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Video: The Secret of Success — Really

Written by Gary North on March 6, 2013

Byron Reese had a goal: to speak at a TED conference. He achieved it.

He is an entrepreneur. He has started several companies. One of them, “Expert Village,” he sold to eHow. He had two ideas (pre-YouTube). “First, bandwidth will get cheaper. Second, Americans don’t like to read.” The result: Expert Village. It is a video-based “how to” site.

In his TED speech, he discusses biographies of great achievers. They had one characteristic feature. Watch it to find out what it was.

This is a great video for teenagers.

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One thought on “Video: The Secret of Success — Really

  1. Bob Marshall says:

    I will agree that most Americans don't read or do their own research.This come from being dumbed down by the corporate controlled news media, aka, the White House propaganda machine for so many years. They still get the majority of their news and information from some of the 30 major news organizations to which George Soros has ties.