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“Let’s You and Him Fight,” Japan’s Prime Minister Tells Obama.

Written by Gary North on February 22, 2013

Shinzo Abe, Japan’s Prime Minister of the month, is meeting with President Obama. This is the fifth PM from Japan that Obama has met with. It won’t be the last.

Japan has a few useless islands that China is trying to get by force. Abe wants the U.S. to back Japan in keeping these islands. “Let’s you and him fight.”

He is also concerned that North Korea keeps launching missiles. “Tell them to stop.”

He is pretending that Japan just might sign a deal that lets U.S. farmers export food to Japan. “Back us up, and maybe we’ll let you fatten us up.” Japan’s farmers, who could not compete successfully against an American 4H club, will veto that deal, just as they have ever since 1946.

America pays for Japan’s defense because (1) we need Japan to keep useless islands away from China, and (2) we need a port for our carriers, so that the boys can let off a little steam on shore leave.

Japan encourages this so that it can keep corporate taxes low, so that Japan’s export sector can bankrupt American firms, which pay taxes to defend Japan.

Americans call Asians inscrutable. Japan’s politicians sound pretty scrutable to me. “Back us up this time, and we’ll let your businesses have access to our markets.” Wink, wink.

This has worked ever since 1946. There is no good reason to believe it won’t work again.

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14 thoughts on ““Let’s You and Him Fight,” Japan’s Prime Minister Tells Obama.

  1. You must ask yourself; Why would China want some useless islands? Apparently, the Chinese don't think the islands are useless. Could it be that the area around those islands is loaded with oil?

  2. Regardless, it's certainly none of our business.

  3. wiltedrosemarybush says:

    I see the Japanese have been trained in the Tholian Military Academy… past masters of the "Let's you and him fight" strategy.

  4. As an American taxpayer why would I care?

  5. Unfortunately, this brief article goes a bit overboard on the hyperbole. Having lived a great portion of my adult life in Japan, one must remember that Japan is an island nation that suffered from naval blockades both in ancient times and the more recent past. It already imports the majority of its food. What would happen in a conflict if another blockade was established? How many people wouldn't starve? Regardless of national cost and geographically-induced inefficiency, one has to prepare as best one can for bad times when things are not peaceful. Japan has already opened its agricultural sector so far that it would be unable to feed its own population in the event of war. The US has never had, does not have, nor could ever imagine having this problem.
    Second, the US no longer pays for much of Japan's defense. Though true in the 1950s and 60s, today Japan's military spending is among the highest in the world, and the US receives substantial payments from Japan for keeping the thousands of troops stationed there. The US taxpapers are getting a better deal there for their military presence than anywhere else in the world.

  6. those who do not listen to history are destined to repeat it…

  7. Those Islands bring China, New Stragic Points to Launch Missles and war even wipe Japan off the map or Conquer her ,I say no way to China,We do not want the Balace of Power to be tilted ,shift away from America !! Ofcoursce Obama ,China ,Russia and Egypt are inalingment for every nation that they need for Supremacy ,their way !!

  8. Amen Wesley: You beat me too it. This article is unfair to Japan. For the past 40 years that I know of Japan has built and paid for every structure constructed on a U.S. military base in Japan and in addition as pointed out by Wesley the U.S. receives substantial payment for keeping our troops there. If the U.S. didn't have a need to there then we wouldn't be there in the first place.

  9. Glad someone tells the truth. This article by Gary North is complete nonsense.

  10. Anthony Ramos says:

    Serving in the Marines for 30 years, and having spent 17 of those years in Japan (MCAS Iwakuni – about 20 miles SW of Hiroshima and on Okinawa for over 10 years), I can attest to your statement above. I was one of numerous members on the committee with both US & Japanese gov't & military officials for the Futenma replacement base. US dollars going into this replacement base – ZERO (or close to it); Japanese TAXPAYER cost – ALL. Marine movement to Guam (now supposedly Australia) US cost – very little; Japanese TAXPAYER cost – substantial. It's the same deal in South Korea – our (read TAXPAYER) cost for the presence of our troops in these countries is very little; host nation TAXPAYER cost – substantial.

  11. Well, it's unanamious… the whole world thinks the O is a candy-as.. 'er rear-end. Why ask barry, he's impotent.

  12. Seymour Kleerly says:

    What a shock!

  13. What kind of news isn't nonsense anymore?

  14. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Would you rather him say "bring it on" like W.?