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No Gold Audit of Ft. Knox . . . in 60 Years

Written by Gary North on February 20, 2013

A fake gold audit of the gold in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, a private depository, was made by the government. It did not include any audit of the legal claims against this gold.

The audit mentioned that the government’s gold is in Ft. Knox. No audit was made of the gold in Ft. Knox.

This non-audit will probably satisfy critics of the Federal Reserve and the government. We will be told that there was a full audit. There was not.

Germany’s central bank, under political pressure, has requested the return of half of its gold. It is willing to wait until 2020. Why it didn’t request all of it by the end of next month is something of a mystery. It is as if the central bank does not believe that the New York Federal Reserve Bank can actually deliver this gold if other central banks made the same request. So, the German bankers do not want to cause a stampede.

If I were a central banker, I would demand immediate payment and let the Germans wind up at the tail end of the stampede.

That’s why I am not a central banker.

Someday, there will be a run on the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Voters will tell their politicians to tell the nation’s central bank to get its gold. That will be a great day for liberty at 33 Liberty Street, NYC.

Until then, central banks are in charge, not voters. Voters are merely convenient fictions in the world of central banking. “Trust us,” central bankers tell politicians. “Trust us,” politicians tell voters. Voters comply.

Silly voters!

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11 thoughts on “No Gold Audit of Ft. Knox . . . in 60 Years

  1. No doubt the gold was used to buy the emperor's new clothes

  2. David in MA says:

    Vacations for the dictator and his wife are expensive.
    Now there is no gold, it's all in china.

  3. truthbeknown says:

    Ok send it to them however lets deduct all cost of the second world war.. Then lets remove all of our troops from germany. There is more than a billion dollars saved in short order. They can defend them selves. We have given enough its time that the rest of the world bug off. We need a replacement government with this country in mind. Once we get back to where we should be, then we could revisit helping others in a balance with other countries..

  4. FedUpToHere says:

    This is nothing more that the World's biggest shell game. Unfortunately, we aren't being ripped for a dollar by some street hustler, these are professional grade con artists who could steal the gold from your teeth and smile the whole time. Oh, did I mention your bank account, freedom, guns, etc., etc., etc.? All gone while we sit back on our heels and pick our banjos.

  5. Groundzero says:

    Yes these Non racist (JOKE) vote to ENSLAVE AMERICA!

  6. There is nothing there to audit .

  7. We have executive and legislative officers who are obligated to preserve and protect, by oath of office. We know the majority of that body is corrupt beyond comprehension. The House has the power to hold hearings and prosecute. Some have held hearings, but never bring themselves to prosecute and squeeze rats until they squeal. They refuse to hold them in contempt and in jail without bond until the demanded information or truth is revealed! Benghazi, Fast & Furious, voter citizenship requirements obstructions, etc…. are made to break Holder & get him out of office. Once justice is restored, political malice will go away!

    An audit of assets without disclosure of ownership is fraudulent – It defies & mocks oath of office!

  8. SSI $1235/mo avg. retiree benefits with 41.8% other benefits added yields $357,000 total payback. That is $1,074,000 less than a 5% annuity would pay under the same conditions! If SSI were a real trust fund with secure principal and 5% ROI @ 14.2% of $43,500 avg. wage, 46/yr input (18/65) and 17/yr payback (65/82); average wage earners would get $1,431,000 total payback (17/yr @ $84,000/yr)!

    If 18 to 82 is 78% of fund lifetime, and it's half funded, the 39% fund balance for 315 million citizens would be $176.0 trillion, not the $2.6 trillion note in the 2010 SSI report. Ironically, the SSI interest earned reported is a little over 5%, which would be OK, if 98.5% of the principal (funds) were not "missing". We could say the "principal would be a lot less because "their obligation" was only $1235/mo, but 1235/7017= 17.6% applied to $176 trillion is only $31.0 trillion… But the principle in the pot is a pitiful pittance of proper principal. Run your own numbers – any way you look at it, the result is cataclysmic!

  9. Cornered official's then tell us SSI is a "pay-as-you-go" system that takes 2.8 worker contributions to pay one retiree benefit, which is roughly confirmed by benefit to tax ratios, revenue approximating expenditures, and a relatively stagnant fund balance. By that definition we know it's the most preposterous Ponzi schemes of all times! Roughly three workers who think their deposits are secure and earning interest, are given to one retiree who thinks it is his lifetime of deposits and (5%) earned interest – fruits of his labor… when in fact nothing is there but shards of paper. The bonds in the trust fund have been and will be methodically devalued by inflation which will spike with QE-this-that-& anything. The bitter fruit of this travesty is the multiplier effect of stealing from three to pay one in an environment where Obama-Geitner-Bernanke swindlers are busily printing money to buy bonds they print to spend funny money far beyond the SSI swindle!

  10. Get MAD as hell – force truth to overrun deception & corruption! FACE IT, FIX IT, & bring SSI rates down to about 2.6% total, which will pay today’s SSI benefits! Start by supporting and demanding results from the few good representatives that we have – find some state & local judges to process suits in their district – all are held by the same law, Constitution, & oathj of office – MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  11. I am pretty certain that the USA has NO GOLD in ANY depository (unless it ended up in various SWISS accounts since it enjoyed prominence within Ft. Knox)!