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Back on the Street Again: Deportees Are Released

Written by Gary North on February 27, 2013

The immigration bureaucracy, known as the ICE, has released several hundred deportees. They were free to go. They went.

The head of the agency said that this was in preparation for expected budget cuts.

A federal bureaucracy is trying to save money.What’s going on here?

This is a tried-and-true strategy of all governments that are facing budget cuts. The bureaucracy identifies the services most desired by voters. Then it cuts them.

It could save money in a hundred ways. Every bureaucracy that is over a decade old is bloated. But the bureaucrats know that if a bloated section of the pork roast is cut, no one will notice. There will be no public calls to restore the cuts. So, the senior policy-makers cut whatever they know the public will demand be restored.

The folks at ICE know exactly what the public’s hot button is: deportees. This is the place where something symbolic is done to roll back the tide of illegal immigration. This is the center of bureaucracy’s PR operation.

So, they let several hundred deportees go. (Note: there are an estimated 11.5 million illegal aliens in the USA. This has not changed much in the last five years. So, the deportation centers are little more than PR operations.)

The ICE’s decision has created a major political problem for Obama. He is trying to force changes in the immigration laws. He wants amnesty for most of the 11.5 million illegals. The public is opposed to this.

The ICE knows just how much the public is opposed. This is why the senior bureaucrats released the deportees. They are trying to build support for the ICE: “No budget cuts!” The ICE’s senior bureaucrats know where their bread is buttered. It is buttered exactly where Obama’s land mines lie. He is now facing a public that is saying: “Throw them out!”

The timing could not have been worse for Obama. He is trying to soften up Congress to give him an amnesty bill to sign. Yet Congress will put its collective finger in the wind. The wind is blowing against Obama’s immigration reform plan.

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25 thoughts on “Back on the Street Again: Deportees Are Released

  1. scarletdove says:

    Anybody with any sense knows full well why this is happening. It is the Obama message to create as much pain as possible, even to the detriment or safety and security to the American citizen and taxpayer. This fool, unfortunately, has the ability to decide what to cut at sequester (the law), so he is shoving it down our throats. This is proof this fool is a marxist/communist.

  2. Scarletdove, You have to remember his constituents for the most part don't have any sense. The LSM will take this and begin a campaign to destroy the Republican position again. The Republicans don't have the backbone to follow through. We must be calling our Senators and Representatives and loan them ours. The President doesn't control the purse strings, the House does and they should simply defund everything.

  3. scarletdove says:

    As a conservative I agree that the Republicans have no backbone and yes, you are so right about his constituents and the MSM. Unfortunately in my state, it is tightly controlled by lefties; I am encumbered by Chris VanHollen, Barbara Mikulsky and Ben Cardin, all carrying water for Obama for I live in the Peoples Republic of MD.

  4. William Murphy says:

    This gives additional justification for our second amendment rights and concealed carry.

  5. geneww1938 says:

    Too angry to comment on this move. If you want to save money, let the local sheriffs decide who should be released.

  6. ALL AMERICAN says:

    …”released” into a grave.

  7. ALL AMERICAN says:

    …”released” into a gr ave.

  8. If there was a reason to release them (which I don't think there was) why not put them on a bus and release them in Mexico.

  9. This is a very insightful and accurate account of how the bureaucracy operates. Kudos, Gary!

  10. It also strikes me as to why this happens so much, beyond the sheer underhandedness of the bureaucracy: They cut the SUPPOSED function of their offices, the part that's supposed to benefit the public, and the part their offices were created to do in the first place. They don't cut the REAL function, which is to provide employment, feather nests, and extend power. That is mostly out of the public view.

  11. If true, this is not only disgusting, but clearly illegal. What is being done about this?

  12. We just need to double down on getting rid of ALL of them… period. No Jail… just gone!

  13. “Pubs want to do away with SS.” No details needed even Pub voters can’t wait to get to the polls and vote FOR this kind of stuff in the name of SS.
    Things like this are the result voter reactions to baseless claims and/or truths without details.
    Please sign the petition and explore the sites. http://www.saynotoamnesty.com / http://www.goooh.com

  14. Fine,let them go and they will break the law again but this time we don't give them the option of going back to jail or deported,we bury them

  15. This is obamas punishment on the American people for not doing what HE WANTS,his sequester will not be as bad as he has campaigned,the fear he was trying to put into the American public,the layoffs,the furloughs,the loss of teachers,police officers,firemen who ALL get paid by the state not the federal government will NOT HAPPEN,at least not by the sequester which obama created and signed into law himself,obama will MAKE THESE THINGS HAPPEN HIMSELF to hurt the American people

  16. What doesn't get explained is that the cut is not in the current (inflated) operating budgets but in the proposed increase! If any honest common sense existed in government, they'd make operations more efficient, cut waste, drop duplicate programs, really look at those programs in existence to see if there's a real need and if there's oversight, and make sure there's no fraud or under-the-table dealings. I'll bet they'd find plenty of places to save money and maybe even come up with a surplus – but all they want to do is make "show-you" cuts so they'll get the green light to spend more!

  17. Jackspraat says:

    This tactic was used by Hitler, the balkans, castro, china, USSR, the object is to flood surrounding countries and the parent country with every vile type of human being we hold in detention by free release, then other countries will refuse to allow immigrants, and desenters who want to leave because they are afraid of the type of folks these are and don't want to accept any more criminals.. Check it out

  18. smartypete says:

    Watch out! The criminals are out to get you! Impeach Obama!

  19. If I am not mistaken the president told Congress to come up with an alternative to the sequester and then told them more or less that he would veto anything they submited. He really didn't have to worry because I think our country has been operating on a deficit since the 1930s. It has just taken this long to build to a point that is no longer acceptable. That is not true, it has not been acceptable for a long time.
    Our government has been happy to just keep spending and exempting themselves from any stupid legislation they pass. For example the social security system is and always a ponzi scheme and our representatives should have ben smart enough to see where it would lead. Then we have obama care, the opposition to it was as usual weak and unable to stop it. I think that if you got more than one person together with one more they could decide where to have dinner.
    Wake up America, it is time. We have been abused long enough. Step back and take a look at the big picture. All the money that has been spent and borrowed and wasted and then they refer to each other as the honorable so and so. Leaders? I don't think so. Organized crime? You decide!

  20. We cannot loan the representatives our back bone and you can bet they don't have one. Politicians who have served in the last 40 years would have a hard time coming up with something they have done that they can be proud of.

  21. The sheriff in Arizona that has been reelected everytime by a wide margin has been under fire from the federal government, and he is still the sheriff as far as I know but he has spent a fortune defending himself in court on all the BS charges.

  22. Elwood B. says:

    All of these jailers that were told to release these immigrant criminals messed up. When good ol' Neapolitan told them to release the criminals, then the jailers in Boone County, Ky., Arizona and anywhere else, should have gathered all their prison buses, trucks, vans cars and anything else to transport them in, and drove them to Pennsylvania Ave. in DC. Pulled up in front of the White House, opened their doors, told the prisoners they're FREE and let them out and let Obama and his band of crooks deal with them!

  23. This is nothing more than a little brat getting even (with people who did nothing to create the mess in the first place.) with the republicans who refused to cave to this wannabe dictator. He is acting just like a mad man by the name of Adolph Hitler. & Stalin, Moa, Castro, Nero and all the other mentallly challenged, anti_American Muslimes in the world. Murder of innocent people to try and prove that they are worth nothing.

  24. Obama will not only go down in history as the worst president in the history of our country, but also as the most vindictive, corrupt and lying president ever. He has made corruption, lies and greed the main character of his administration. He has no respect for America, her people and her Constitution. To those idiots who voted for him and still see him as their "Messiah"
    "Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen". Samuel Adams

  25. parklitch212 says:

    I believe this was going to happen whether the sequester cuts began or not. This is a brazen act by the perfessor to maintain good graces with his open-border amigos, and the sequester was a good excuse to get it started. He means to make up for all the deportations he had to approve of during his first term to seem like he was pro-enforcement. Now the gloves are off, since he doesn't need the votes from the moderate independants any longer.
    If Congress doesn't start to act soon, and it allows the pro-amnesty crowd using John McCain and Jeff Flake as spokesmen for them to set the aganda, the fight is over. The moment Johnny Amnesty declares " the border's secure", the drug trade will basically claim the first 50 miles of sovereign American soil above the established border as their property.