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Foxholes, Enemies, and Allies

Written by Gary North on March 8, 2013

“Politics makes for strange bedfellows.” This slogan has been around for a long time, probably for about as long as there have been politicians. This observation applies outside of politics.

One of the strangest developments over the last 50 years has been a growing social and political alliance of left-wing Jews and left-wing Gentiles on the one hand, and right-wing Jews and right-wing Gentiles on the other hand. It has to do with common enemies.

The Left-wing alliance was described colorfully by Judge Jonah Goldstein in early 1945. “The Jews have three veltn (worlds): di velt (this world), yene velt (the next world), and Roosevelt.” Goldstein was a Republican politician who ran for mayor of New York City. He lost.

Another slogan is now referred to as an old saying. “Jews earn like Episcopalians and vote like Puerto Ricans.” It is not a very old saying. It was coined by Milton Himmelfarb, brother of Gertrude Himmelfarb, the neoconservative historian, who was married to Irving Kristol and is the mother of William Kristol. These two families were a neoconservative dynasty.

In contrast are the Orthodox Jews. They have been involved in a conflict with liberal Jews, atheistic Jews, assimilationist Jews, and Reform Jews for two centuries. Even the term “Orthodox Jew” came as a term of derision from liberal Jews in the mid-19th century. The term was accepted by the great theological leader of Orthodox Judaism, S. R. Hirsch.

When I wrote my 17-volume commentary on the economics of the Pentateuch, I repeatedly used the five-volume commentary by Rabbi Hirsch. He had sensible things to say about the meaning of the texts. Yet when I went to almost all other Protestant commentaries on these texts, I found an amazing ignorance of both the background and implication of these texts. Why should I be closer in my interpretations to those set forth by Rabbi Hirsch? Because he took the texts seriously. He also believed they remain applicable in modern times.

In the era of the Reformation, Protestants and Jews, meaning Orthodox Jews, had almost nothing to do with each other. Jews lived in urban ghettos: enclaves where Talmudic law was enforced by Rabbis. The main exception to this was Oliver Cromwell, who in the 1640s invited Jews to come to England. He was not  doing this in order to get loans. His theology was committed to the idea that Jews have a legitimate place in modern life. He saw Jews as important in Christian eschatology. So did the Puritans in general. So did many of the Presbyterian Scottish theologians. There is even a section in the Scottish churches’ Larger Catechism that says that Christians should pray for the conversion of Jews (Answer 191). No other ethnic or religious group is singled out by the catechism.

I suppose the best example I know of this somewhat strange alliance is in the classic Gary Cooper movie, Sergeant York. One of the characters was from New York City, obviously Jewish, who was a friend of York’s. They fought the same Germans. One of the script writers was Abem Finkel, who does not sound Puerto Rican. The character was played by George Tobias, a Jewish character actor from New York City.

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4 thoughts on “Foxholes, Enemies, and Allies

  1. odinsdottir says:

    thats why christianity is a gutter religion, invented by jews to subvert the romans and euro man, christians worship a mythical jewish man-god, and indeed worship the jews themselves…the chosenites. may Cromwell burn in gehenna his jewish hell.

  2. It's a shame that an interesting and insightful essay like this generates only one comment–from an Aryan supremacist pagan. "Odinsdottir", indeed! I'd be interested in knowing how many in our society this person represents. Hope it's not many.

  3. Seymour Kleerly says:

    The "elephant in the room" is the Racist, Far right, Nazi, social policies experienced by many generations of Jews. With it's Rightward lurch, the Republican Party will get even fewer Jewish votes now! The Righties in America and the Orthoox Jews take the Bible (written by Jews) LITERALLY! A Zionist's dream.

  4. Its a shame that the Jewish supremacists insist on living with their host goyim to feed off of, rather than forging a path in their own territory, but their holy books tell them that they are gods and the goyim are their slaves, i wonder why Dr. North doesnt have a chapter about that in his comprehensive treatise of bible economics!? instead he lies in his article telling us that, " there are no Jews in general. There are people espousing rival theologies inside each of the camps" Its plain to see that the liberal jew and the orthodox jew are united in race and act towards jew interests, the jew invented neo-con , works hand in hand with the left wing hollywood jew , one is the thesis the other is the anti-thesis, evolving a third way, the synthesis of jewish supremacy on planet earth.–these are the real strange bed fellows, jews playing both sides, parading in a thousand different guises, they have the goyim jumping from one foot to another dancing to the jewish tune, left, right, left right, and yet what do we get, the same old result, a jew controlled state. current guise….americas "first black president" who is really just another jew, born to a jewish mother, his rhetoric never matching his actions which are pure jew to the core, as our nations path to total serfdom continues unwaveringly to the zionist global empire . dont take my word for it, read the protocols of the elders of zion, and tell me that the tenants of that book are not being realized one by one. Im sure Dr. North would give you the red herring argument that the protocols were a forgery, he and his fellow christian s would never argue the the contents of the book, lest they expose their jewish masters for what they are.

    Dr.North says…"Orthodox Jews can be found offering footnotes to Gentile commentators" yes Gary why do you think that is? – the gentile has been made pure in thought by the jewish brain cleanse, jew-think pervades in white americans, so the jews can relax now, and just let the goyim slaves do the hard work of spouting jew propaganda. what glory it is to do NO work whatsoever, a perpetual sabbath of rest in a judeo paradise, where your enemies have become worshipful of you and your blood type.

    " An Orthodox Rabbi said that his congregation was considering voting for the charismatic" -yes Gary, unthinkable a hundred years ago, because back then charismatics didnt worship a jewish god, christianinty and jesus have been jewed in the last 50 years, so the way has been made safe for the jew to trust the christian in all manner of jewish interest. The road to serfdom is in worshiping an alien God, in believing the book of lies, and rejecting nature for the childish philosophies of the serpent in the garden, the burning bush G_D, his slight of hand magician prophets, the laughable water walker, feeble christling on a cross, and today his sickly sniveling repeaters who preach the 'good news' of obvious lies and anti nature dogma. well done good and faithful servants, you have destroyed all that is good and beautiful.