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DHS Orders 1.6 Billion Rounds of Ammunition. Why?

Written by Gary North on March 15, 2013

Because it can.

Think of Bill and Monica. He could. She could. They did. Hillary didn’t.

What could Hillary have done about it? She could have divorced Bimboman. But she made it plain, early on, that she wanted to share in his power. The price? Bimbo eruptions. The smirking masses. The feminists who wagged their heads in disbelief, and who secretly wanted a little bit of Bill.

Washington is all about the power to do what you want to do, with someone else’s money. The Department of Homeland Security can buy the marks of power. It is buying armored personnel carriers, too. It’s like a shopping spree. The devil wears Prada, and the DHS buys ammo.

Will the DHS ever deploy troops? I doubt it. It will not need to. The fact that it has the authority to stockpile this much ammo sends a signal: “We’re alpha dogs. Governors aren’t.” This is about swagger, not deployment. This is about budgets, not training.

This is Janet Napolitano playing Bill, with governors as Hillary. “Try and stop me.”

The media ignore this story. They see it as business as usual. Administratively, it is. Symbolically, it isn’t. It is the federal government displaying its power to do anything it wants at taxpayers’ expense.

This is a fat contract for the manufacturer.

Ammo is getting scarce at present prices. But increased manufacturing capacity will remain after the contract is filled. Ammo will get cheaper in the future,  because of added capacity. This is a good thing. When excess capacity is used, the price of ammo will fall.

I am rooting for excess capacity.

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19 thoughts on “DHS Orders 1.6 Billion Rounds of Ammunition. Why?

  1. FreedomLovingPatriot says:

    The DHS ..namely FEMA is arming itself to the teeth for various dubious reasons, but the main goal is twofold, firstly by flooding the ammo suppliers with government orders on a massive scale, it aids diretly in the effort to deny the average law abiding citizenry from securing or finding any ammo stock in bulk, etc to buy and thus, severely limiting the supply of any remaining ammo on hand for their household's self protection.

    But secondly and even more importantly, they're also doing this in preparation for the time they have planned just ahead, of the which the global elite (corporate/banking/military industrialist) who carry out their dirty deeds in the shadows & have been running the world's major industrial nations & Central banking systems for nearly 300 years now, doing such with virtually complete anonymity from behind the public's eye, decide to implement another one of their tried &true false flag events or monumental tragedy on a grand scale to gain public approval, implode the stockmarkets, destroy our dollar & implode the entire global economy in free fall fashion!

    Then they will rollout their grand puppet & world class mouthpiece, aka Barack Hussein Obama so he will declare full Martial Law via EO and with unconstutional supreme dictatorial powers, march the global sheep as global serfdom, off for their mandated RFID implants!

    This is the agenda of the elite's NWO, a globalpolice society equipped with God like surveillance capability and with TIA (Total Informational Awareness) via the myriad of smart technologies like NFC sensor aware networking & GPS tracking in realtime 24/7 etc, it'll be the very epitome of hellon earthfor the 99%ers who are not in the circle of friends of this Luciferian Order. These people are satanic and their greed and appetite for power is insatiable. They have no soul period! God will destroy them all with the brightness of His glory though in the end, Christ will be this world's salvation, especially to us who are looking for His return or He will be a terrible & dreadful Judge if you're of this world's system. This world's system is coming to an end. Be ready always and stay watchful.

  2. Okay; I just finished loading up a little over 1500 rounds of 9mm. I have the ability to load another 2200 rounds when I need to. I also have the availability to load about a hundred 270 Win, 900 308/7.62, 100+ .243 Win and 300+ 300 RUM rounds. I have a friend who has the capacity to load about 100,000 rounds of various calibers.

    Just because we have the capacity to do so doesn't mean we want to "load up" in order to somehow threaten the government, the public or anyone else, for that matter.

    A previous poster started out in great shape… the Gov't has overrun the market in order to limit private ammo sales (notice how the orders preceded the demand by several months… a point I tried to make the first time the "Dum-dum" scenario played out on this blog), and then wandered off into conspiracy everyman's land. As nefarious as it may seem to some conspiratorialists I wish to reiterate and remind those so inclined that each of these officers is, in turn, a father, son, wife, mother and US Citizen, just like you and I. You do a great disservice and dishonor to them, at least the VAST MAJORITY of them, by deciding in your small minds that they don't have the same values or concerns as you do. I have discussed the conspiracy-minded theories with many of them, both LEO and military and they all… ALL say the same thing; (pardon my crassness) "There's no way in HELL we'll fire on honest, otherwise law abiding citizens for some kind of gun confiscation scheme." They feel such orders would be unlawful and they are admonished and required to resist such orders and to protect and defend the Constitution… not the administration.

    I know it seems a stretch, but think about what you are posting. At least give these guys and gals who are doing their jobs the respect they deserve and the benefit of the doubt as you would expect for yourselves… and yes, I do look forward to the day (again) when we can buy some of those surplus rounds at bargain-basement prices.

  3. clearwatercoast says:

    No….An increase in capacity will not lower prices. Manufacturers learned long ago to apply JIT (Just In Time) principles to its inventory and output management. In this case, ammo manufacturers will purchase raw material and components only to fill active orders. Fulfillment of the government orders will be spread out over time as much as possible to reduce the stress on the current operating schedule. Once the orders are filled, any capacity adjustments that had been made will revert to normal. The net effect will mean an increase in price due to the higher short term demand (already happening), and a perhaps a fall back to pre-govt order prices. But no sweet savings for the regular customer.

  4. blh557 says his soldier/police buddies say that "There's no way in HELL we'll fire on honest, otherwise law abiding citizens for some kind of gun confiscation scheme."

    Yes they will. They already have: Waco. They will follow orders and shoot civilians like they always have: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Germany, etc.

    Once the law is passed making gun ownership illegal, Americans will no longer be "law abiding citizens", and then the soldiers/policemen will no longer have any problem shooting the non-law abiding people.

    Please give me any examples of soldiers/policemen discerning for themselves whether a law is moral/right/just. They don't. They are trained not to have critical thoughts.

    Those who get caught thinking for themselves are removed from the ranks.

  5. CANUDELIAN says:

    what a dreamer
    go ahead and b e l i e v e your childish believer.
    nobody will come and save your skin
    D O I T Y O U R S E L F .

  6. Bob Marshall says:

    From 1915 to 1994 around the world because of gun control laws there were 114.6 million estimated to have been murdered. In 2007 a FOX News polls showed that 785 of gun and non-gun owners stated that gun control would not prevent crimes or incidents such as schools shootings. Predictably, Democrats (29 percent) were more than three times as likely as Republicans (8 percent) to say stricter gun laws would prevent such shootings. The real problem which because of the ties to the federal government by Big Pharma and their lobbyist can be found by goggling SSRI Stories/ Anti-Depressant Nightmares. When the Berlin Wall came down, most Americas thought the threat from communism was over. While several of the Ten Planks of Communism were enacted during the Progressive Era from Woodrow Wilson through FDR communist Party realized they did not go far enough so they set a specific set of 45 goals outlined in a book called the " The Naked Communist. It was read into the Congressional record by Congressman Albert S. Herlong on January 10, 1963. 37 of the 45 have been successfully implemented in American society today. Both Obama and Hillary Clinton's mentor was Marxist Saul Alinsky. Alinsky's book, RULES for RADICALS has been Obama's play book. While America slept the communist quietly infiltrated every segment of our government, institutions and society. The first Method of Tyranny is Seeking a government monopoly on the capacity and use of armed force. The first signs are efforts to register or restrict the possession and use of firearms, initially under the "guise of protecting" the public, which , when it actually results in increased crime, provides a basis for further disarmament efforts affecting more people and more weapons. How many know that Jimmy Carter and his inner circle tried pushing through federal gun control laws in the late 70,s but Hillary tried much earlier and her bill failed.

  7. Troops are also being drilled in dealing with a "zombie apocalypse" (I'm serious). They are being trained to look at millions of angry Americans — who have had their life savings and pensions looted — as not really human, making it okay to fire on them.

  8. I'll do both. I'll fight AND I'll look for Christ in the clouds as the Bible says.

  9. CyTexRon says:

    The gun control advocates ask why anyone needs clips that hold 30 rounds, but why isn't anyone asking why the gov't needs 1.6 billion rounds of any kind of ammo?

  10. ron coleman says:


  11. ron coleman says:

    and when they change the constitution to meet their needs and i/we the old law abiding citizens become outlaws then how will you and your buddies feel about killing me

  12. ron coleman says:

    we all know the answer to this

  13. Fire Napolitano and eliminate DHS! Doing away with several other useless federal departments at the same time would save a whole lot of money. Tighten up foreign aid to only our friends. Don't dare cut Social Security and Medicare until the over all excessive expenditures are trimmed or gotten rid of.

  14. That's WAY MORE than they need for hunting (sarcasm). There are only 350 million targets — that's 5 rounds for each. Who needs 5 rounds to take out women and children?

  15. You are right on
    No one believed Hitler or Castro would do what they did-
    Hitler and Castro were good orators, they also had very disturbing ideas, hid their pasts and had trouble childhoods. They also fell into exact profiles of a sociopath ( look up macafee profile of a sociopath- then look them up and other leaders you wish to compare)
    Many people saw this coming 4 yrs ago
    But them again there are the non believers and hitler marched them to the pits and torture areas, and Castro was so greedy he drained them of their blood first then executed them. Castro went after all men from teenage boys to adults! I am sure that’s next.

    Elections have consequences and one thing evil knows, it’s to offer false promises of free stuff- so the greedy think of themselves and not their nation. That’s how ALL evil has conquered.

    Once the minions are of no use, they often are the first to go. The regime does not want to supply food and shelter to people who not bring in money, have a valuable trade or can keep the regime flush. So OWS, low education voters, sick, prisoners, welfare and drug addicts will be no longer needed for the vote and the regime will go after them first after they served their purpose of war on the others.

  16. Good grief. Y'all are fucking retarded.

    DHS fired 16.2 million rounds of ammo at Glynco in 2008. There are 14 ranges there, and over 100,000 rounds fired per day. 83% of ammo used is RHA.

    20 ranges at Artesia – 14.7 million rounds fired.

    7 ranges at Cheltenham – 2.7 million rounds, all lead.

    4 ranges at Charleston, 3 for lead and 1 for RHA.

    That's around 35 million rounds used at just a few sites in only one year. These "1.6 billion rounds" are contracts to supply ammunition over a several year period.

    I'm not usually one to point to a Fox News article (in fact, I deplore Fox for their partisan behavior), but this one actually sticks to facts instead of conspiracy.

    Get a clue, people. There's no ammo shortage. Just like there aren't 2700 brand new MRAPs (just the 2700 being upgraded for the Marines). And do you honestly think 7000 assault weapons really means anything when the US population owns 300 million guns? LOL.

    You're willing to nitpick and dissect the smallest holes in official stories, but willing to jump leaps and bounds and ignore empirical evidence as long as it supports your insane conspiracies. Seriously, get a life. Get a job. Get some friends maybe, marry someone, settle down. Or, just continue being completely ridiculous and get laughed at by everyone when absolutely none of your bullshit comes to fruition.

    I'll be the one laughing first, so come say hi.

  17. You're exactly the kind of lunatic I described in my post below. LOL.

  18. Keep you Musket ready and powder dry patriots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. The fact that someone in the administration isnt thinking is not a new thing. First of all, who, as a commander, in his right mind would take on over 50 million armed patriots? If you include all the armies in the world, China is the largest with a reported 2 million, you come up about 38 million short. It would be historically the greatest defeat of an leader anywhere anytime. Next, you hear 'they' would control the airspace. Well, Russia controlled the airspace in Afghanistan and were soundly defeated by a bunch of camel jockeys. It is impossible to hide fighter jets and attack helicopters. With millions of (Armed) citizens living near all the major civilian and military airports, a $1.00 bullet can destroy a $10 million dollar military airplane.
    The real unknown is whether American troops would even fire on American citizens. In 1991 when they passed around the document to all military personnel asking them if they would disarm American citizens in their homes, about 91% threw them in the trash can. Remember that was "Disarm" not fire upon. If you do the numbers, it is a losing proposition for NATO or any NWO mercenary force, or anyone for that matter. Sure, the NWO would love to see us disarmed. Remember Germany in the late '30s? Registration then confiscation then bullying and murdering their own citizens. It is not going to happen in the good ole USA. If it came to it we could evict the UN from our soil and use that building for other useful, peaceful purposes.
    With over 50 million armed patriots standing firm, and they will, if DHS has 10 billion rounds of ammo, there is not enough military personnel to use it! And as someone once said, "There is no need for the citizens to stock up on military ammo because every fallen soldier you step over will have a supply of ammo they surely wont be needing any more."
    With all the NATO troops and armor already in the US, if you do the math, they would last maybe a week.
    We would have a good use for the concentration camps that have been built though. All those who were leading the charge, politicians and all, would be interred. I would hate to see all those concentration camps go to waste.