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Overpaid Federal Bureaucrats Are Outraged at Spending Cuts

Written by Gary North on March 1, 2013

Federal bureaucrats blame the politicians for not taxing the rest of us. We owe it to them, they say, and it’s just not fair that we want to hold the deficit down to a trillion dollars a year. We can do better than that.

The gravy train is running slightly thinner for a month. But those on the federal payroll are incensed. Who do we think we are, anyway? Do we think we can just walk away and not keep forking over the money?

Well, they have had it. You hear me? Had it up to here!

It’s our job to dig into our pockets. It’s our job to fund their jobs — important jobs. Their jobs so important that you and I have never heard of them or know what they do. That hows how ill-informed we are.

So dig deeper into your inflated paycheck. Be ready to accept higher taxes.
And if the Republicans in the House resist hiking taxes, they are clearly ignorant people who should be thrown out of office.

Once on the gravy train, always on the gravy train. That’s the American way.

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14 thoughts on “Overpaid Federal Bureaucrats Are Outraged at Spending Cuts

  1. good 160 says:

    Thats ben my point all along.this is where intitlemens are not in wellfare or ssi.

  2. I am not very sympathetic for the federal government workers. Join the real world in the U.S. in 2013.

    Go out there and try and find a job paying 50,60, or 70K a year. Not easy. If you do you have to work your rear end off to keep it. Don't even ask about benefits on an interview. You get what you get.

    Social security sends me a statement every year. After 52 w-2's, schedule C's, I will be able to retire at age 67 with about $1,800 in payments a month or $ 21,600 a year. Please check out on google at what age (years of service) a fed worker can retire and what the pension and benefits are.

    Let's be honest. What percent of federal jobs are really necessary? Is it 30,40,50%. Take the dept. of education. You could probably cut 90% of the jobs in the Dept. of Education and there would be no effect.. Education is a state issue. Go dept. by dept. and the savings would be tremendous.

    It takes a lot of nerve and selfishness to think funds are unlimited on the backs of the American citizens for so many "jobs" that are unnecessary. That is what is called legal theft.

  3. Tom Payne says:

    The government workers are insulated from the economic distress that the private sector is enduring. No one is getting downsized out of work when they reach a specific age nor are they concerned about impacts of ACA (O care) on all businesses. Like Harry Reid, send in the money to pay my wages, while I continue to do nothing.

  4. This is the real welfare–not the dole and cell phones, but the really good-paying sinecures which produce nothing and are a drain on the economy. This also includes whole "private" industries that are dependent on government contracts.

  5. Make them all join Soc. security and do away with their bloated pensions and benefits. Make them on the same level as the average citizen. Thats what the original plan was. SERVE FOR A TERM OR TWO THEN GO HOME AND GET AN HONEST JOB. Instead of becoming a rich crook. Harry Truman had it right when he said: "Any one who becomes a poltition and gets rich ,IS A CROOK.

  6. Bob Marshall says:

    Ron Paul, had a bumper sticker on his desk that said, DON'T STEAL! THE GOVERNMENT HATES COMPETITION. Lenin said, " the best way to bring down the capitalist system is to destroy the currency. by continuing the inflation governments can secretly confiscate the wealth of the citizens." why is it that many of the same people who caused the financial crises and our out of control debt keep being re-elected and then asked to fix the very crisis they created? Unlike today, our early American did not pay income tax, export tax, capital gains tax, estate and property tax, corporate tax, social security taxes, gas taxes and any of the long list of taxes we pay today. To preserve the independence of the people we must never let our rulers load us with perpetual debt." Thomas Jefferson.

  7. I receive a monthly military retirement and social security. With a minimum wage job on the side, i live comfortably. Lots of times life is not FAIR. "Life's a bitch, then you die." I would be willing to sacrifice some of the above mentioned bennies I get but only after a careful audit of all government spending. For instance the TSA, NEA, EPA, and numerous other government agencies could be completely eliminated without affecting the average person. I sacrificed for 20 years in all types of weather and poor conditions all over Asia. I also paid into the "lock box" social security system since the age of fifteen.
    As I said, I am willing to sacrifice more but only after cuts have been made elsewhere. An honest look at non elected government workers could weed out a great many of them with no effect on the average person.

  8. These are the same people rioting in the streets all over Europe because the gravy train is over. I can’t even talk to these stupid people anymore. They really believe they deserve everything plus more. As Clinton stated “to lead is the ultimate form of servitude” and all I can say to that statement is “BS billy Bob”. I want an audit of the federal government to see where 4 trillion dollars really goes every year. Unfortunately they taught all of America to run their households just like they run the government.

  9. What a farce! The public is being duped as usual. There are NO REAL SPENDING CUTS. The " cuts" the politicos refer to only affect the rate of growth. Washington has been doing busines for some time under the practice of BASE-LINE BUDGETING. Each year, all federal departments are automatically receiving increases in the amount of money they receive under bse-line budgeting, The cuts refer to " cutting " only affect the amount allotted under the base-line budgeting, which means each department receives less automatic money, but there is NO CUT, JUST A CUT IN THE PERCENTAGE OF RAISE UNDER BASE-LINE BUDGETING. I hope the public wises up before it is too late !

  10. MetaCynic says:

    Most so called government jobs are of the nature of one person digging a hole and another person filling it. Yes, work of a sort gets done. There is exertion and sweat; tools are used; fuel is burned. At the end of the day nothing of value has been produced, but people are paid with real money which has a claim on real goods and services produced by others.

  11. Marc Jeric says:

    Among other job programs he announced I could discern only one kind of jobs that will for sure increase substantially – namely: 1) the money printing machines attendants, and 2) the government employees unions. He again stressed his desire to advance the development of green and renewable energies (they do not exist); he also repeated that old hoax of the global warming (forget the new ice age scam; it is now the climate change flim-flam, or is it the cap & trade power grab?). Cap & Trade – another name for the far-left program of nationalizing our energy industries.

  12. Texas Chris says:

    It's not an either-or proposition. Any time someone gets a check from the government, it's a transfer payment. Doesn't matter if you're a retiree, poor, or an employee; your gain is tax-funded. Doesn't matter if you "paid in" or you're just a moocher; it's funded by current payers, therefore, welfare.

  13. Public_Citizen says:

    The problem with gravy is that it eventually congeals into a mass of something that has to be flushed down the garbage chute.
    One way or another the federal deficit will be brought under control. The easy way for the federal bureaucrats is to gradually cut the budgeted amounts until things come into balance. The hard way, for everybody not just the bureaucrats, is the more likely scenario and it looks a lot like the collapse of the Weimar Republic.
    If you don't get the reference your homework assignment is to do a web search and educate yourself. If you don't want to educate yourself and take appropriate action then you will deserve what is most likely coming.

  14. Chris ssi ins. or as it is called is a forced ins. just like obama care when it comes time to pay thay dont want to theres a gov. worker that wants that money so you must pass on to be out of the way.so in short ssi. is not welfare its a ins. payment.