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Video: “How Come We’re So Rich?”

Written by Gary North on March 26, 2013

I gave this lecture at the annual Austrian Economics Research Conference, held at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama. I gave it on Friday afternoon, March 21.

The topic, “How Come We’re So Rich?” dealt with the Industrial Revolution, and how it has changed our lives in ways unimaginable in 1800. We forget how utterly different the world was in 1800.

This lecture refers to major recent studies by Gregory Clark and Deirdre McCloskey. McCloskey has single-handedly demolished every major theory of the origin of the Industrial Revolution.

At the end of my presentation, I suggested three missing topics that are necessary to explain how this improbable transformation took place.

We need to get answers for the five W’s: who, what, where, when, why?

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4 thoughts on “Video: “How Come We’re So Rich?”

  1. Doug Wheeler says:

    What a great talk. Totally worth the time! This is a must see for those in politics and economics. Take the time to listen to what he is saying and look at all the possible ways to apply it. History channel should work with him to do a documentary combining things like The Bible with The Men Who Built America.

    Thank you for making this available.

  2. Bill McCroskey says:

    Yes… I am glad he posted it as I had no luck logging on to listen to this live last week. I gave up as I must have been doing something wrong but I could not get the site to allow me to watch.

  3. Great talk. The Men Who Built World!

  4. The Scottish Museum of History provides great examples of ingenuity of which he speaks:Alex Graham Bell's phone, etc.I saw as a tourist from the US several years ago…..
    The development of Dr North's talk is captivating and very enlightening. Ethics and escatology (sp?) are topics touched lightly in todays curricula, I'm afraid.