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Sequestration Pain: Biden Loses $13,200 Weekly Free Flight Home (100 Miles)

Written by Gary North on March 25, 2013

Talk about unintended consequences! Vice President Biden will lose his weekly flight to and from home: 100 miles each way.

He normally flies on Air Force 2, a 727 jetliner that is earmarked as his very own for as long as he is the Vice President. The estimate is that this costs $13,200, round-trip. I would like a more detailed report. That seems too low to me.

Anyway, he feels our pain. Well, not ours, exactly, but the pain of federal employees who are being asked to tighten their 54-inch belts.

Is there fat in the federal budget? Lots of it. Is sequestration going to force the federal government on a diet? From three Twinkies a day to 2.9, maybe.

The fun thing is the entertainment value. There will be media-worthy tidbits as choice as Biden’s plane grounding. We will get to see how the elite in Washington live at our expense.

Their lifestyle is not ours. Their pain in sequestration is not ours. Their lifetime security is not ours. Their access to the perks of office are not ours.

Then what is ours? Their bills.


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10 thoughts on “Sequestration Pain: Biden Loses $13,200 Weekly Free Flight Home (100 Miles)

  1. You got the math wrong: the sequestration forces a cut from three Twinkies per day to 3.1. They had budgeted for 3.2, so this is a real hardship.

  2. He is always telling us how much fun it is to ride AMTRAK? It would be cheaper for him to take a limo home.

  3. It could not happen to a nicer fellow!

  4. Choo choo!

  5. Now lets ground oVmit from his flying all over to play gloff and his fat butt wife from all her vacations

  6. Jeanne Stotler says:

    Considering it's about an hour and 1/2 up I95 by car, even at almost $4.00 a gal it's a lot cheaper to drive, plus he needs a car from airport, which is in Philly, to his house, this administration is the worse I'

  7. Gloria P. Sterling says:

    BUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor thing. Now, if we can stop paying for b.o.'s transportation to the golf course and other things, it would be a good start.

  8. Bundoker says:

    The guy may be our clown prince in disguise but this issue is a derned of you do derned if you don't … the bigger issue is private planes and crews for the 'biggies' plus entourages that cost beau coups even when idle … would suggest selling seats like they do sleep-overs at the White House; however, we have no sure way to divert donations from their main vocations, campaigning and vacationing, to the Treasury.

  9. Bundoker says:

    If some misguided soul in congress wants to attempt to save a buck; cut DC perks in general and transportation, pensions, health insurance in particular before they tell us to eat cake because we have no bread.

  10. Given the paid law enforcement people at all levels of government will not arrest Barack H. Obama II aka Barry Soetoro for felony election fraud, TREASON, murder, fraud, impersonating a federal official, usurping the Office of POTUS, illegal alien from Kenya, War Crimes, violation of Oath of Office, Social Security card stolen I.D. etc etc, We The People must arrest him immediately and remand him to federal prison solitary cell without bail because he is the most dangerous threat to national security and our Republic and our Constitution for the united States of America and a flight risk before trial on soooo many felonies. He must have an Obama-CAM installed in his solitary prison cell connected to internet so all Americans can keep an eye on him 24/7 so he does not escape before being punished in prison and then deported as all illegal aliens should be back to his admitted land of his birth in Kenya, Mombasa Hospital. And take Holder, Michelle, Clintons, Pelosi with him. Its up to We The People now to save our Nation. TEA Party has a good lead now, join and support, lock and load ready to march on Washington DC to arrest the fraud and domestic terrorist Barack H. Obama II aka Barry Soetoro !
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