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Free Digitized Newspapers for Historical Research

Written by Gary North on March 11, 2013

Do we want the federal government to continue to spend millions of dollars to digitize old newspapers? Or do we want this guy to do it for free as a hobby? You decide.

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11 thoughts on “Free Digitized Newspapers for Historical Research

  1. mathischristian says:

    Here's one vote for this guy!

  2. Justanoldretread says:

    It is nice to see someone make good use of their time which is also for the benefit of all mankind. It is even more amazing that he has progressed better than any commercial or government adventure at his own cost as compared to their much higher cost. This shows that a dedicated individual can be more effective than a high cost government.

  3. Dan Kurt says:

    As far as I can tell, the site only has New York State newspapers. There is a whole Sea of US Newspapers and then there is an Ocean of World Wide Newspapers. If i am correct, this is a job for a long, long time to come with many hands.

    Dan Kurt

  4. willban1 says:

    The government ABSOLUTELY must have control of this process. If left to individuals, news of 'not proper' views and events might inadvertently be preserved. It wouldn't be fair to our children to access an improper version of history. VERY DANGEROUS!

  5. I have seen what this gentleman has donebut I want to do is advantage of hos historical work and see for myself.

  6. as long as those hands don't belong to the gov't

  7. only a liberal would want the gov't to have it's hands on this

  8. Gray2Hairs says:

    ROFL, what a jerk you must be to believe the government has anyone's best interest in mind. The most dangerous criminal is more likely to have higher ethics than any government employee.

  9. Saving tax dollars is always a good idea; but, one guy? You've got to be kidding. How in the world does something as patently ridiculous get passed off as newsworthy? He can't do it. Government is going to cherry pick just as the media does today, so do like you do with the news, use your own brain to distil some truth.

  10. Is there a link to his site?

  11. I don't think your sarcasm detector was working when you replied…