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Feinstein Gun Control Bill Will Shoot Down Senate Democrats’ Careers

Written by Gary North on March 22, 2013

Diane Feinstein is a prominent advocate of gun control. She has introduced a bill to outlaw certain so-called assault rifles. I have been saying that the bill was dead on arrival. But it may have some very good side effects. It may make several of her Democrat colleagues’ campaigns for 2014 dead on arrival.

If Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada allows a floor vote on this piece of legislation, which Feinstein says he promised her personally, Democrats are going to have to make a decision. They’re going to have to vote the way their constituents want, which is to kill the bill, or they are going to have to vote the way they really feel, which will kill their chances of being reelected. They are balking. There are some well-known anti-gun Senators who have not said whether or not they are going to vote for Feinstein’s bill. Everyone knows why they are balking. They want to be re-elected. They know that they come out in favor of this bill, second amendment defenders are going to have a field day at the next election. These liberals will find that their opponents use this vote against them.

So, good liberals all, they are in the midst of a political dilemma. They are being asked to vote in favor of a bill which they think is the right thing to do, but which will increase the likelihood that they will never be able to vote for another bill after their terms expire. They will have to go into another line of work. They don’t want to go into another line of work. They like the perks of power. They like the retirement program. They certainly do not want to be thrown out of office just because they felt compelled to vote their consciences.

Under such circumstances, conscience has generally proven to be an ineffective political tool.

They are going to find ways to vote against Feinstein’s bill. This will show to their liberal supporters that they are gutless wonders. They don’t want to be exposed as gutless wonders. People without guts never do. So, here they are, facing what to them is a moral dilemma, but which in fact is just another political finger in the wind dilemma.

I think we should be grateful for Sen. Feinstein. She has demanded that her colleagues vote for a bill which has no chance of passing. She is determined to make this principled political stand, which in fact is a suicide mission. Of course, being from California, she is safe. What she is doing is demanding that her liberal colleagues from less liberal states join her in a suicide pact which will leave her untouched. She is demanding that Sen. Reid fulfill his promise to her. Sen. Reid, being a politician, is now trapped. He is either going to have to expose himself in her eyes as a liar and a cheat, or else he is going to have to invite his colleagues to a 2014 barbecue in which they will be on the spit.

I am thoroughly enjoying this spectacle. More power to Sen. Feinstein! May her liberal colleagues join with her in principle to vote for the assault weapons ban, and may they also find new careers in the private sector.

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18 thoughts on “Feinstein Gun Control Bill Will Shoot Down Senate Democrats’ Careers

  1. Feinstein should be impeached by the people in California and Federal Charges filed against her for crimes against our Constitution. We are in a serous predicament when our legislative people will no obay there OATH to uphold the Constitution of the United States.
    I feel also that the US House of Representatives should do the same as far as the president not upholding his OATH to uphold the Constitution. Then add all that has been recorded that he has failed to do properly. There should be no problem of the charges sticking like chewing gum to your shoe!!!!

  2. Maybe now the people in Calif. will wake up and get this idiot out of office. She's been there too long anyway.

  3. This bill is NOT dead. It is a democrat smoke screen. what they are going to do is only have a vote on 'background checks' which will be onerous because it WILL identify gun owners. Next the senate and house bills will be 'different' and will have to go to committee. Once there the committee will be maneuvered into putting in the assault weapin ban as an amendment and it will pass the committee and have the same effect as the house and senate voting on it.
    DON'T trust these guys !!!

  4. John Whittington says:

    Tell us the idiots who vote for Feinstein's bill, and we will do the rest!!!

  5. go ahead and vote for it you dumbkopfs and retire somewhere else. time to clean house in the senate

  6. whether they vote yes or no they have all showed their hand, in my book, those that even considered going against our Constitution are out either way. I don't want to have to worry about this again after another election if we get that far.

  7. Bob Marshall says:

    The push for gun control by Democrats is nothing new. even some Republicans have joined in. Both supported by the NRA. Just one Ex. Rep.Carolyn McCarthy( H.R. 297, ” The NICS Improvement Act of 2007″)She introduced this bill right after the Virgina Tech shooting. Hillary Clinton. Jimmy Carter. Two more examples. The real problem lies with SSRI’S but because of powerful lobbyist and financial contributions by big Pharma little to nothing will be done. A politician would compromise his or her principles to stay in office. A statesman would not. Congress doesn’t have many statesmen in office today.

  8. I think we need to vote them out for even thinking about walking all over our 2nd. Ammendment rights this just goes to show us there not on our side..

  9. I've been trying to vote her, Pelosi and Boxer out of office for over a decade but the San Francisco gays and Hollywood idiots keep voting them back in, along with moonbeam Brown now.

  10. This article assumes there's going to be some kind of "election" in 2014?? Probably not. Watch what BO does between now and then.

  11. Daniel from TN says:

    obama cannot be impeached due to a technicality. Only a legal president can be impeached. obama is nota legal president because he is not even a US citizen: He is a citizen of Indonesia.

  12. The real problem is that Congressperson is one of the greatest gigs in the world, up there with professional athlete and movie actor. Somehow we've got to find a way to make it more like the Peace Corps.

  13. I like the bill introduced by some state legislator which would make the introduction of gun-control laws a felony.

  14. I hope they all loose there seats in 2014 and alot more in 2016 they are all corupt and have so much on each other they have to stay together on everything or someone will rat on them that is why we have to vote everyone of them out and put in turm limet or are country will keep going to hell Dont let them fool you they will try make you think they are going to change but after you vote them back in they no they have alot of years to distroy us look ar MCcain he acted like a good republican till he was voted back in office now he is a corupt Rino agan kissing Butt with Ovmit and the Demacraps

  15. An armed populace makes the Marxist's plans for this country more difficult to implement.

  16. CaptTurbo says:

    Good news is so rare and precious!

  17. They ALL have stashed fortunes away in some "friendly" bank , probably offshore. And, be assured that nearly every one of these crooks, including the Kriminal Kenyan, has an escape plan worked out for when the sheeple wake up and decide they've been fleeced enough by these self-serving criminals. They'll abandon the sinking ship they've created, and will be living overseas like royalty (which they think they are), while we serfs are here trying to resuscitate whats left of our country.

  18. to quote one of the greatest American Generals of the twentieth century George. Patton, Never prevent your enemy from committing suicide.