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Obama Says Iran Will Have a Nuclear Weapon in a Year.

Written by Gary North on March 15, 2013

Obama will be visiting with the head of the state of Israel next week. He will not visit long. He will be touring the region.

He raised the issue of Iran yesterday. He said that Iran is a year away from having a nuclear weapon. He did not say what the evidence is for this.

He reaffirmed his commitment to diplomacy. He did not say what the USA and Iran are doing diplomatically.

He said that the press is wrong about the bad relations between him and Prime Minister Netanyahu. The press has been saying this for years.

He spoke of a window of opportunity for Iran to come to an agreement. It was not clear what this agreement might be, or who will enforce it.

He did not say what, exactly, he is prepared to do if Iran does not come to this undescribed agreement.

So, he might as well have said nothing.

A year from now, who is going to remind him of his estimate that, in a year from now, Iran will have a nuclear weapon?

This is kick the Iranian can. The question is: Will it become “launch the jets” instead of “kick the can”? The other question is: Who will make this call?

The saber-rattling against Iran has gone on for years. Nothing has been resolved.

The public still does not know what the heads of state are going to do about Iran. Yet the heads of state feel compelled to talk about a window of opportunity. But who is going to close this window? In what way? When?

If this is a game of chicken, the stakes are very high. American voters are paying little attention to any of this. If heads of state want diplomacy to work, they should shut up. Diplomats are not helped by saber-rattling.

If Iran ever gets a nuclear weapon, the question arises: What can it do with it? One weapon does not make a nuclear military power. You have to be able to drop it on someone. The mere possession of a bomb does not mean much unless someone in authority is prepared to use it. Nuclear retaliation from the Israeli Air Force would be swift.

Having one nuclear weapon is more about bragging rights than posing a military threat. “Hey, we’re in the club. You could not keep us out. So there! Nyah, nyah, nyah.” It is one more government project with no positive payoff and a lot of risk.

How much risk? No one seems to know.

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17 thoughts on “Obama Says Iran Will Have a Nuclear Weapon in a Year.

  1. Oh they've been saying Iran will have a nuclear weapon for ages now! Not buying it. Why does anybody still believe these lying politicians?

  2. You're lying, Mr. Obama. Just like Bush Jr., Colin Powell, Condi Rice, John Bolton, Dick Cheney before you. Actually, Jr. and Cheney have already admitted they lied about Saddam's "nukular" weapons to get us into war against Israel's enemies. No more dead American kids for Zionism!

  3. G. Kuhns says:

    Is this news supposed to panic us? I would be surprised if Iran couldn’t purchase nuclear weapons by the end of the month.

  4. Bob Marshall says:

    It is reported that Israel has 400 nuclear bombs. No one is sure of this because Israel refused to sign the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty. Since the U.S. government armed Israel they know. Because of the powerful influence of the AIPAC lobbyist, the U.S. military has been fighting battles for Israel in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. America should and must defend Israel from an invasion, however the $3 billion the U.S. taxpayers give Israel annually proves the U.S. supports Israel. The Balfour Treaty and the USS LIBERTY incident have been forgotten by most Americans and many have never heard of either. We know Israel wants a war with Iran because of their superior military capabilities. not because of the Day of Purim in which the Israelite' s killed 78,000 men, women and children because the Jewish Queen Ester of Persia so ordered. the slaughter of tens of thousands of the Revolutionary Guard of Iraq and men, women and children so ordered by the then president Bush on what was known as "The Highway of Death" happened of the Days of Purim. Dec. 2007 number of Iraqi death toll was 1.2,000,000. What is going to happen to the 1,00,000 Christians as reported by clergymen in Iran because the U. S. will do to the country of Iran what they did to Iraq.Take Iran back to the stone age. having read most of the Koran, the book WHY WE LEFT ISLAM and watching the true story on DVD, The Stoning of Sonya M. I know radical Islamic extremist are a real threat to the world, not just the U.S. and Israel. After all, Islam means submission to Allah. The Saban Center for Middle East Policy at The Brooking' s Institute- 170 pages-2009. Land Destroyer/Which Path to Persia.

  5. Oh? Does this mean he is going to send them our tax dollars to do so? Wouldn't surprise me at all considering he's Muslim.

  6. awkingsley says:

    I do not believe Iran has as much interest in fielding nukes as Obama and the Republican "Hawks" would like us to believe. However, knowing our foolish Federal Government, we will probably give Iran a nuclear delivery system, if they ever develop nukes. Isn't equality what our RINOs and the Democrats are all about?

    The U.S. needs a militarized southern border and the Iron Dome Defense System that Israel has. Rand Paul is correct about this, except that we need to protect strategic assets, not just people. Otherwise, it becomes very difficult to protect any of the people.

  7. awkingsley says:

    Nice post, but The U.S. Government did not build any of Israel's nukes. Israel builds its own defense system, in order to provide employment to Israeli's. We just give them the money to employ their own people. This should be of some concern to Americans because we may not have access to the technology, even though we paid for it. We really need to defend American soil with the Iron Dome and Arrow 3 Defense Systems that Israel has.

  8. "No more dead American kids for Zionism!"


  9. CANUDELIAN says:


  10. Biggest threat to America: using a war in Iran to further restrict civil liberties and empower Washington.

  11. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Cheney has yet to admit anything he did was wrong! Taking down a secular Iraq which was an effective check on Islamic Iranian power is one of the Military Blunder of the ages.

  12. Texas Chris says:

    Cheney made MILLIONS. Of course he won't admit any wrong!

  13. Texas Chris says:

    …From North Korea.

    But that's not what the Golfer in Chief is saying. I'd look for a false-flag event 12-18 months from now where an "Iranian" nuke is either discovered or detonated in or near the US. THAN we'll have our war.

    Of course there will be no proof it was Iran, but boobus will demand blood, and blood he shall have.

  14. Texas Chris says:

    This constant influx of defense dollars is the #1 reason Israel has suck bad inflation. More dollars chasing the same amount of goods, prices rise.

  15. paco12348 says:

    I find it humorous Obama is setting up protection against N Korea's threat of sending a bomb to America but on the other hand Obama tells Israel NOT TO WORRY about Iran's threat to wipe them off the map.

  16. geneww1938 says:

    Iran will have the weapon and our Muslim leader will help them.

  17. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Not nearly as much as Bush helped by removing Sadamn.