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“Stomp on Jesus’ Name or Flunk My Class,” Says Professor. Student Refuses. Gone!

Written by Gary North on March 27, 2013

I love a story like this. It shows the utter perversity of tax-funded university education.

A student in a class in the academically peripheral Florida Atlantic University was told by the instructor to stomp on the name of Jesus. Do it, or flunk.

The student refused. He then protested to the administration. Result: the student has been told not to attend the class, not to talk to other students, and shut up.

This has hit the press. Now there will be a huge stink.

Some administrative bureaucrat has defended this action. She has made the school look stupid as well as perverse. To see photos of these two defenders of academic freedom, as well as their victim, click here.

My guess: if the instructor were white, he would not have his contract renewed. But now the administration is caught between a rock and a hard place. Either it gets accused of racism or it gets accused of blatant stupidity. I love it.

There will probably be a lawsuit. This will get lots of publicity.

Bureaucrats hate this kind of publicity. I love it.

This act of sacrilege was a rite of passage. This sort of practice was described in 1945 by C. S. Lewis in his great novel, That Hideous Strength. It was a way to break a man’s will to resist perversity.

Floridians’ tax money is paying for this.

You can rest assured that your tax money is paying for something equally stupid or perverse. It just has not hit the media.

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45 thoughts on ““Stomp on Jesus’ Name or Flunk My Class,” Says Professor. Student Refuses. Gone!

  1. Texas Chris says:

    Amen. Shine the light on the roaches.

  2. This so called University and the Administrators and teacher should be held accountable, this is another example of Liberal bias interfering with good education. Worthless

  3. In 1995 I was A 36 yr old student getting my first degree. One class required me to attend a play that upheld adultery in a positive light. When I refused to sit thru such trash because of my Christian beliefs I received an “F”. I complained to the administration and received no respite until I threatened to call friends at a local TV station and at the newspaper.

  4. Julian the apostate: ,,Thou hast conquered, O, thou Galilean."

  5. shearwater says:

    Guess what would happen if this professor told a Muslim student, "stamp on this Koran!" There would be hell to pay. And the professor's head would probably roll!

  6. What i dont understand how do they get hired and teach our kids does this means the staff is like this

  7. When is the school going to fire this professor? What are they waiting on? He's a liberal prejudiced Democrat who is trying to dictate how to believe. He has no authority to make students denigrate Christ of fail the class. He is diabolical. He's a good example of what's wrong with our nation today. Fire him now! And how does this school think they are, telling the student not to talk to other student? Read the 1st Amendment; read it carefully!

  8. therobots says:

    Solution: Let the free market work – don't send your children to these universities. Hurt them in the pocketbook.
    P.S. Please stop the muslim racist comments, it makes you sound like the professor discussed in this article. Christians Love, they don't Hate. wwjd

  9. If we had an educated and informed Chritian electorate, the parents of the children attending this communist indoctrination camp would pull their children out of this communist school until this black, racist, – probably Muslim, like Obaa-baa-ma is – useful idiot is fired from his propaganda-ship! American sheeple have become just that! They are afraid to take the necessary actions to stop the advancement of the NWO! – what a sin!

  10. That is a taxpayer-funded institution, this has nothing to do with free market.

    WWJD? He might teach you how to read.

    PS: Islam is a religion, not a race. Criticizing Islam is not racism. Your glib remarks make you sound like a mouth breathing DNC member…

  11. What is her doctorate, Lunacy? This woman is a female Adolf Hitler and needs to go – PERIOD!

  12. PrincessPhilly says:

    Need a big lawsuite made public and hopefully no one will attend the stupid school. Bankrupt them for their stupidity.

  13. Bill McCroskey says:

    Tax funded or not boycotting FAU will result in more ;bad' publicity for this piece of filth professor and his protectors. I think any parent that has any input in their childrens education at this school need to transfer them to a different college and make it known to the media why. Dr. North is right … this is a juicy predicament FAU has gotten themselves into … [happy face]

  14. If FAU is a tax supported school, they have no choice but to fire this POS teacher. He should be teaching this class anyway, since he is an official of the local Democrat party. At lease the student has been re-instated and allowed to finish the course under a different teacher.

  15. Ooops – my comment should have said that the teacher should NOT be teaching this class……. ( I wish this site would allow the commenter to edit their own post. )

  16. After reading the article in its entirety, and seeing the incident in the context in which it happened, there was no intentions to be disrespectful towards Jesus Christ. The lesson from the textbook was about "cultural sensitivity". However, the exercise itself came with the unspoken caveat that this exercise may cause unintended reactions from any student in participation, or not. That said, the school should have handled Rotela's response differently. Regardless of the exercise, they deeply offended a tuition paying student. Instead of realizing the assignment could, and did cause this response by a student, when it happened, the school became defensive. Their way of doing damage control was to censure the student, and temporarily remove him from class, instead of having an immediate conference with him, to explain the assignment, and even to apologize for any harm the assignment caused him. Exacerbating the confusion around this incident are blogs, e.g. this one, publishing articles that the writer hurls comments like, "if he were white, he would not have his contract renewed". Satan loves, and is the "author of confusion." Which begs the question, "where is the Christian perspective on this incident?" It is conspicuously absent.

  17. Yeah. Literally. 😛

  18. Lawsuits introduce uncertainty. Work with alumni and donors instead.

    University presidents are really just fund raisers. So, be sure that alumni and donors are prepared to keep bring up this topic every time the university's president shows up at some banquet trying to sell respectability (along with naming rights to some dorm). Take away the university's respectability (or, rather, point out that the university sacrificed its respectability long ago), and suddenly its president has nothing left to sell.

    This really is a job for alumni. The faculty's silence shows that it's gutless in taking any steps to clean up their own house. Instead, they allow students to be intimidated. So, I don't expect anything will get better until the alumni start demanding action. Besides, it's part of all the "duties, rights, responsibilities and privileges" that came with their diploma.

  19. That's odd. With the nonstop Muslim-bashing in the American media (Hollywood churning out anti-Muslim films, South Park 'Mohammed' episode, etc.) and the blatant manner in which our political class sucks up to Israel, I've noticed a remarkable LACK of jihad against Americans. Sure, the Muslim world is probably a little sore about all the pre-emptive war we've been waging on them since 2003, and they're probably slightly ticked at all the unmanned drone attacks that kill countless Muslim men, women and children every day. What American "heads" have been rolling?

  20. GreenPepper says:

    Good for you. People should not just lay down and die. They should fight for the right thing. "Be not like dumb driven cattles, be a hero in the strife". Otherwiise we would all be in teh gutter.

  21. Incidents like this will continue to pop up, I hope this gives the next batch of kids that have to face up to something like this the guts to tell the professor "I will not stomp on a paper that says Jesus, but I will stomp on a paper that says Mohammed".

  22. Seriously this is nuts

  23. Well…..let'see…….there's the beheading of several American hostages all over youtube to start. South Park is NOT the total media. If anything the MSM has been coddling islam. You talk about pre-emptive war? Who attacked who on 911? It's the muslims who attack first in the name of jihaad against all non muslims going all the way back to it's bloody founding. Funny how islam sided with the germans TWICE in two World Wars. "Convert to islam or die"…..that's the rule. I suppose the japanese were morally right in bombing Pearl Harbor too huh? You're sick.

  24. Funny how you say our political class sucks up to Israel. You sound like a muslim yourself BTW. If anything your precious president obama does everything he can to suck up to Al Queda and the muslim brotherhood. Especially the latter by giving them millions of our tax dollars plus tanks, F16's and other military equipment. Islam is not any kind of religion of peace……it is fascsim to the point that Hitler would be proud.

  25. Because they're communist minded and believe in brainwashing our kids into marxist ideals. Since the 1960's young college profs adopting marx as their guide set out to help Nikita Chruschev acheive his goal of taking over America without firing a shot. They are succeeding.

  26. WWJD??? He would denounce mohammaad as a fake prophet of which he fortold in scripture.

  27. I wonder if he's a card carrying dem, if he's also a card carrying CPUSA member too?

  28. I will stomp on a paper that says mohammad, marx, stalin, po pot, hitler, Mao tse tung, fidel castro……et al. Did I leave anyone out? Oh yeah………obama too.

  29. therobots says:

    I can see that you're full of hate vincent. What have brown muslim people ever done to you for you to have so much hate in your heart. Let me guess, you probably call yourself a "Christian" too right? Wow, the depths of how far this world has sunk are on display in your post.

    YOu also show your ignorance about the University system. People have a choice to not go there. People also have a choice to vote in people who will cut/eliminate tax subsidies.

    Then because you don't have any real intelligent argument, you personally attack me, and ignorantly call me names. You vincent need help. YOu might start by praying for God to remove the hate from your heart – I hope he listens.

  30. therobots says:

    Would he go on to bomb innocent women and children with unmanned drones? Do you support US foreign policy Phil? If so, what do you think Jesus would say about you?

  31. Jolongus says:

    In 1992 I was going to college to get my degree and one day a speaker came that we didnt know was coming and he started talking crap as far as I was concerned. It was about how we as a people were nothing and had to belong to a higher cause of belonging to the masses. I got up and just walked out, I was half way down the hall and heard voices behind me. I stopped and looked around and to my surpprise the whole class followed me out of the class, they left too. This garbage has to stop but as long as there is the NEA and federal education dept it will just get worse.

  32. Yes! LITERALLY ROLL!!!

  33. slickzip says:

    FIRE THE ,, NI- – ER ,,,,,,, S.O.B. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Simple Jeff, When one is a true Christ Follower, that person will refuse to trample on the Name that is above all Names. The instructor needs to be removed, as well as any course that demeans Christ.

  35. SCConservative says:

    They don't call it "Find Another University" for nothing!

  36. In regard to this demcrate, He is not stupid, he is eveil!

  37. Two words: affirmaive action

  38. Bogusbob says:

    I'd say "stomp on the instructor and the administrator". this is why we have the most ignorant bunch of youths (utes for you folks in New York) coming out of the public education system. Stalinists teaching in the school system today. Home school if you can.

  39. OregonMuse says:

    Please explain to everyone here why trying to get a student to be disrespectul to Jesus Christ is not being disrespectful to Jesus Christ

  40. Good for you young man! You did the right thing . Now we'll get to see how tolerant the populace is going to be over this backwards rascism.?!

  41. None of you seem to know that the student is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints, a Mormon, which many of you dispise. You can not deny that the Mormon stands out. I wonder what other religions are represented in that class.

  42. You can bet that whenever there is a mass killing at a university, these type of professors are never the ones who get shot. Sometimes makes me wonder if the conspiracy nuts are right about some of this stuff.

  43. Since the Viet Nam war the colleges have always been the problem with the stupid liberal progressive communist propoganda type of CRAP! When will they ever see the light!

  44. The whole point of the exercise was that people would not do it, because of deeply held reverence for the name of Jesus Christ. No, the instructor should not be removed. How about the textbook with the assignment in it?

  45. The instructor was trying to show why you should not do what he asked the students to do; which would start with people not wanting to do it.