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Desperation at the New York Times. There’s Good News Tonight!

Written by Gary North on February 21, 2013

Liberalism is on the run.

The New York Times is selling everything that isn’t nailed down. It is trying to sell the liberal Boston Globe. It sold its papers in Florida. It sold its share of the Boston Red Sox.

The Times is the voice of American liberalism. Its voice is turning into an old man’s croak. It stands on the street corner. “Paper, Mister? Buy a paper?”

“Our plan to sell the New England Media Group demonstrates our commitment to concentrate our strategic focus and investment on The New York Times brand and its journalism,” said Mark Thompson, chief executive of the Times Co., in a statement.

He said the Times was “proud of our association with the Globe” and Worcester Telegram & Gazette, but that “given the differences between these businesses and The New York Times, we believe that a sale is in the best long-term interests of these properties and the employees who work for them as well as in the best interests of our shareholders.”

Translation: “We tried to sell this turkey in 2009, but we got the union to buckle. It’s still a turkey. We will do anything we can to unload it.”

Management at the Times pretended for four years that the Boston Globe is not dying. They put it on life support. Now it should be put out of its misery.

Management at the Times played pretend. It pretended that all daily newspapers in large cities are not dying, including the Times.

The Times is a mastodon in a tar pit. The smaller ones have already sunk. It is sinking. It is trying to conceal the fact by selling assets.

Liberals bet on control of local newspapers as their way to control voters’ thinking. That strategy is dying. So are daily newspapers. Nothing can reverse this.

The current sale plan, in addition to the Globe and Worcester Telgram, includes BostonGlobe.com, Boston.com, Telegram.com and the Globe’s direct mail marketing company, GlobeDirect. It also would include the company’s 49 percent stake in Metro Boston.

Anyone with an ounce of sense, left the Boston Globe at least four years ago. The handwriting was on the wall. The free market had placed the Globe in the balance. It was found wanting.

So, let us delight in the Times‘ dilemma. The Times deserves it.

The poor schnooks who work at the Times hold on with the same desperation as their peers at the Boston Globe have. They think: “I work for the Times. I won’t happen to me.” Of course it will happen to them. The Times, like the Boston Globe, is going the way of all newsprint.

They pay $5,000 a month for a cramped, run-down apartment in the Big Apple. They could be working in Atlanta, buying a 2,500 square foot home for $125,000.  But that would be beneath them.

In 10 years, they will take their six-month severance checks to their wives and say, “I have to start over.”

I love it.

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22 thoughts on “Desperation at the New York Times. There’s Good News Tonight!

  1. The corporate owned media perpetuates the government's lies about everything. They are seen as the propaganda arm of the federal government. No one believes anything they say in print or on the air anymore. There once was a time when Americans' view of reality was controlled by whatever came out of Walter Cronkite's mouth on the 6 o'clock news, but those days are gone.

  2. Not only did they KNOWLINGLY act as chief proponents for the liberal and bozo lies, they stupidly believed those lies. Now they are saying, "But, I thought … I mean, we created the news. … the truth don't mean nothing … I mean, sure, we participated in yellow journalism, but so did everyone else. Shy are people so ignorant? I mean, so what if everything we write is crap people should just accept it."

    Like the article writer, I love it. Of course, under bozo tghey will have a full year of unemployment benefits, but they will soon learn it doesn't replace having a good-paying job.

  3. VoiceOfReason says:

    I would love to see the NYT go totally bankrupt, have someone like Donald Trump buy it and replace all of the flaming liberals, "progressives" and Communists that staff it with conservatives.

  4. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Trump is a laughing stock to all but Right wingnuts!

  5. When newspapers are so out of touch with reality, and facilitating the demise of America with their incompetent toadying up the Obama administration, they deserve to go the way of the dinosaurs. Would that voters got wise and uncerimoniously dumped all Democrat politicians (and some Republican ones) out on the asses.

  6. Music to my ears….

  7. Texas Chris says:

    Meanwhile, FOX news leads the cable news channels by a mile…

  8. The libs attribute the decline of newspapers to the advent of the internet, but I think the increasingly heavy left wing bias of most newspapers has alienated intelligent readers.

  9. If I were running the Times I could turn it around in a few months just by dropping the liberal cheerleading and printing the TRUTH with no liberal progressive bias .

  10. Agreed. The problem is that people have come to understand that the local papers are grossly biased and not believable. The left simply does not understand that honesty is more than just a good idea, it makes money.

  11. Most of the local papers get their major stories from the New York Times. If the NYT goes down, they all go down.

  12. Unfortunately, Hollywood now owns most of cable. They are even more left wing…if that's possible. Even our hometown paper is now part of a left wing conglomerate. They SAY that they're not liberal, and even talk about how some of the readers in Michigan complain about their Right Wing agenda, but since most of the national news comes from NYT. Washington Post, and Ass. Press, we know that's a lie. I've written asking why they won't print an article from Wall Street Journal, but ,of course, I've gotten no reply and also no articles. It frustrates me because Conservatives CAN"T GET THEIR MESSAGE OUT! The mainstream media has so trashed FOX, I think people are afraid to even check them out. I know Fox is getting a bigger and bigger slice of the pie so gradually more people will hear about the things the other media just IGNORES.

  13. vietnamvet1971 says:

    Woe's Me, Doom & Gloom to think the NY Times or any of its Liberal Manure Spreading Non- News (Worth Reading) would Cease to print the Gospel of Liberalism, May they Die a Slow & Painful death.

  14. Growing up in Boston, I read the Globe for decades. Then, as I grew older, I was aware of it's shift to extreme liberalism, and as an Independent, stopped reading it anymore.When I went to Kenya, in 1998, as a Peace Corps Volunteer, A friend brought a copy of the Sunday Globe from home, I devoured every page, and loved the quality of the writing- then passed it on to others.
    Then, I thought about it and remembered why I no longer had subscribed to it. The objective reporting had almost been replaced by Liberal bias. Too bad, it used to be a good, independent paper, Now, good riddance for failure to live up to it's mission to be an opposition to the corrupt Democratic Party in this state.

  15. Grow up.

  16. Helen Tritt says:

    I am very happy to see ALL of those libtards news going belly up, they are getting what they rightfully DESERVE. The Libtards news is nothing more than made up Nonsense that is totally irrelevant to what is actually happening. Any Moron should be able to detect when they are being LIED to as to what is really Honest Journalism. Unfortunately, there are so many ignorant, gullible people that take the filth that spews out of Obama's mouth as the truth. Those people really have some mental issues. How do they like ALL of the TAXES they are being shouldered with and his forthrightness about the tax onslaught? Pretty LOW and Deceitful, but that is the What Obama is all about, MORE LIES!.

  17. IamaproudAmerican says:

    If these newspapers would tell the truth and go after Obama instead of being his biggest cheerleaders like the rest of the MSM, they might stay in business. I don't think they can see the value in that, so they will keep their blinders on, keep repeating the Obama lies and go out of business. Bye bye.

  18. Right on! Too bad some Conservative group can't take it over: But, considering where it is located, its neighbors would probably burn it to the ground if it started printing the REAL truth!

  19. I can see why people would avoid The Ministry for War Propaganda (Fox). All the mainstream outlets are worthless. All of them whether their libtard or neocon.

  20. The only exceptions are Andrew Napolitano and John Stossel (Fox Business).

  21. "….but that is the What politicians are all about, MORE LIES!"


  22. Too bad you don't see more clearly, 'Seymour Kleerly' ! ! There are just too many left-wing extremists, as on msdnc, abc, cbs, nbc, spouting left-wing extreme anti-American BS and distortions, or just plain untruths !