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Socialism in Latin America: Dead and Dying

Written by Gary North on March 7, 2013

Hugo [OOgowe] has gone. Fidel has retired. Raul says he will retire in a few years. He keeps quiet in the meantime, for which Cubans are happy. He does not give five-hour speeches the way his brother did.

Chavez’s hand-picked replacement is a former bus driver.

Who speaks for socialism today? North Korea’s Kim may believe in socialism, but he does not speak for it. He does not speak at all.

It must be tough being a socialist today. Your only representatives are multi-billionaires who sucked the wealth out of the people’s democracies they ran. Chavez was worth $2 billion. So are the Castro brothers.

The Establishment world has been laughing out loud at Communism ever since December 1991, when the Soviet Union committed suicide. The Establishment respects power. When you lose power, you lose face.

Socialists have no power. Chavez specialized in Fidel-like speeches. He harangued his listeners unmercifully for hours on end. He is silent today.

Did he articulate socialism? No. Did he implement a socialist state? No. What did he do? He gave long speeches and looted the state.

When he was dying, he went to Cuba for medical care. The man was one brick shy of a load. Maybe two bricks.

Ludwig von Mises in 1920 wrote a brief, cogent essay on why socialism is economically blind. He was right. Socialism has been a tradition of blind men’s bluff from day one.

An ideology without defenders or money is doomed. Chavez had oil revenues. He had power. Now he has neither.

We are living in the twilight of an irrational ideology that has run out of money, power, and respect. I am glad to have lived long enough to see it.

Next on the list: Keynesianism.

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4 thoughts on “Socialism in Latin America: Dead and Dying

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  2. Yet BO is trying to bring communism to our country.

  3. I agree that BO is trying to destroy our country, but you lose me on the British/Israelism theme. That has been long debunked.

  4. Obama: A chronic liar, Putting fear into U.S. citizens to get his way, putting customs agents and airport security on mandatory furlough , totally disregarding parts of OUR constitution, trying to lay off first responders,cutting our military while other countries (who REALLY don't like us) are building theirs bigger and better,putting as he says DEVOUT MUSLIMS in charge of our security.Do I really have to continue??!!