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Cyprus Parliament: “Stuff It, Eurocreeps!”

Written by Gary North on March 20, 2013

The members of the Cypriot Parliament overwhelmingly told the EuroGroup to take a hike on March 19.

The secret group with no official name and no official power thought it would force the government of Cyprus to impose a tax on all bank depositors . . . “just this once. We promise.”

It was a secret deal made by the gutless Cypriot President of two weeks, who had sworn in his inaugural address that he would never accept such a plan. He was at the time capitulating to it. Then he announced it on Sunday. March 18. “Tough luck, depositors, but I have made a deal. Suck it up!”

The people took to the streets.

Lo and behold, Parliament got the message. No deal, it told the Eurocrats. No deal, it told the President.

Now the EuroGroup will have to cut a new deal. This time, there will be no secret announcement. This time, there will be leaks galore. The whole world is watching.

This is a major setback for the New World Order in Europe. They are barely holding the Eurozone together with promises and fiat money. The voters in tiny Cyprus have called their bluff.

Let’s see what they come up with now. Let’s see how they prevent the bank run that their policies triggered.

They all seem so clever. But this time, a national parliament has called their bluff.

Where is their power now? What rabbit will they pull out of a hat this time?

This is a show worth watching. This beats year-old Downton Abbey on PBS.

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21 thoughts on “Cyprus Parliament: “Stuff It, Eurocreeps!”

  1. hanginjudge says:

    Opening soon in the US of A.
    Everything is in place.
    Gutless president
    Rotten economy
    Entitlement mentallity

  2. I have never been so happy as when I learned the parliment said NO!!! We the people must stand up against these banking crooks enabled by their bought and paid for politicans….how dare they think they can just take the peoples hard earned money by decree and give it to the crooked bankers….let them suffer the same fate as anyone else who makes bad investment choices!! I do believe this maybe the Black Swan moment that everyone has been waiting for…..everything in the world right now is a house of cards!!!

  3. DoctorBob says:

    NWO "Progressives" and Liberals are really starting to show their true colors. I wonder how long before Obozo springs a 10% "tax" on American savings accounts? Or 401K's? Or as an added tax on Capital Gains? Yes, he would try that. He has to pay for his social programs somehow. Maybe when people see their life's savings threatened, they'll wake up and smell the Communist coffee? Of course, the REAL threat will come from the group with no savings and no investments, who will be all for taxing the wealth of "the wealthy." Sadly, in this case, "the wealthy" will mostly be Grandma and Grandpa's retirement savings.

  4. Mike Austin says:

    They need to pull their money from the banks. The banks wanted to be bailed out at the peoples expense. Look out Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal…. They are looking at you next..

  5. Leslie Jones says:

    I don't understand what happened in Cyprus. How could they go broke? They have a small population. They have attractive banking laws which brought in plenty of outside money, they can easily feed themselves and they have a great tourist industry. Unless the government is steeped in fraud, it's hard to imagine how they could run out of money. Maybe it's that Greek tradition of not collecting taxes that's caught up with them….

  6. Definitely a positive development. I wouldn't be surprised if the Euro was discontinued before the end of the decade.

  7. ROFL @ "New World Order". You people are a joke.

  8. Ha, Ha, Ha! Shane! Send us a postcard from the gulag.

  9. Tax patriot says:

    Shane will be too weak from malnourishment and too broke to be sending any post card from anywhere . If the gov gets their way he may not even be around to be put in the gulag.

  10. Dan Hendley says:

    Or maybe it's that over spending on stupid programs . You know, kinda like that American tradition of the last several years that's caught up with them….

  11. Pat Russell says:

    Have you ever lived in Mclean VA?

  12. A Patriot says:

    This corrupt little country has a GDP the size of Winston-Salem, NC. How does this mean squat in terms of world economies. Although entertaining, this is a false panic over literally nothing. Let them go broke, let them find their own way, and let them become an example. Iceland did it and they're better for it. What's the pressure to keep alive a zombie member of EU?

  13. Phillip_In_TX says:

    Good for them! They will be much better off in the long run. The E.U. is toast and it's only a matter of time before the dominoes start falling.

  14. Phillip_In_TX says:

    It should not take that long. The E.U. is on "life support" and it looks like Cyprus may have just "pulled the plug."

  15. A lot of kids of today, do not remember when we use to stuff our money in the mattress for saf keeping. Then came banks with the FDIC insuring our accounts, but insurance does not help if the banks are going to play footsie to steal our money. We may need new banking laws and the names of those banking officials who will really fall on their swords, if someone even thinks about stealing our money in their care. Cyprus is a field test site for the UN people trying to wipeout all countries in favor of their one world order, run by the folks in the UN. Google UN Agenda 21.

  16. It is an outrage that parliament even had the right to vote on this issue. What if the Cyprian parliament had been full of Democrats?

  17. This is a major setback for the New World Order .
    Julian the apostate : ,,Thou hast conquered, O, thou Galilean."

  18. I'll be the one laughing when none of it comes to fruition. 🙂

  19. You're no patriot. You're part of the treasonous Tealiban, which is about as anti-American as you can get.

  20. The solution to prevent this from happening here is already in the House. Reinstate Glass-Steagall with the Return to Prudent Banking Act HR129. Last count had over 40 supporters. We need someone with guts in the Senate to introduce the companion bill there. Glass-Steagall separates commercial banking from investment banking. It worked for over 60 years until it was repealed by Graham-Leach-Blyly. Now look at the mess we're in. Glass-Steagall–it's our only hope & we can set the precedent for the rest of the world. It's time for the USA to LEAD again!

  21. The USA cannot lead because we have no leaders. No one with the guts to stand against Obama.