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Global Warming: “Who Cares?” A Huge International Poll Reveals

Written by Gary North on March 4, 2013

A poll of 22,000 people internationally in 2012 revealed that environmental concerns are at their lowest point in 20 years.

The scam is losing traction. This is creating panic among the scammers.

While respondents clearly still had grave environmental concerns, fewer people were “very concerned” about various environmental issues than at any point in the last 20 years. The sharpest decrease in global concern occurred over the last two years.

The issue of climate change, which 49 percent of respondents rated last year as “very serious,” was the only exception to the general trend. Pollsters found that there was less concern between 1998 and 2003 than today.

When the hacker broke into the emails of Great Britain’s #1 global warming propaganda outfit in December of 2009, just before the Copenhagen meeting, he then posted emails showing blatant discrimination against rival views. The head of the outfit, Phil Jones, stepped down.

Global Warming defenders dismissed it as meaningless. An example is here. This was whistling past the graveyard.

The Copenhagen meeting collapsed. World leaders decided at the last minute not to attend. Then this guy showed up.


The Wikipedia article on the Copenhagen conference mentions none of this. It portrays it as a great success. It in fact marked the end of the global warming myth.

The GW hypesters will find it difficult to reignite the flame. The public finally got tired of the story. Temperatures have not risen since 1999. The Global Warmers even had to substitute a new slogan, “climate change.” It just does not have the same pizazz.

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46 thoughts on “Global Warming: “Who Cares?” A Huge International Poll Reveals

  1. To Paul Dorell, You are a global warming Idiot! My family has a home on the South Carolina Coast. The surf comes up at high tide to the same mark it has for 60 years! Give me a break with the rising oceans! You guys will perpetrate any lie that comes along! Temperatures are just like they were over 60 years ago. I know, I check them each day! We have always had periods of drought each year! I am a farmer, I should know! The majority of people don't believe in your alarmist theories! It is "The Global Warming Hoax!" First it was Global Cooling, then Global Warming, and since that wasn't effective they changed it to "Climate Change!" Yes climate changes, it is called the seasons of the year! Sit down, shut up, and quit ruining our lives!

  2. Pete Koch says:

    Excellent piece!

  3. Pete Koch says:

    What I meant to say was "Excellent Comment".

  4. On a daily basis, politicians, like Obama, and pundits in the lamestream media mindlessly bump their gums about global warming, uh… "climate change" (the term employed when the earth stopped warming), without having the slightest idea what they are talking about. Most simply parrot the line about a "so-called "consensus of scientists," without the slightest knowledge of the science or data, or point to extreme weather events as “proof.” Al Gore and Henry Waxman have become masters at this.

    Science does not operate on the basis of consensus, but provable fact and hard DATA that is replicable. No one can prove that C02 causes warming, apart from the other forces that are chiefly determinative of climate–solar output, cosmic rays (and their effect on cloud cover), the earth's elliptical orbit, its axial tilt, etc. The earth's climate cycle has been in place for eons and is not being altered by any significant degree by anthropogenic CO2. In fact, 99% of the people who believe in the "global warming crisis" cannot even tell you what the current globally-averaged temperature is, nor how much it may have risen over the past century (or any other time frame for that matter). Nor do they know that the current globally averaged temperature is 1-2 degrees C below what it was during the Medieval Warm Period, when human activity could not have been a factor.

    Neither temperatures nor sea level rise are accelerating. Temperatures haven't risen since 1997. And even the U.N. predicts just an 8.5" to 18.5" sea level rise by 2100 (2007 IPCC Report), far below the 20 feet predicted by Al Gore, or the 35 feet predicted by Joe Lieberman in 2002. In fact, sea levels have been rising at a rate of about 7" per century since the end of the last age 12,500 years ago, so the U.N.'s predicted range is likely to fall at the low end.

    Weather stations around the world are notoriously unreliable, many placed in locations now near asphalt parking lots, etc., replicating the urban island heat effect. Calculating the globally averaged temperature in an enormously complex task. compounded when scientific frauds like Phil Jones and Michael Mann (of the infamous "hockey stick" graph) hide, and would not supply, their data because it does not support their predetermined conclusions of anthropogenic global warming. (Climategate). This is not surprising, however, since thousands of scientists stand to collectively lose billions in federal research grants if the hoax is exposed (more than $80 billion has already been spent on such research, nearly 500 times what oil companies have spent to fund so-called “skeptics”).

  5. Pt. 2:

    The fact is: even if the earth's temperature is rising marginally, from natural forces, it will be far better for mankind than falling temperatures. It will result in higher crop yields and less death around the world. More than twice as many people die of extreme cold than extreme heat.

    Contrary to morons such as Al Gore (who will never agree to debate the topic, so fearful is he of getting his clock cleaned), scientific evidence clearly shows that we have had no increase in extreme weather events. Dr. Roger Pielke Jr., Professor of Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado, summed up the latest science on weather extremes when he wrote that “There is no evidence that disasters are getting worse because of climate change….There's really no evidence that we're in the midst of an extreme weather era – whether man has influenced climate or not,”
    Pielke also explained that the data does not support linking Hurricane Sandy to man-made global warming. “Sandy was terrible, but we're currently in a relative hurricane 'drought'.” But that doesn’t stop politicians from trying to make political hay from them.

    Much of the gum bumping about "global warming" may be attributed to the political aspirations of Al Gore who hoped to ride an environmental white horse into the White House. It all comes down to a politically-motivated overreaction to a 0.35 degree C increase in globally-averaged temperatures in the period from 1978-1997. Since 1998, temperatures have flat-lined. They are now at 14.5 degrees Celsius which is exactly where they were in 1997. What this amounted to was a hyperbolic response to a temporary and cyclical climate phenomenon, which has been replicated a myriad of times in human history.

    The climate history of the 20th century, by itself, contradicts the CO2 equals warming hypothesis. From 1913-1945, CO2 was not a factor and temperatures rose slightly. And from 1945-1977, temperatures fell in the face of rising CO2. It was only in the period from 1978-1997 that temperatures and CO2 rose simultaneously. But since CO2 is likely to continue to rise for the foreseeable future, we will have periods of both rising and falling temperatures in the face of rising CO2.

    The scientific travesty is that many politicians are trying to transform CO2 into a “pollutant” requiring draconian federal regulations whose only effect will be to stifle economic growth. CO2 is a harmless trace element constituting just 0.039 per cent of the earth's atmosphere (390 parts per million by volume). It's what humans and animals exhale and its presence helps plant production. 500 million years ago, CO was 20 times more prevalent in our atmosphere. The aim is to convince the uninformed that carbon dioxide is the equivalent of carbon monoxide, a highly toxic gas.

    With time and historical perspective, the global warming crisis will turn out to be the greatest scientific fraud in history. But that won’t politicians from exploiting it in the short term.

  6. It's not necessarily "global warming", retards. It's climate change. It's temperature extremes, the frequency and intensity of storms, ice caps melting in mere decades that have stood fast for thousands of years. If that doesn't tell you something, you're a complete buffoon.

    The reason people are less concerned about climate change CURRENTLY is because of the financial disasters going on because of conservative/Republican austerity measures. Short term problems almost always trump long term ones, and unfortunately, climate change deniers like yourselves are winning the fight with misinformation and propaganda. Congratulations – our children and children's children will have a ruined world to live in, and it will be all thanks to you.

    But hey – you won the argument, right? Thumbs up.

  7. Global warming is a complete farse. The elitists, Al Gore et. all connected with him, got this going just so they could make money off of all the fools that would believe their spin. Plain and simple fact is there are climate cycles and it's all there is to it. Back when we had the big "Dust Bowl" drought there weren't a bunch of high carbon emissions like we have now. Plants need and use the CO 2 that's in the expelled into the air.

  8. As one who has known the truth for most of his life (my dad is a Meteorologist), I am glad that people in general are finally starting to wake up.

  9. Since it is well documented that the government lies 'Global Warming' is not the problem. Stock up on thermal underwear. Welcome to 'Snowball Earth!!!'

  10. The bottom line about "human caused global warming": It is impossible for humans to control climate. Climate on earth is controlled mainly by solar output and by the slowly changing shape of earth’s orbit. It goes from circular to elliptical and back to circular. When it’s elliptical (because of Kepler’s Law), it spends more time further away from the sun and that’s when you get ice ages, and when it’s circular you get the warmer interglacial periods.

    The reason behind the scam is these NWO types want to impose a "carbon" tax on all humanity, which will not CHANGE anything, but will make these elites INSANELY rich!

  11. hanginjudge says:

    Climate change is a more accurate description of what is happening than the hype over "Global Warming" because that can't be argued. Of course the climate changes you idiots! It always has and it always will and there is nothing that mankind can do about it!
    Lets put the "global warming" BS into its deathbed where it belongs and hope that the scamsters soon join it.

  12. Seymour Kleerly says:

    This poll must have been funded by Fox News!

  13. Pilgrim1 says:

    I have a summer house on a harbor in Massachusetts. Every year we stand up a mirror on the floor in the detached garage built before current height requirements went into effect. In my 30's we always had a high water mark of 3 to 4 inches over the winter. For the last 20 years there has been no sea water detected over the winter. Can't wait to see what happened with Sandy, but we won't be going up until next month.

  14. I say jail all that promoted this HOAX.

  15. Marc Jeric says:

    Those green and renewable energies – solar, wind, geothermal, plant-derived – are all energy balance-negative (they require more conventional energy to produce than they can generate), unreliable, extremely expensive, and environmentally destructive. Also, there is now a wealth of contrary literature debunking that gigantic conspiracy, written by Christopher Horner, Robert Carter, Senator Inhofe, and AW Montford among others describing the lies, fakes, phony data, opposite conclusions, redacting by UN political hacks, reverse graphs, etc., that have exposed this far-left propaganda in painful detail. Also, the Oregon Petition (see Internet) signed by more than 30,000 independent US scientists, included in that number some 9,000 with PhD degrees, disputing the false “science” of the UN panel and its “scientists”.

  16. Marc Jeric says:

    Former Vice-President Al Gore has ridden that “global warming” horse to a personal wealth estimated to reach a billion dollars.
    If President Obama persists and succeeds in his “cap& trade” program, we should expect astronomical energy prices, massive bankruptcies of private companies, huge unemployment numbers, high inflation, wide-spread nationalizations, and very likely large-scale civil unrest in the cities. But then perhaps President Obama is in fact aiming to achieve all that, so that he can proclaim a state of emergency authorizing him to use dictatorial powers with no end in sight.

  17. Ever notice that the person with the least factual argument is the quickest to use invective language and name calling. After that they attribute any disagreement to an affiliation with a political or philosophical position that they are at odds with whether "liberal/progressive" or "conservative/right wing".

    I remember back in the 1970's when the cover of Time magazine displayed a picture of a frozen corn field and the words "New Ice Age?". The big fear was "Global Cooling". There were folks who worried themselves sick over it, but no one even suggested that the government needed to take action. I guess they hadn't figured out how to make money from it at that time. Now they have enough alarmists so they call it "Climate Change" and cover both hot and cold. More control and more money. Pretty shrewd.

  18. Bill Smith says:

    Blah, blah, blah

  19. No, the reason people don't care for your idiotic opinion is there is absolutly no evidence supporting human driven climate change. That's why you have to resort to mis-representing conservative's positions, most who don't dispute that the climate has changed in the past and will, inevitably,change in the future while unable to site any evidence to support you're argument. I suggest you research the plan, conceived in the 1960's at the UN under the title Agenda 21, which outlines manufacturing some kind of global crisis, most likely environmental, to convince people around the world to submit to all-powerful global government controlled by the UN. The information is available, in UN published documents if you care to look but hey, Al Gore tells you all you need to know so why think for yourself.

  20. Jstarusa says:

    Here we go again, "Its bushes fault, Its the Republicans fault. If it were up to you liberals we would go back to wagons and mules for transportation, but no wait….. First we would have to put fart protectors on the mules so that it would not hurt the environment. You people want us to give up all our current resources without coming up first with a viable replacement! If you do trot one out as a savior, either it isnt efficient enough or the cost is prohibitive to most people. People get tired of you ramming stuff down their throats without any doable solution! Thats why you dont have the interest you seek. When you people come up with a viable solution, then just maybe people will go along. If all you want is billions of tax dollars go somewhere else and rant. As of now you people have more failure than success and most people can see why!

  21. that finacial ruin you speak of so correctly, is not the work of just the conservative, but the work of weak willed conservative in concert with the progressive fools that are not only wrong, but dangerous and the biggest threat to not only your childens finacial future, but their rights to live life without big goverment telling them how to think and what is right and wrong! and of stipping them of all the morals that have been handed down through generations of good folks, that have been to busy trying to make ends meet in these trying times of big goverment and high taxes for the distribution of "wealth", but have you ever noticed it is the wealth of others, and not their own? like the money your man gore has to himself, and soros? has?

  22. " It's climate change."

    Shane, the climate has been changing for the last few billion years. Just an FYI.

    "It's temperature extremes, the frequency and intensity of storms, ice caps melting in mere decades that have stood fast for thousands of years."

    More baloney from Shane. It was much, much warmer less than a thousand years ago back when Greenland was actually green. You have no evidence storms today are more intense than they were hundreds of years ago.

    The only buffoon here is you.

  23. W J, you are on to something there. Have you also noticed how the "Climate Change" crowd likes to use the temperature and ice cover pictures from the 1970's to show how BAD things are! They interview 30 year olds who say they have never seen a summer like this or a winter like this. Back in the 70's they were interviewing 30 year olds who said the same thing about how cold it was, how much snow there was and the growth of the glaciers! At that rate of growth, the northern polar ice cap was supposed to be reaching 1/3 of the way down into Canada and the glaciers on Mount Rainier were supposed to be threatening to reach three times as far down the mountain as they are now.

    I think that if the issue of taking care of the environment were about preserving natural spaces, habitat for wild animals and a clean healthy place for people to live and thrive, there would be much more for people to agree about in making goals for the future. Instead it has been made into a wedge issue to drive people to their opposite corners.

  24. How does your brain work Shane? You say you are worried (for the sake of future generations) about a "ruined world" resulting from climate change, yet you have no problem with what the democrats are doing with our economy (the world's economy) by running us into debt hell. Does it not occur to you that our descendents won't have to worry a whole lot about "climate change" when they are living in 3rd world conditions in the next fifty years? Whatever (real or imagined) damage that man is doing to the climate doesn't register on the scale when compared with what Obama is doing to our way of life.

  25. They already have ruined world to live in thanks to you communist democrats. They right now get to pay off an almost $17 tillion dollar debt due to your "great leader" BO. Ahh…but it's still all Bush's fault huh? All this hoopla about global warming is to using psuedo science as an excuse to "communize" and as an excuse to throw our hands in the air and submit to a global communist government "for our own good". Hey BTW…..how's HAARP working for ya? You know the program Bush alledgedly used in Alaska to cause Katrina? Now of course since your precious BO is in the WH it's all hush hush huh? "Oh NOOOOO……BO would never use HAARP to alter the weather and cause hurricane Sandy to kill white voters in the north east?? OH noooooo"…….. Please move to North Korea, China, Cuba or Viet Nam….they have your style of government there.

  26. I don't call em liberals anymore……….just plain communist covers it for me. heh.

  27. GreyHawk says:

    It was a fraud in the beginning and is still a fraud. It is so bad that Al Gore sold all his stock in "green companies." When the fraudster in chief sells out you know that it is over.

  28. Alan Walsh says:

    The American people can be hustled for awhile, but I have great faith in their ability to see through BS in the long run. It looks like they're seeing the light again.

  29. Public_Citizen says:

    The hysteria surrounding the current incarnation of "the sky is falling" can be blamed on the speed of modern communication.
    "News" [most of which is really infotainment] has a certain number of hours of content to provide every day. They provide the content as something to attract eyeballs and ears so they can sell advertising and as a way to keep you coming back to consume more advertising. One of their oldest and most successful techniques is to find something that they can make you afraid of and to over-report it so you will be come even more afraid. The weather is great for providing make-you-afraid stories as severe weather events frequently result in property damage, injuries, and death.
    The modern mass media has done such a good job of over-hyping "weather" that people are starting to catch on to the game and tune out the hysteria.
    Chicken Little has once again been proven wrong.

  30. Dick Bulova says:

    To me, global warming appears to be a reality, well documented. Most of it is due to natural cycles, but man's effect does seem to have an exacerbating influence. No, I don't believe the hokum that Al Gore and his fellow travelers espouse. The question really is whether there's anything we can do about it. The models are many, and many are contradictory. I'm not willing to spend our national treasure when all's we'll get back is an insignificant temperature change. And let's not forget to include China and India in the equation. Efforts we take alone will make the cost of US manufactured goods more expensive, while China and India, both enormous polluters, cut further and further into our economy. Both countries have resisted pollution controls to date.

  31. "back in the 70s" – yup. I lived in frigidly-cold-I-will-never-live-there-again Wyoming in the 70s. They'd get snowdrifts way taller than me; deer & antelope were walking over the fences. (The sharp wind would blow so fiercely it froze the upper crust.) "Ah, that's nothing. We get these 20-year cycles; I remember when the drifts were so high the horses were walking to the top of the barn!" I had no reason to doubt this elderly gentleman rancher. Truly a land only for the brave & sturdy.

  32. I believe sun spot cycles may be a factor too. I really like your comment!

  33. Enough's Enough says:

    Amen! However, this was an *international* poll, which no doubt diluted the input they got from the delusional 51%'ers (i.e. the Obamabots) in the U.S. No doubt THEY will continue to prattle on about the evils of "Climate Change" for years to come.

  34. Larry Lunts says:

    Bury your head in the sand all you like, even as the evidence of extreme weather fluctuations continue to build up all around you. Your children and grandchildren will pay the ultimate price, and they will hate you for it.

  35. "Jim Hodge – Allied Home Mortgage have been attacked by lawyers and the liberal press. A self made man of humble means is working hard to restore the jobs lost by these baseless attacks"

  36. FRENCHIE says:


  37. A thought for global warming droulers.ALL OR ALL MOST ALL OF YOU BELIVE IN EVOLUTION.Well then gess what? You dont need to worry you will evolve to live in the new world.

  38. Let's look at Al Bore's energy consumption which relates to warming (consuming 50KMegaWatts of energy). I would hate
    to pay fast Al's electric bill. And doesn't he skip around in a Lear Jet which must really put out some carbon and eat lots of fuel.

  39. I am now 55, I grew up in the Florida keys (average elevation 6 feet) I to have not seen ANY rise in water level, The high tide mark is exactly where it was when my father built our seawall. I now live elsewhere but travel "home" each year a few times, all the people in the keys just laugh when anyone starts on sea level rise.

  40. WOW! are you one confused puppy, better leave this to the adults.


  42. they are spraying cemtrils of death on you everyday the sky is coverd in sprayed death ,jet exhaust pluse the cemtrails it is killing trees ,livestock ,wildlife ,pluse no rain from them doing it . so the globerwarming is nothing but bullshit lies comeing from the russians in the gov ,that is where it came from all lies . oboma and the epa and others who are doing this GOD THE FATHER IN HEAVEN HAS MADE A PLACE IN HELL FOR YOU <IT WILL BE 7 trillion times hotter than everyone ealse , burn baby burn GOD WILL BE DOING IT FOR THE CHRILDREN> YOU ARE KILLING GODS PLANET YOU BASTERDS DONT OWN THIS WORLD BUT YOU DO OWN A PLACE IN HELL BUILT JUST FOR YOU.

  43. Seymour Kleey says:

    This issue will send the Right Wing GREED merchants further into oblivion.

  44. You forgot Montana–remember, it gets down to -70F there in the winter and cannibals roam the countryside in droves. Thanks for the great negative publicity–really! We Montanans and Wyomingites are constantly thinking of ways to talk down our states to keep Californians et al out. Good job!
    –a charter member of the Cold Cannibal Club.

  45. DebbieOhio912 says:

    Typical nonsensical, empty, lying, unrelated-to-the-subject liberal response. Anything else, See Nothing?

  46. "Jim Hodge – Allied Home Mortgage have been attacked by lawyers and the liberal press. A self made man of humble means is working hard to restore the jobs lost by these baseless attacks"