. And it will, emphasize it will, save lives.”

He thinks this will pass the House, does he?

“We believe that weapons of war have no place on our streets.” Tell it to the Cripps and Bloods, Joe. Leave the rest of us alone.

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22 thoughts on “Biden on Gun Control: Concession in Advance

  1. Texas Chris says:

    "“We believe that weapons of war have no place on our streets.”"

    DHS has bought 1.6 billion rounds.
    DHS has bought 7,000 select fire M-16 assault rifles.
    DHS has bought 2,700 mine-resistant armored personnel carriers.

    "“We believe that weapons of war have no place on our streets”" unless those "weapons of war" are in the hands of the government.

  2. The gun grabbing anti second amendment people will not relinquish. Citizens that believe in America and love our freedom must not relax for one minute. Keep those calls and letters going to every politican you know of. They hate the idea of a real job and losing their elevated status.

  3. afimedia says:

    What Biden actually means is that no matter what they succeed in getting passed, they won’t be satisfied until they have confiscated ALL of our guns. Obama WANTS a confrontation with citizens so he can suspend the Constitution and assume dictatorial powers. It doesn’t matter that DHS has 7,000 fully automatic M-16 rifles if they are up against 100,000 patriots armed with semi-automatic rifles…especially if we have a few talented snipers picking the bastards off at up to a mile away.

  4. The only way anyone will ever get my guns is empty and me surrounded by brass. Thinking of buying a lathe, or maybe even one of those cad/cam machines…

  5. What many on these blogs continue to forget is that the majority of those "Government Agents" are also patriotic Americans who know when an unlawful order is given. I have yet to speak with ANY LEO or military personnel who would obey an order to fire on otherwise law-abiding citizens who are standing up against Government intervention to protect their rights. They have a job to do and most of them do it for many reasons other than a paycheck. Please give the majority of them the respect they deserve and at least what you would expect for yourself.

    Besides; when they don't use those bullets we'll get them at a discount in a few years. There's always a silver lining.

  6. “We believe that weapons of war have no place on our streets.”

    "But our unmanned drone attacks (coming soon to a neighborhood airspace near you, sucka!) and pre-emptive war on oil-and-resource-rich Mideast and African countries will continue unabated!! Now shut up, get back in your slave pens and breed more soldiers!"

  7. blh557 I agree giving them respect, however, I've been reading that the DHS has been asking employess if they would follow orders to shoot @ civilians, those who say they will not, are demoted, those who say they'll comply, get promoted. A slow & deliberate method to arrive at their "ideal" DHS police force. Scary if it's true, however, I have read it from different sources.

  8. Gloria P. Sterling says:

    I agree. As far as I am concerned, in the hands of law-abiding citizens, they are weapons of defense, not "weapons of war".

  9. GreyHawk says:

    You got that right. I've mentioned that fact on various blogs but I never know if people read what I put up or not. I hope they do. This Government is responsible for the killing of more innocent men, women, and children than anyone else, and by their own logic it follows that weapons of all kinds should not be in their hands. We cannoot control the Govrnment well enough and we need to do whatever we can to limit what it does as much as possible. I love gridlock in the Congress becasue that means that they can't hurt us at that point. Everett Dirkson, Republican senator from Illinois from many years ago said that the best thing the Congress can do for the people is to adjourn, and that is still true today.

  10. truthbeknown says:

    i also agree. one thing to remember is dont listen so much as to what he is saying. watch the other hand. because these people are great at smoke and mirrors..

  11. dshevlin says:

    Yes! "We ( the people ) believe that weapons of war have no place on our streets". That is why DHS should immediately surrender their newly appropriated weapons of war to the Dept. of Defense. To keep them off our streets! Thank you Texas Chris!!

  12. And these comments come from a person that says a 12 gage side by side shotgun is the best defensive weapon. I watched the video of a woman weighing about 110 pounds get knocked on her butt with the first blast from a 12 gage, when mu son was 12 years old he refused to shoot my 12 gage when he saw how much it pushed me back and I was weighing in at 210 pounds.

  13. patriot4life says:

    " The Tree of Liberty MUST be Refreshed from Time to Time with the Blood of Patriots and TYRANTS '…… Thomas Jefferson.

  14. While I agree with your whole post, just wait till BO DISSOLVES congress if he gets his way.

  15. My bolt action 10 round magazine British Lee Enfields can drill holes through a bowling ball at 100 yards. I realize it's old technology but all I can afford right now. At least I can shoot tho.

  16. While I'd like to agree with you, I'm still reminded that BO is in process of getting rid of any military brass that won't fire on us.

  17. Hopefully mostly tyrants.

  18. AS our founding Fathers intended WEAPONS of FREEDOM!

  19. Texas Chris these are the numbers we know of that you posted. I can't help but to think the real numbers are much higher.

  20. I got my first 12ga. when I was about 12 yrs old. A single shot, thus heavier w/ less, perceived recoil. No problems, if you keep them tight against your shoulder. Let your body move w/ the recoil…

  21. Exactly right, Chris!! I see a huge turnaround against government's encroachment of our liberties. What do you think of this?
    I've contacted Oath Keepers and several others on t his, as well as my Nevada Legislators at both the State and Federal levels.
    I'm attempting to be pro-active with these ideas to empower citizens to employ their Constitional RIGHTS and protect and secure the future for all.
    I've already send you a copy of the proposed 28th Amendment as an Enforcement Clause for the Constitution; the Dick Act of 1902 which clarifies exactly what the militia and its importance, and now I'm suggesting this, a designaton of Qualified Citizen Militia.
    In light of the Federal Government usurping our Libeties by establishing rogue police agencies over us, like the DHS and the TSA, it's time to dissolve these agencies and empower
    the citizens with the rights and responsibilities we've always had. Please share this and tell me what you think, I would appreciate that!
    OK, this has gone far enough and it gets more absurd with each passing day!! We don't need DHS or the TSA; they need to be dissolved! The more government involves itself into "monitoring" the public the more insane it becomes! We don't need any of this! Why? Because the original front and back, firstr and last security and defense of this country has always lain with an armed and responsible citizenry, AKA the "militia".

    What has happened over the last few decades is how this concept has been diminished, mostly by government but also by complacency with people taking their safety for granted because a professional police force or military was there to "protect" us. But now we're living in different times, with the government sponsored influx of aliens, both illegal and legal, into this country bringing a lot of danger with them! Doesn't matter if it's Marielitos from Cuba, MS13 or cartels from Mexico or through Mexico, or M.E. infiltrators coming across the border; and let's not forget Obama's big push to bring Hamas and Hezbollah members as "immigrants"!!

    What I suggest is a standardized training regiment for citizens of every state to be able to open or conceal carry their weapons ANYTIME AND ANYPLACE, including public buildings,m airport s and even on airplanes and all modes of public transportation!!

    "Qualified and Trained Citizens Militia Members" would have an ID card proving they've been trained, qualified, and are mentally fit and responsible to carry. All one would have to do is show their card at the boarding gate or building entry!!

    Otherwise, government has big plans to declare everyone incompetent, force them to surrender their guns, and put us under the government's police state microscope of surveillance! That means a complete end to liberty.

    After all, if the government doesn't trust its own citizens, why should the citizens trust the government? Traditionally, America was founded with its Original Documents as a statement that government can't be trusted. EVER!!!

    A designation of "Qualified Miitia Citizen" certified and regulated by each separate state.
    I really see no essential difference between establishing this and qualifying from people getting their CCW. IN fact, qualifying for a CCW, though it may soon no longer be required by law, would be a great first step into establishing a training standard for Qualified Militia Citizen members.

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