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Dumb and Dumber: McCain and Graham Attack Rand Paul’s Filibuster

Written by Gary North on March 8, 2013

Worried about an Attorney General who defends the idea that the President has the authority to kill an American citizen with a drone — no trial, just “boom”?

Uncertain about whether this involves an invasion of your civil rights?

Concerned that the President has the unchallenged and unchallengeable power — if you’re dead — to decide whether you are an enemy combatant?

Bothered by the Constitutional implications of such a policy?

Well, then, you’re clearly not Senator McCain or Senator Graham.

Senator McCain said that Senator Rand Paul did the nation a “disservice” with his 13-hour filibuster against domestic killer drones.

He said that it is silly to imagine that the President would have used a drone on Jane Fonda during the Vietnam War.

Question: Could Nixon have done it, if the technology had existed? Could anyone in authority have stopped him from doing it? Would he have been impeached if he had done it?

I can imagine Nixon’s national television appearance after Fonda’s death. He would have assured the nation: “The drone attack was aimed at an anti-aircraft installation.”

The cameras would  then have focused on the photograph of Miss Fonda, sitting with members of the anti-aircraft crew.

He would have continued: “It is unfortunate that Miss Fonda was nearby. The senior officers in charge of the drone strike had no idea. This was collateral damage. The government will give $10,000 to Henry Fonda as a token of our sympathy.”

You think he would not have gotten away with this?

You think he would not have been praised in private by the tens of millions of Nixon-lovers of the pre-Watergate era? “Serves her right!”

Senator McCain was shocked — shocked! — that Senator Paul suggested such a possibility. He said this.

“I watched some of that, quote, debate, unquote, yesterday. I saw colleagues who know better come to the floor and voice some of this same concern, which is totally unfounded.

“I must say that the use of Jane Fonda’s name does evoke certain memories with me, and I must say that she is not my favorite American. But I also believe that, as odious as it was, Ms. Fonda acted within her constitutional rights, and to somehow say that someone who disagrees with American policy — and even may demonstrate against it — is somehow a member of an organization which makes that individual an enemy combatant is simply false,” McCain said, hitting his lectern for emphasis. “It is simply false.”

There is an old strategic rule of warfare that McCain is conveniently ignoring. It also applies to Constitutional law. “Make your plans in terms of what the enemy can do, not what you think he might do.”

Graham was quoted by the New York Times

Mr. Graham said he did not remember Republican critics attacking President George W. Bush for employing drone strikes, and he said the question for Republicans was, “What are we up to here?”

I will tell you what “we” are up to here. We are up to here with the destruction of our Constitutional liberties in the name of the war on terror, a war which we cannot win because there are no identifiable enemies that can or will surrender.

After the filibuster, Attorney General Holder sent a terse note to Paul admitting that the President does not possess the right to use drones to kill Americans inside the nation’s borders. In short, Paul had forced Holder’s hand. The publicity his filibuster got could not be resisted. Holder ate a plate full of crow.

Senators Dumb and Dumber now appear in retrospect just as dumb as they really are.

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115 thoughts on “Dumb and Dumber: McCain and Graham Attack Rand Paul’s Filibuster

  1. Well it took me a long time, but I have lost all respect for these two. Thank you so much for your service Mr. McCain. Now I know how out of touch these two are. What the heck are they drinking in Washington. I just can not believe they can trust this President….Lord please save our country.

  2. McCain and Graham can't stand someone taking the limelight away from them in the Republican Party!

  3. Ask Mr. McCain about the USS Liberty cover up.

  4. JohnWayne says:

    I used to admire Lindsey Grahm. McCain was held lower in my esteem. Both have acquired liberal positions that I cannot abide. Both of these guys need to be terired!

  5. He might have been a little less objectionable than the life-long 2nd generation marxist, but he practically threw the election to his opponent. You have to wonder.

  6. When you speak of being a republican, Don't even mention Graham Cracker and Old Mcdonald McCain. They are more demos than anything!

  7. Rabelrouser says:

    For Mccain to have dinner with the king during the filibuster, then to come out with a statement such as this should be telling enough. Then when you consider how he has actually voted with the king over the pasy 5 years says more.
    There seems to be a new breed of conservatives growing, hopefully it will be enough before the collapse.

  8. Just more proof there needs to be term limits!!

  9. Go to it Rand Paul; Maybe some of these dimwits will get their blinded eyes open and stop their stupid trashing of someone who is at least standing up for the Constitution. In stead of being a blind Obabler teat sucker.

  10. Bogusbob says:

    They were too busy riding in the 20 car entourage to eat with their favorite pal obama. They need to go away and stay away from politics forever. They are both greedy power hungry scumbags.

  11. The Iceman says:

    McCain is useless. He should switch Partys and come out of the closet. He's a lifetime politician whos time has come to an end. When are the voters in Az going to wake up and get rid of this RHINO ?

  12. MACain step down you are the biggest problem. When you were running for president you are a discrase you think you were the only person in the war. I blame you for the fix were in now with Obama and you are doing it again against Rand Paul.
    Retirer OLD ma.

  13. Mat, You grasped what this was all about. This isn't about the drones but the fact people like Rand Paul and Paul Ryan are making headway and those establishment Republicans like McCain and Graham are having a snit fit about it. Now if Boehner waivers again the in the House, I hope Ryan steps forward and tells Boehner to step down as leader. I think there is no question that Ryan knows more about how to run a budget than anyone in Congress and he should be the one leading the fight for common sense which doesn't exist in this administration or the Senate. Compromise is only good when the correct course is being taken and that certainly isn't the case now and Boehner is ablout ready to accept another bad deal.

  14. ftouch97 says:

    Mc Cain and Graham need to get their heads out of the sand. Do they not see the connection between drones, over 200 new tanks to go with billions of bullets at Homeland Security and trying to take our guns away? Obama wants to have a citizen militia. The constitution dosen't allow him to turn the army against us but he can do it with a citizen militia. Slowly but surely he's trying to create this and has written about it.

  15. Those two can not stand for anybody else to have an opinion or make sense on an issue. They are both RINOS and have very little respect for the citizens that put them in the office they hold. When McCain got nominated I knew he was going to lose to Obama. He has no remaining backbone and it was quite obvious who was running his marriage. Graham is just a publicity hungry butt kisser.

  16. mc Cain left his balls in hanoi, Rino leader nancy graham and him got to go , they are the problem !!!

  17. I pray that these two will be voted out of office when the elections come around and real Conservatives are voted in. What they did to Rand Paul is a disgrace!!!

  18. MCain is a jerk, so is Graham. These two need to be retired.

  19. scarletdove says:

    Congratulations Mr. Rand Paul, job well done–and how refreshing to see a republican with backbone to stand up to this thug-ridden Marxist administation, Holder, Obama and Co. And to you, Mr. McCain, yes we are being threatened by our govt, please get your head out of the old established RINO guard and stop degrading not only the country but my intelligence. You may have been a hero for serving our country, but you are no hero in the Senate, for you are showing you are NOT serving your country as a senator. And Graham, you are to be expected. Both of you should be proud of Rand Paul, not jealous of him; grow up, you are adults.

  20. GreyHawk says:

    I lost respect for McCain as a Senator a long time ago. Graham sometimes I like what he says and does and others, like this instance, I am totally against him. I think that if a good conservative ran against him I would vote for the other guy because I can't depend on what Graham would do in diffdrent circumstances, like this one. Clearly Ovomit wnats to kill Americans in the United States with drones, and he wants to use them for unwarrented and unceasing snooping, the case in Nebraska where he was using drones to spy on farmers, so he said, being an example. These drones are basically a weapon of war and as such should be out of bounds as a device to use for snooping on and/or killing Americans on our soil. The fact that members of Congress can't see and understand this is not acceptable in my eyes and they should be replaced ASAP. What Rand Paul did was reasonable and proper, and if several other Senators would have joined him, they could have shut down that conformation totally. It is to bad they didn't have the backbone to do it.

  21. maxmillun says:

    Hey, they have to side with Obama now…. he had they over for dinner while Rand was busy standing up for our rights./S

  22. deniseandros says:

    Hi Mat,
    Don't you fret honey; history will not reflect kindly on the Obamas, Reids, Pelosis, McCains, or Grahams, and many more within their corrupt circle. They will be the Hitlers, Boermans, and Stalins, of our day. Names that their progeny will be ashamed to carry, history will abhor, and will evoke revulsion at their very mention.

  23. Admiral America says:

    More proof that the Republican establishment is in bed with the Obama administration.

  24. Bravo Sue!!! I have first hand info on that demonic nightmare, and was NEVER BROUGHT OUT OF THE DARKNESS, that piece of filth johnson said he would cover israel's ass if they would stop the bad mouthing him about nam…………….WE THE PEOPLE SHOULD TAKE OVER RUNNING THIS COUNTRY, history has taught us that the senate, the house, the exe branch, and the supreme court are ROTTEN TO THE CORE!!!

  25. maxmillun says:

    Two of the biggest RiNOs in the herd!

  26. Absolutely we need term limits. I wasn't in favor of it several years ago, but after realizing how many ignorant voters we have and how many can now vote themselves a raise and continue to take our money, I have changed my mind. McCain and Graham are two examples of why we need it and need it NOW!!!

  27. 2WarAbnVet says:

    These “go-along-get-along” Establishment Republicans like McCain and “Grahamnesty” have more in common with their liberal Democrat allies than with Conservatives. These PWOPs (Politicians Without Principles) have put personal power ahead of their constituent’s interests for decades. And are not capable of/don’t want to undo the damage the current administration has inflicted on our country. It’s time for a Conservative Revolution to get rid of this deadwood.

  28. s cavitt says:

    Thank God in heaven that has not been forgotten, the treachery of that day still makes my blood boil-and that piece of s–t Johnson should have been impeached! RUSSIANS, it was Russians that responded and that's why the Israelis had to stop. The fact that we saved these assholes from extinction and how does our "most trusted ally in the region" repay us-MURDER!!!

  29. Sen. Graham, Obama is not G.W. Bush. Obama is tearing this Country apart and can have no lea-way using drones in this Country. I live is S.C. and will not vote for Graham again! Graham and McCain are just pissed off because they see in Sen. Rand Paul what they used to be. I feel Sen. Paul did not go far enough, there should be NO DRONES USED IN AMERICA, PERIOD!!!

  30. I hete to tell you this but John McCain has shown his hand in the past. I did not vote for him in the primary 4 1/2 years ago because he was a progressive thinker (i.e. Statist, Marxist, Democrat) long before then. He is not dumb, but he is a liar. Would Nixon have killed Jane Fonda? Yes! No question! Would Nixon have killed John Kerry? Maybe! Would LBJ killed protesters against the Viet Nam war? Yes! Would congress approved? Yes! Would Lincoln have killed northerners who stood up against him? Yes! HE DID HIS BEST TO DO SO! John McCain knows better. He is a LIAR!

  31. johnbbbb says:

    Instead of 13 hours in the filibuster, all Holder had to do regarding Drones targeting American citizens (not engaged in combat or terriorism) was to answer "No, we do not have the authority to kill American on American soil".. Period. 12.8 hours saved.

  32. McCain reminds us periodically why he lost to an anti-American communist foreigner.

  33. I also voted for McCain b/c I thought he was better. I too was fooled. McCain is nothing but a RINO, obama supporter.
    He needs his walking papers just like obama.

  34. Are there still any intelligent people out there that think McCain is a conservative? Come on, he's been as liberal as any democrat for years. I only voted for him because he is a Veteran and he was a better choice than obama. Not much better, but better.

  35. Carl Benander says:

    As bad as she was, Jane Fonda, a scumbag, had the right to be wrong. We do not kill those with whom we disagree.

  36. Carl Long says:

    I doubt Mr. Graham will read this but just in case; Mr Graham wake the heck up NOW! Look at what is happening to the Citizens Constitutional rights. If you cannot see the truly Inspirational thing that Mr. Paul did then its definately time for a NEW North Carolinian to represent in the COngress! I know you have decided not to run again Mr. McCain and I applaud that decision as you may leave office with some respect from US Citizens, but don't push it with bone-head things like attacking People who stand up for the Citezens Constitutional Rights.

  37. Nancy Soleto says:

    My sentiments exactly ………

  38. What does anyone expect, McCain is a full blown progressive and Graham is not far behind although Graham does sometimes make a little sense. Just like for the liberals, progressivism is communism in disguise. McCain was a co-sponsor of NDAA. That is just one of his proud accomplishments.

  39. I'm going to stick to something I've been saying since 2001. EVERY member of CONgress is steering us to the end of America as it once was. Both Parties have had time to fix things. Both Parties have had control of spending. Both Parties have been in control of legislation. Either one of them could have cut money to foreign countries, controlled spending, fixed Social Security and Medicare. NONE of them did, because it's not part of their agenda.

    AmeriKa is where it is today as a direct result of the actions or inactions of CONgress. The elite ruling class is setting the stage for their total dominance of "We The People That Once Were" once they collapse our entire economic system!


  41. McCain is a progressive

  42. Bill in Mizuri says:

    I have a really hard time calling John McCain a traitor due to his past service to our country, but maybe "all good things DO come to an end " , as the saying goes, but to now come out and profess that any opposition to drone strikes on Americans in our homeland is silly, is just preposterous ! . . . . I'll move him one more category to the left in that of being a "dispatriot." . . . . Maybe he's addled from his time as a P.O.W., I don't know, but for certain he is a danger to freedom loving, constitutionally literate Americans ! . . . . I even voted for this guy, mostly because he was the only choice I had, but I DID vote for him nonetheless. . . . . At this time both he and Senator Graham need to be relegated to the back burner in the party until such time as they can be voted OUT or removed by the party altogether for other reasons that may avail themselves in the near future. . . . . Whatever happened to "clarity of thought" ? . . . . . . Is there something in the water up there in D.C. ?

  43. He is the reason I changed from a Republican to an independent. I’m still very conservative but I refuse to belong to the same party as McCain! Furthermore, I suspected obama would win if McCain was the nominee. However, 2012 surprised me but I think it was because obama (the lying black so called president) cheated. Who didn’t see that coming?

  44. Coldcowboy says:

    How did these two dimwits ever get elected????

  45. The conservatives I know did not vote for McCain in 10 but he managed to keep his Senate seat. I voted for him for president only because of who he ran against.

  46. Its time to clear the whole bunch of long time Senators and Congressmen. Most are out of touch with the general populace. They have been in office so long that they no longer know the true feelings of their constituents.

  47. Bill in Mizuri says:

    Anyone believing Obama bin Lyin' would hesitate to use strikes on Americans because "he gave his word ! " is delusional. . . . . . . There is absolutely NO room for such activities in America ! . . . . . . . I think Holder was the frontman for this "statement" to the public for a reason. . . . That reason being that it could always be said, "there was a slight miscommunication of my (Obama) thoughts on the subject, and THIS is what I truly MEANT to say !" . . . . . . . It is not unlike the Clinton statement of "It depends on what your definition of IS is !" . . . . It is specifically nondescript. . . . That would leave a lot of lattitude to operate within and still appease SOME Americans until such time as he feels in complete control and will do whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

  48. Bill in Mizuri says:

    I'm definitely in favor of a TWO TERM LIMIT ! . . . . . One in office and the second in prison !

  49. zoomer165 says:

    mccain is a babbling idiot , that's why he never became president. they should have left it's retarded A$$ in the prison camp.

  50. Isir Abelon says:

    GOPs are cutting each others THROAT…. Hoooooray…..Bravo, bravo.

  51. Those two and the others Repub is why after 40 years I will now be an independent. The rinks think conservatives will continue to tow their party line. It is time for conservatives to Caucasus together and make the ribos come to them.

  52. These guys were turn-coats years ago, they are playing us for fools let them think we are not paying attention this whole government is about to cave by design. These guys are players!

  53. EHeassler USN-Ret. says:

    I respect John McCain for his service to his country and his suffering as a POW but I detest his politics. At best, he is an unreliable Republican and no conservative. For all the good he may have done through his military service, he has more than negated it by his performance as a Senator starting with his undermining of George Bush as part of the "gang of 14". McCain can best serve his country by retiring and going home. Both he and the squishy follow the wind Graham are poster boys for term limits.

  54. I am soo disappointed in Sen. McCain. I always respected him for the time he served our country BUT he lost it. Rand Paul should be congratulated and awarded a medal for combat in supporting the majority of the American Citizen and against the marxist regime we have in the white house now. Dr. Carson hit the nail on the head when he commented that the ones that voted for Obama are the uninteligen t voters in this country that can not understand the over all effect of the giveaways
    of the working taxpayerss money thatObama used to buy his votes. . Our country is turning into bunch of dumb thinking scoungers. What the government gives it also can take away. I remember an elder friend saying if you are on the gov. dole you should not be able to vote UNLESS you are definitely unnable to work for a specific period of time and then for a time limit!!

  55. You can call his office & tell them your views

  56. Graham Cracker & McCain't are a pair – sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always useless to a nation under siege! Drunk drivers go to jail & lose their license after they have a wreck. We need a similar law to get them off the legislative road FOR GOOD!

  57. mrsgunnut10 says:

    These two, obviously, half Liberal and half Rhino's, are getting to the point where they no longer should call themselves, Republicans. I congratulate Senator Paul Rand and the others that also Filibustered with him and I wish more of our Senators and Congressmen/Women would do the same. It's about time that our Republican,Democrat, and Independent Politicians, start running this great Nation, TOGETHER, instead of fighting each other and causing American Citizens, Problems. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  58. If Congress had done its job in the first place, this man would not be President of the United States! If Congress had really gone after him for the Fast and Furious scandal, he would be impeached! If Congress had done its job and gone after him seriously for the Benghazi affair, he would be in the process of impeachment now. If Congress had done its job, a lot of things would be different now! But this is to be expected! This nation is imploding because it has turned away from God. The leadership sits by while the ACLU and other quasi "human rights" organizations [all anti-God] systematically destroy the foundations of this land. When it collapses and they have destroyed themselves along with it, they will look around for someone to blame! People like McCain and Graham always do! They are really no different from the Democrats! When they see someone making waves, they feel it is their duty to stop those people, you know, like the Tea Party patriots and Senators like Rand Paul who stood up and sounded the alarm! I voted for McCain way back, and I'm so sorry! But give them time and they all show their true colors! Wake up America!

  59. Bill McCroskey says:

    I would trust Rand (or Ron) Paul a thousand times more to defend the constitution than McCain or Graham. So many Republicans are RINO's … and those 2 are close to the top (or more correctly …. the bottom) of the RINO's.

  60. I can't understand why any conservative congressman would have gone to dinner with Obama. It would have been a great wake up slap in the face if they had all snubbed him. I have witnessed a big change in McCain over the years and none of that change has been good.
    We The People, need to do whatever it takes to get term limits on politicians. This would limit a considerable amount of Americas problems. These people could then do what needs to be done without worrying about reelection. I do not believe that being a congressman was ever ment to be a career job.

  61. Ken Roberts says:

    If we knew the stuff that we have been fed by the news media we would be at their place of business demanding they be shut down . Pravda does no such harm as our news media does to this country on a daily basis . I will never be ashamed of my country but I am ashamed of the liberal voters for causing us to go down the path of communism and we are headed that way unless we change something real quick .

  62. It took you this long? There has never been a mystery here about these two liberals. They are not nor never will be conservatives.
    We need to stand together to fight for real constitutional conservatives in 2014

  63. It says Holder had to eat a plateful of crow. I wonder how crow is best served?

  64. I always look forward to reading these articles but can you do the world a favor and stop including a picture of the illegal immigrant now sitting as POTUS? Just as I do not purchase any books, regardless of author or good reviews, that has for cover this megalomaniac I usually delete any articles with a photo of this anti-American muslim.

  65. TexRanger says:

    McCain, the pitiful pilot, was locked up by the Viet Cong for so long his mind was damaged. And, do not forget that McCain had close to the lowest grades of anyone graduating from the Naval Academy and would not have even been allowed into the Naval Academy except for the fact that his daddy was an admiral in the U.S. Navy. And, do not forget that McCain followed one step behind Teddy Kennedy so he could kiss Kennedy's hind end every chance he got.

    Lindsey Graham is another Republican leftist, homosexual, in the Republican Party who is always out front pushing leftist goals.

    Why Americans are so ignorant that the likes of McCain and Graham can victimize them at election time is astounding.

    With these leftists running the Republican Party, it is easy to understand why Barack Hussein Obama, our homosexual/Muslim/Communist/Anti-American/Anti-Gun president, was easily reelected.

  66. It's all about $$$$$$$$$$$,$$$$$$$$$$$$
    Politicians are worse than than the Mafia.
    At least the Mafia, has some ethics.
    They won't seduce another soldier's wife.
    They won't skim money off the top.
    You can attempt to try, but you will end up float with the fish in some river.
    The government handles it differently.
    When you become incompetent in one portfolio, they assign you another.
    In the Mafia, it's THE END!

  67. When McCain was shot down and jettisoned from his jet fighter (the last of 4 he crashed during his career as a Navy pilot), he landed in a lake and would have drowned had he not been saved by a Vietnamese rice farmer, the same people he was busy "bombing back to the Stone Age". Then there was his father Admiral McCain who was instrumental in the coverup of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in 1967. Some freaking "heroes". The whole myth of McCain's heroism is based on epic fails!

  68. It is time to do some major house cleaning in Washington DC. Out with the old, and in with the new.

  69. oldgringo says:

    We the people have to remember that Senator McCain is not our friend…It is he and another democrat who came up with the resolution and the wording of the NDAA signed into law by B. Obama last January…By now you should know what those abbreviation are all about…They are definately not about protecting our rights…In fact they are just the opposite…And to think I voted for this treasonous SOB!

  70. Dottie Cline says:

    McCain has been drinking the Obama Koolaid. I cannot believe the stance McCain and Graham have taken against Rand Paul. I’m proud of Rand Paul and applaud him. It’s time to clean house in Washington, and let the younger generation take the lead. It’s time for term limits. I’m proud of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan and others who see fully how Obama is shredding our Constition and is putting us in debt that our grandchildren will inherit, and perhaps their children. Why was McCain and othe Republicans sitting down to have dinner with Obama? They should have been standing by the side of Rand Paul during his filibuster. Can’t McCain, Graham and most of the House Republicans and Senataors see the deadly games Obama is playing? Also, just because Holder said “NO” on drones, do you really think Holder or Obama will keep their word on this. I do not trust either of them, and I’m beginning to not trust the Republican traitors like McCain and Graham. Obama lies every time he opens his mouth. Does he even know how to tell the truth. All he wants is glory and if we don’t watch out, Obama will be our first Emperor or Dictator.

  71. Paul and Cruz for the 2016 presidental ticket!

  72. DDrider57 says:

    These guys are mad because there is a real leader in Rand. Let's support Rand and admonish Graham & McCain. Give them a call and send them an email. I intend to.

  73. G. Kuhns says:

    McCain and Graham only serve to remind me why I’m a registered Independent.

  74. These two are not Conservatives; they are the Rino's in the Republican Party that constantly support the Liberal/Left. They used to show opposition in hollow words during a photo-op; but have transitioned to giving away the Conservative Vote. This also proves that, Mr. McCain, could not and did not support Gov. Palin. She was the offering to the Chicago Organizer to loose the election.
    And we all wonder how Mr. Romney lost the election. He probably did not get the full support of our party. If our party does not keep the house and maybe some gains in the Senate; then the Liberal/Left like bad Cancer will overwhelm our Country.
    That's my two cents!

  75. It's not too late to use a drone on "comrade" Jane! She is still running off at the mouth whenever she has an opportunity. What a great idea for the use of a drone! I will never forget the video of "Hanoi Jane" with her a$$ propped up on an N.V.A. anti aircraft gun while exclaiming " Gee it's too bad there aren't any American Planes flying by today". The vision of her face in that video clip still frosts my backside whenever it comes to mind, right along with many other veterans of the Viet Nam war. Yes she has the right to speak her mind, as the author states, but I have the right to consider her to be an idiot and a traitor as a result of her stance as well! We have the right to speak our mind but we do not have any right for others to agree with our statements. If I recall correctly, last year one veteran spit in her face at one of her book signing dates. Senator McCain, of all people, should be outraged by the ilk of Hanoi Jane and her blatant anti American beliefs! As she rails against capitalism, she seems to have no problem spending her " greedy capitalist" ex husband's cash or the book advances and royalties she receives though, does she? McCain decides to offer her up as an example of Obama's integrity? Senator McCain, if anyone is sticking up for the folks, it is Rand Paul! In my not so humble opinion, the only person I see wasting our time sir, is you! Three cheers for Rand Paul for his effort to pin the President down for an answer to that important question!

  76. Bluesunny says:

    A house divided will fall. The Republican Party had better wise up or they and this country are finished. They are playing right into the dirty, lying, manipulating hands of obama and they are too full of themselves to see it. Rand Paul's filibuster should have rallied ALL the Republicans together to make a stand. Everyone who was invited to sup with obama should have politely declined due to more pressing matters like SAVING WHAT is LEFT of OUR COUNTRY. Graham, McCain, ROVE, time to go.

  77. FRENCHIE says:


  78. J.D White says:

    it is time for McCain and Graham to go. I am proud of Senator Rand Paul, and he is exactly what our country needs–someone who stands up for what he believes, cares about the safety of the American people, intelligent and responds to others who disagree in a very courteous way. i totally agree with him, and anyone who would even think of the president having power to kill americans in our own land needs to find another country to reside. i met mccain one time and may i add he is the most rude, arrogant politician i have ever met. i had no choice but to vote for him because anybody but obama would be better. he should have never run, and we can thank him for his lack of support for romney until the very end of the campaign when he was a big help for the obama victory, and the mess our country is in! also i saw the true graham. outside of being a phony, he is jealous of the support rand is getting. let's work on supporting rand to be our next leader as i feel he is the only one i think could do the job and bring honor and respect to our country!

  79. gvhparkridge says:

    McCain is really off the rails…we are lucky he never was never elected to be President…who would know what he would do next?
    I think we should elect Dennis Rodman President ..we would know we had a confused nut case but he can really play basketball which is a requirement for President (at least on the south side of Chicago)..well that's were the votes are.

  80. justAnAmerican says:

    Both have been paid off or are drinking the koolaid. They must think the American people (the real ones) are stupid. And believe me, we are not stupid. We are wide awake and watching and listening.

  81. Grizzly Bear says:

    General secretary obama will use a foreign military "training " here to quell the resistance! We have a citizen militia it is called The National Guard, the turd in the suit wants his own police force that will be above local law enforcement due to him not being sure that local law enforcement will not comply with his plans.

  82. And still you do not see and further too lazy and/or scared to act. "Nowhere else to go" and you ask for the LORD's help while insulting HIM.
    All three men support mass net (legal and illegal) immigration. This makes their voting supporters the dumber.
    The real thing is Party Power and what is left of the shrinking American people will not walk away from the Parties. Soon it will not matter while this group is being replaced by mass net immigration.
    Teach your young to convert or to walk softly with their tail tucked between their legs.
    Please sign the petition and explore the sites. http://www.saynotoamnesty.com / http://www.goooh.com

  83. McCain and Graham are the 2 biggest sewer rats in Washington….if they are for something I'm usually against it

    He's a globalist patsy….that's McCain's problem….and Graham is to

  84. profitup10 says:

    If we can do this project and repeal the 17th amendment these old BULLS of the Senate will be no more – they will be directed by the State legislatures and not money and pork . . Leave DC with no money and no power – courts back under the constitutional limits – no more IRS, EPA, property taking without compensation to the owners – make this go viral share it with all you know. http://articlevprojecttorestoreliberty.com/

  85. You ought to tell that to Meet the Press and Face the Nation….they don't seem to get that we don't like listening to them and FOX sure doesn't get we are sick and tired of Rove



  87. Glad you brought that up Danno. Most Americans don't know that. Certainly not those who voted for this FOOL back in 2008. That rice farmer that risked his life to keep the other villagers from killing McCain was never even thanked until McCain was forced to acknowledge he saved him. McCain is the lowest of the low and I can't understand what the heck is wrong with those people in his state that keep voting that old SKUNK back into office. Shame on you !

  88. Ha ha ha….know how his arm got broken. He forgot to hold his arms down when he hit the eject button.

  89. Yep I don't like that one little bit about Rand either. I sure hope he doesn't vote for amnesty because then I won't vote to nominate him. Looks like it's 3rd party again for me

  90. MI Patriot says:

    Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Michael Lee, and John Barrasso stood together and made a statement. IMO EVERY single republican in the house should have been on that floor with them. And wasn't there even one DEMOCRAT standing with them? Every single republican that DID NOT stand with those 4 should be pilloried on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. After all, that's the technology that the Obamaites use. McCain has FAR oultived his usefulness and just needs to just go away. I think his years as a POW ruined his mind and any hope of being a real leader. Graham is just a useful idiot. Maybe he and Jokin' Joe Biden can go on the road together…the Dumb and Dumber show.

  91. Dumb and Dummer. I just can't top that. What I can say is McCain and Graham you had your chance. Now look what a mess we are in. Move over old Republicans and take a look at your replacements. We can only hope and pray it is not to late for them to save our country.

  92. Gadfly31 says:

    Hear! Hear!

  93. jerry h holloway says:

    it's about time they rode of into the sunset forever and let new blood take the wheel and get this country back on course

  94. RichardCancemi says:

    Graham and McCain are seemingly joined at the hip. Both are phonies. Both are hypocritical liberals hiding in the Republican Party as "neoconservatives", which means they stand for nothing good for the Country.. They both need to go. McCain is looking for some status and Graham is a bobble head nodding "yes" to all of McCain's stupidities.

  95. Deb…have these two old Rhino's not heard of Ruby Ridge or Waco or closer to home how about the cops shooting the hell out of a pickup driven by two little old ladies because the pickup looked similar to that driven by the cop shooter in LA., the one little old lady went to the hospital…

  96. Proud to say 2008 was the first election I didn't hold my nose and vote Republican. I voted for the libertarian candidate because Ron Paul endorsed him, and am still glad I did, even though he didn't stand a chance. The day is coming when the Rhinopublicans find themselves replaced by a real conservative opposition party.

  97. The disgraceful performance of the GOP in the last primary and convention confirmed me as a non-Republican. I don't know exactly what I am, but I refuse to identify myself with those devious manipulators. (I had to think for a couple minutes to write something that wasn't a swear word!) I've also been voting for 40 years. Join the club!

  98. McCain showed me what he was during the 2008 campaign when he RUSHED to DC from the campaign trail to vote for TARP. I mean, it was SOOOO important that he bail the banksters out! From that point on, I was a non-Republican.

    Join the NRA–Non-Republicans of America!!

  99. Drone lover says:

    That is what is wrong with the Tea Party and their fringe dwellers, lead by Rand Paul and his fellow cowards. Tea Party members will run away from danger while the brave many will run to the trouble to lend a helping hand. There have been no drone attacks, in this country, got that Jason Griest, and the rest of you conspiracy theorists.

  100. Drone lover says:

    And now here's the Nut Case follower, just look at his picture (looks like the hicks in the movie Deliverence), Jason Griest, Owner of Urad USA, Scientologist (another name for Nut Case), Ex-Conservative, Now Libertarian, Gun Owner (coward, never served in the service for his country), NRA Supporter (Holds a gun like Dick Chyney duck hunting), Patriot (never served his country- he's a coward) and Supporter of Restoring a Constitutional America (will run and hide at the sound of gunfire). You're another moron, Tea Party fool.

  101. Rabelrouser says:

    Had the Republician establishment not kicked out the real Conservative faction in the party during the Convention, then maybe Romney would have had a small chance. The games they played during the primaries by stealing those elections was seen by many.
    Once they showed their elitist position, they disenfranchised many. People are / were not stupid enough to just accept the "party propaganda" and those actions sure spoke louder than their words.
    Sence 2008 the people have been more engaged and they saw that Washington Decit was fast becoming a two headed monster; actually more of an elected monarchy that actually shared the same ideals of power and control. Again, their actions spoke louder than their words, and the McCains, Grahms, Mitchells, Boheners of the party still do not understand this.
    Untill they do…., well, maybe we dont have that much time. And that is sad.

  102. Unfortunately David, voting for any 3rd Party candidate is like buying a ticket on the Titanic the day after it sank. You're hoping for a good ride, but your ship will never come in.

    The Democrat Party NEVER splits their vote, and there is a really good reason for that. The numbers of registered and potential voters proves there is no physical way that any 3rd Party candidate can EVER win. And voting for a 3rd Party candidate is likened to voting for the democrat.

    You could get half of the Republicans to abandon their Party, all of the voters who don't vote, and register all of the non-registered voters to vote for the 3rd Party choice and still not have enough to win.

    The answer doesn’t lie in voting 3rd Party, the answer lies in taking back the Republican Party at the National Conventions with our real conservative candidate. http://youtu.be/wPjBXufufUU

  103. I've been reading the posts and made a few myself. One thing is clear to me from what I see here. We are in agreement that a reverse to our founding principles is what is necessary for our country to survive. I have seen nothing to tell me otherwise. We are all familiar enough to understand who in Congress is weak and those few who actually have a pair. Sadly Barack Obama was re-elected last November to another 4 year term. That is not a happy thought for me but I have noticed one thing that gives me hope. Obama makes certain that he is in our faces every day as many times as he can possibly be there! While that tactic may work for a while, it does wear thin if overplayed. The past week is starting to show Obama fatigue among voters. Liberals are slow to come around but eventually they do begin to feel used. Even the most committed Liberal has personal responsibilities and obligations that must be handled just as you and I have. sooner or later they begin to question why this man takes so much of their time when they have enough problems of their own. After all, could any of you possibly answer or donate to every cause that presents itself to you every day? The answer is in most cases, hell no! If this continues, the potential for Obama to do something that it cannot be overlooked or or excused increases exponentially. He is emboldened now. Too much ego usually causes a fall. Perhaps some of his past violations will get attention and grow legs and bring him down. Anyone who pays even slight attention to this stuff is aware how many times he has stepped over the line but up to now, no one has cared. We may be stuck with him by election but I honestly do think and believe his hubris will bring him down.

  104. Seymour Kleerly says:

    They are only trying to save the Republican Party. Two thirds of America is scared of the spooky Rand Paul!

  105. Hey, dumb & dumber, don't you get it? We don't want the McCains & Grahams, WE WANT THE RAND PAULS! Get it now?

  106. Go Rand!! Shove off Lindsey & John. You efin' dummies.

  107. Dick Grace says:

    I wish you guys would not give a bona fide war hero like John a hard time. After all he is so heroic they are making a movie about his life and political career. The name of the movie is "the Manchurian Candidate" look for it soon in your local theater.

  108. i voted for palin not mccain

  109. In the War on Terror, ANYONE, anywhere who is deemed a terrorist is thereby an enemy combatant. Enemy combatants are liable to drone strikes. AG Holder's note to Rand Paul gives no genuine comfort to anyone who values life and liberty.

  110. Rolf Dudas says:

    Nor do they care so long as they can be reelected. The time is now for them to "pack it in". I didn't vote McCain for president–voted for Palin and would do it again.

  111. Dale Hogue says:

    I've never trusted McCain or Graham on any positions they've taken during the era of Obama. That they were critical of Sen. Paul's speech doesn't surprise me, not one little bit. I suggest very strongly that both of them retire from politics and the sooner the better — like right now! They, for reasons known only to themselves, are Obama ass kissers. Why? I don't have a clue!

  112. J H Marsh says:

    I agree with you—if he can't see this, then all he is, is a useful fool for Obama and no true friend to the freedom loving American!! Jackass!!!

  113. Two short comments.
    First: Senator McCain, thank you for your service. You were a good pilot. You got shot down. Spent time in NVA prisons and came back and got into politicks. It’s been a good run. Maybe it’s time to recognize when you’re getting a bit senile and need to let other folks with clearer minds have a go at it. As far as Graham is concerned, don’t really know too much about him and am not really interested in using up valuable time in finding out. Actions speak louder than words.. and foolish actions accompanied by even more foolish words speak louder still. Your mouth just proved that it’s time for you to step aside and let clearer, less “compromised” folks – people who don’t have a vested interest in keeping the status quo – have their say. It is obvious that you lost it.

    Second: I need to correct Gary. The alleged secretary of “justice” (Holder) did NOT say what he says he said (“Holder sent a terse note to Paul admitting that the President does not possess the right to use drones to kill Americans inside the nation’s borders.”) What holder DID say (I read the signed letter)was that the president did not have the right to kill Americans WHO WERE NOT IN COMBAT inside the nations borders. That language has a gap you can drive a truck through, because what he is saying, if you understand these people and their philosophy, is that the president CAN order the killing of an American on American soil if the president determines that that American is in “Combat”. And take a wild guess at who defines what “combat” means.
    Let’s see, I think that if anyone is “bad-mouthing” ol’ Barry (c)bama, hey that seems like combat to me! Hummmmm. BOOM!
    And, hey… look at all those hated Tea Party protesters chanting in the streets! Who planned that!? Yep, that’s obviously combat! Hummmmm. BOOM!
    OK. Now let me see who else is out there engaging in combat… Hmmmm. WHAT!? A THIRTEEN HOUR FILIBUSTER IN CONGRESS!? AGAINST MY DESIGNEE!? Well! We can’t have that! Hummmmm. BOOM!
    Nothing’s changed people. Holder’s letter is as big a barefaced lie as the ones you hear every time what’s-his-face opens his mouth. I considered Clinton a filthy liar. I have to say that (c)bama is right up there with him.

  114. Dick Grace says:

    Tune in to Senator McCain's life story it is accurately portrayed in the movie "The Manchurian Candidate".