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Time Warner to Jettison Time, as Print Media Continue Sinking

Written by Gary North on March 7, 2013

Time Warner’s board has at last faced up to reality: print media are dying. They have decided to “spin off” Time Magazine and its paper-based peers.

“Spin off” is spin for “dump.”

Here is a company that is dumping its first name. No more Time Warner. Just Warner, I guess.

It’s about time.

The CEO of Time will resign, as in “resign herself to being dumped.” No more cushy job overseeing the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Reality has caught up with her. She announced this: “After considerable thought, I have decided that taking the company through a transition to the public markets is not where my passion lies.”

Henry Luce (Skull & Bones) is turning in his grave. He founded Time in 1923. It was the first weekly news magazine.

One by one, magazines are going out of business. One by one, these propaganda outlets for Establishment opinion are disappearing into the void.

Meanwhile, Matt Drudge dominates the industry. Yet the industry reviled him in 1998 when he revealed Newsweek‘s spiking of the Lewinsky story. Now Newsweek is no more. Drudge is a multimillionaire.

The Establishment is losing its grip, in every sense. The Old Boy Network had a tight grip on America’s print media. Then Drudge tossed a grenade into the middle of that cozy little club.

Digits are like ants eating the elephant. The elephant is doomed.

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6 thoughts on “Time Warner to Jettison Time, as Print Media Continue Sinking

  1. Carl Benander says:

    I started to read Time in high school when the gave us the magazine without any commercials. I continued to read it for more than 3 decades. I stopped subscribing to it when I saw a distinct leftist leanings. As an Independent, I want to read the facts only. I'm fully capable of making up my own mind and I don't need help from anyone to do it. Time shot itself in the foot-good riddance.

  2. GreyHawk says:

    Time magazine should have been laid to rest some 50 years ago. It has long ago ceased to be a news magazine and become a propaganda machine for commieonazicrats. It, like Newsweek, needs to be sold for one dollar and then shredded.

  3. Bob Marshall says:

    George Soros has ties to 30 major news media outlets. Sadly, millions still watch and listen to them every day and night. John D. Rockefeller once asked a few of his associates, what would it take to control the news in America? He was told that all he would would need was to have control of the top 25 media outlets.While Obama credited the internet for his election and re-election he has to have control because some in America are coming out of a deep sleep. Upon taking office in January of 2009, one of President Obama's first official acts of office was to sign Executive Order 13489, which banned the release of all of his personal records without his permission. Not only that, but EO #13489 also revoked a portion of Executive Order 13233 which prevents both congress and the courts from interceding.Those who have tried to use the Freedom of Information Act to access this information have been denied.

  4. Nobody can read anymore and those who can are too lazy… thanks to our failed educational system. Was it worth the ignorant DA vote? How do you like those commie gubmint unions now?

  5. Joseph C. Moore says:

    I have heard a rumor the Bloomberg will bid for Time.

  6. The left stream media attributes the decline in printed media to the advent of paperless news on the internet, but I'm betting the nauseating, increasingly liberal bias of most newspapers and magazines of the last couple of decades has just as much to do with it.