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Toddlers in New York City Cram for a Kindergarten Entrance Exam.

Written by Gary North on February 19, 2013

At age 4, kids are expert test-takers. They have to be. If they don’t score well, they will have to attend a public school.

Yes, a public school. A New York City public school. The kid is doomed. Rich parents dread the thought.

At $30,000 for kindergarten, there is still intense competition. Think of $400,000 for a kid’s education, K-12. That gets him into college. Then it’s another $250,000 (Ivy League). Then grad school.

Then unemployment. Or maybe “would you like fries with that?”

For years, kids have been prepped to take the exam. Now the exam is falling out of favor. Why? Because it can be beaten by non-geniuses who are merely very smart. This debases the test, the private school headmasters say. “Geniuses only; no smart kids need apply.”

Online home schooling is the solution. But New York City’s rich parents sneer. “Not my kid. My kid’s a genius.”

In Lake Wobegon, all the kids are above average. In New York City, the children of the rich are almost all geniuses. Those who aren’t, get prepped. At age 4.

These people think the future belongs to their class. They are wrong. Wise people would move. If you are smart enough to make that kind of money, you can make it online.  No need to live in the Big Apple.

Parents who spend a total of $5,000 on a child’s education, K-bachelor’s degree, with the child paying for college by working at McDonald’s, will inherit the earth. If the kid is going to ask, “Would you like fries with that?” he might as well pay for college.

Search for “college,” “$11,” and “youtube.”  Watch the video.  That’s the future. (Warning: the report is long out of print. But in about 30 days from now, the program will be available.)

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3 thoughts on “Toddlers in New York City Cram for a Kindergarten Entrance Exam.

  1. My son was brought up by parents who could not afford private school. When he is 35 he will be a multimillionaire. Why? Because he was taught to communicate at an adult level at age four, not to take tests… which he's pretty good at as well. Now, at age 28, he's excelling in an industry that sees his communication skills and the confidence he exudes as a result of those skills as an asset. He didn't finish college and yet he makes >$110K per year. I know Harvard grads his age sitting at home sucking milk shakes and "waiting for the call".

    There are many jobs available for anyone who has a skill such as welding, heavy equipment operating, etc.; skills that are beneath the dignity of those unemployed NYers and Ivy League Grads.

    I think these NYers aren't as smart (geniuses) as they pretend to be. If they were they wouldn't be in NY,NY.

  2. I agree with you 100%.We lived in N.Y. 60's thru 70's and we sent our son to private school back then All good schools got ruined by the "bussing" program and education took a hit from then on in public schools

  3. Private schools are only in it for the money. I guess people are just figuring this out now, huh? LOL.