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The Nanny State vs. Junk Food

Written by Gary North on February 21, 2013

I do not eat much junk food. I haven’t since 1949. In that year, I was put on a rigorous diet by America’s first nutrition physician, Francis Pottenger. I was 7 years old. He got me well. He took me off white bread, refined sugar, and anything resembling junk food. I got well in 18 months. I have stayed well.

To stay healthy, you must say “no” to lots of good-tasting food. Millions of Americans know this. That’s why we call junk food, “junk food.”

Whose job is it to see to it that Americans do not eat too much junk food? Americans.

Self-control. What a concept!

Americans are way overweight, we are told. Yet the Bible praises fat. Go to an electronic Bible site and search for “fat.” You will see what I mean. But America’s health nannies don’t believe this.

We are told that there is an epidemic of obesity in America. But when the TV camera crews go on the street to find obese people, they have to wait for hours to get their quota of waddling, headless, obese people.

If there is an obesity “epidemic,” why can’t we see it? Why are most people well within the biblical definition of fat?

Because the nanny state never sleeps.

To generate an epidemic of obesity, the nanny state re-defined obesity. The government did this in 1998. The change got little publicity, but there were a few articles in the mainstream media. The National Institutes of health issued a press release on June 17. It announced a remarkable event: a co-ordinated (by whom?) breakthrough in science.

The first Federal guidelines on the identification, evaluation, and treatment of overweight and obesity in adults were released today by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), in cooperation with the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK).

These clinical practice guidelines are designed to help physicians in their care of overweight and obesity, a growing public health problem that affects 97 million American adults — 55 percent of the population.

These individuals are at increased risk of illness from hypertension, lipid disorders, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea and respiratory problems, and certain cancers. The total costs attributable to obesity-related disease approaches $100 billion annually.

“Overweight and obesity pose a major public health challenge. The development of these guidelines was a pioneering achievement since they were the first ever developed by the Institute using an evidence-based model and methodology,” said NHLBI Director Dr. Claude Lenfant. “This report will be an invaluable clinical tool for any health care professional who works with overweight or obese patients,” he added.

The guidelines are based on the most extensive review of the scientific evidence on overweight and obesity conducted to date. The review involved a systematic analysis of the published scientific literature to address 35 key clinical questions on how different treatment strategies affect weight loss and how weight control affects the major risk factors for heart disease and stroke as well as other chronic diseases and conditions.

The guidelines present a new approach for the assessment of overweight and obesity and establish principles of safe and effective weight loss. According to the guidelines, assessment of overweight involves evaluation of three key measures–body mass index (BMI), waist circumference, and a patient’s risk factors for diseases and conditions associated with obesity.

Presto! The nanny state had received justification from “science” to launch a propaganda war against Americans who enjoy eating.

For an article on the 1999 response of the food industry to this propaganda campaign, click this link. You will read a recent New York Times report on a meeting of the industry that year. It sounds so sinister.

What did this cabal conclude? This: “If Americans like junk food, we should sell it to them.”

I am shocked. Shocked!

The report of course focuses on children. Something must be done to save the children.

I ask: Who should do this? If parents are not the proper legal authorities to do this, then who is? The Times does not say. We must read between the lines.

What follows is a series of small case studies of a handful of characters whose work then, and perspective now, sheds light on how the foods are created and sold to people who, while not powerless, are extremely vulnerable to the intensity of these companies’ industrial formulations and selling campaigns.

Think of this article as food for thought. Liberal junk food for thought.

Continue Reading on www.nytimes.com

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20 thoughts on “The Nanny State vs. Junk Food

  1. Would the government care about ones health if it didn't impact its "sick care" cartel?

  2. liberal thought is junk.

  3. the gov’t. shells out food stamps to those that are supposedly un-employable for what ever reason. Those of them that have never worked a day ever usually are the one’s consuming junk foods. Junk foods are advertised as quick snacks to supply energy. Overly filled with sugar and or caffine. With these you will obtain a jolt of energy – but – it will only last a short time.For those junk-food-junkies – Yes, this stuff is adictive. If sugar were invented today you would need a perscription to buy it as it is a mind altering substance. So is caffine.

    Our gov’t. appeases these hopeless folk by allowing them to obtain more food stamps [some are called SNAP]or any other name. The idea is the same.

  4. Again, Gary, you go too short with your info. You know the words that were translated as "fat" in the KJV are pretty diverse and include everything from actual animal fat to the words for prosperous and blessed/blessing. Being "FAT" is not, in most cases, healthy. Thankfully, the BMI has been replaced recently with another index whose initials escape me. The index includes percentage body fat and factors including conditioning in order to determine the individual's healthy body weight. Studies are now even coming to the opinion that saturated fats (like butter and lard) are better than Omega-6 and 9s and vegetable oil. Took them long enough on that one.

    I guess when you have your own blog you can write just to see your words on the page; huh?

  5. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Gary North is a LOWBROW Christian propagandist. His followers should be embarassed. at his weak attempts to distort and deceive.

  6. Ask yourself who benefits from a population's diet, sickness? The medical/pharmaceutical industries. Think about it. I feel we were set up for a fall. Take the mothers out of the home, taking care of the family's diet. You pile on junk food, fast food, poor drinks, refined, GMO foods that body has trouble digesting. Corrupt the digestive system, we're in trouble. This was not done by accident, I feel

    Obesity causes numerous diseases, one is stroke, with devastating results.

    I ask should the government stop a food that has arsenic in it? Of course. Junk food, refined food is as arsenic…causes disease, death. It corrupts the digestive system. You can't separate the mind/body/spirit. When you weaken the digestive system you affect the mind/emotions…you become unemotional apathetic. New diseases arrive, such as ADD, ADHD, OCD, the list goes on. Ask who benefits from people getting sick, physically, emotionally? The government, and the health industries. Easier control.

  7. Texas Chris says:

    Dr. North has made me a near millionaire.

  8. Sure he is. By the way, how many books have you written, on how many subjects?

  9. interesting to consider the "food pyramid" put forth by our own Nanny in Chief, the FedGov… placing carbohydrates at the large, stable, bottom of the pyHESE things. THIS is what led to the glut of junk foods.. LOADED with processed carbohydrates. Protein, in the form of meats and such, occupy the microscopic top portion of the pyramid. Don't eat much of these things…. the perfect diet on which to get unhealthily fat. It took me a few years, but I gradually became educated about proper diet… and Gary North is far closer to the truth than our FedGov. Of course, they've got a vested interest in pushing the bottom layer of the pyramid… after all, they support farming, primary production grains and sugars. It is THEY who bowed to the sugar production lobbies and legalised High Fructose Corn SYrup, first for use in beverages. Now it is in nearly everything. In this country. Few other nations allow it. WHY? The sugar producers were under strong pressure as cane will not grow well here, and most foreign production areas were shaky at best.. Cuba, Nicaragua, etc. Thus, the sugar producers could make more money if HFCS were legal, as corn does grow well here. As always, "follow the money". The FDA are bought and paid for by government subsidiised and controlled big agriculture. Of COURSE they'll promote the things on which they make the biggest gains, including government subsidies. Wouldn't you? Grow what you can, bribe the government to promote it under colour of "its best for the people", and voilá, bigger profits, more secure markets. Simple economics.

    So, why the war on obesity? Simple, opnce more… FedGOf are maneouvring for total control over health care, thus preparing to stretch the dollars to support it as far as possible. Obesity and related health issues are VERY costly to deal with. Warring against obesity will leave more dollars available for other targets….. and we all know the system is broke before it starts. Once more, follow the money.

  10. BarleyWheets says:

    I search and search and search electronically and otherwise. I found no such scriptures in the Bible..

    RE: Americans are way overweight, we are told. Yet the Bible praises fat. Go to an electronic Bible site and search for “fat.” You will see what I mean. But America’s health nannies don’t believe this.

  11. I usually agree with Gary, but I have to disagree with his assessment of the obesity or non-obesity of Americans. Just a quick scan of the general public convinces me that the average person is about 30 lbs. overweight, and the number of really obese people is quite high–it would be hard to quantify without doing a statistical study, but just offhand I'd say it's in the 5% range. One in twenty. More than a few look like Jabba the Hut. I don't remember things being like this when I was younger. Having been overseas for several years I see Americans in a new light. You notice it when you first step off the plane in an American airport. Your first thought is, "these people are HUGE!"

  12. Seemour, your elitist mentality is showing. Lowbrow, indeed!

  13. The gov't likes us all sick just fine, for exactly that reason

  14. Seymour Kleerly says:

    I've only been following him for 6 months but he constantly deceives and distorts. If he didn't you guys would not get your required anti-Liberal rush.

  15. So let poor people starve? Nice guy. I can see why government sticks its nose in our business when these are best ideas some people come up with.

  16. What about the 'fatted calf'?

  17. I agree with David and Gary both… That the FedGov is trying to manipulate an "obesity epidemic" is certainly true. On the other hand, like David, I have been overseas for several years at a stretch, and have had exactly the same observation at the airport. There is no question that Americans are getting FATTER (people in other countries are, too, as more refined and factory-manufactured foods become popular and available) and my observation is that a majority of CHILDREN are overweight–some badly so. This is a sad commentary on our society…but nanny state intervention is NOT the answer. What ever happened to old fashioned self-control? What about turning OFF the TV, so we aren't bombarded with advertising that shifts our "lust" into gear?? I've never had a TV, but am aware that the advertising is very effective in driving the "wants" of an undisciplined generation. Let's do what we know is right and good with our own families so the guv'mint doesn't have to push us around. And then elect legislators who are restrained by the Constitution from pushing people around.

  18. Carol Mitchell says:

    Of course you can write to see your words on the page. Your words were right on target and I agree with you on fats and might I add Junk Food? I get my small dose of junk food occasionally but on the whole–I eat a balanced diet. I love apples, bananas, oranges, oatmeal, chicken and use only skim milk. Years ago(1991) I was overweight and also a smoker. I quit smoking(2007) and started eating right. I feel great and will be 70 in July. If only my husband would have stopped smoking, he'd be enjoying retirement with me.

  19. Carol Mitchell says:

    I cannot help myself. I had to reply to david's post. My sister is and always has been "Jabba the Hut". She could be his sister. Actually we were adopted so no blood relation. I'm 5'4" and weigh 122 lbs. at the age of nearly 70. I can run across the four lane highway out front to get my daily mail, wash my car, vacuum and dust my entire house=three bedrooms, large living room, and a dining room. Also mop the bathrooms, kitchen and laundry area. My brain is just fine and I am very grateful for that also.

  20. Why is the focus always on FOOD but never on MOVEMENT?!?!?