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Michael Jordan Turns 50. It Can’t Be True.

Written by Gary North on February 19, 2013

Say it isn’t so, Joe. Not Michael Jordan. Not 50.

There is a page with a bunch of Jordan movies. You will not be able to stop watching if you start watching.

Somewhere in my collection of videos, I have the 1982 NCAA finals, which pitted the University of North Carolina against Georgetown. Jordan won it with his final shot.

But James Worthy won the MVP. That was how it was in 1982. Jordan was good. Worthy was the star. That was 31 years ago. That was when there were no CD-ROMs. There were no DVDs. Blank videotapes cost $20, or $50 in today’s money. You got 3 hours in extended play. The images were terrible (as you have seen).

My son gave me a copy of Jerry West’s autobiography for my birthday this month. Mr. Clutch’s image is the NBA’s logo. He is 74. How can this be?

The clock is ticking. Once in a while the alarm goes off. Happy birthday, Michael. Many more returns of the day. I hope I read about them.

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5 thoughts on “Michael Jordan Turns 50. It Can’t Be True.

  1. What? Life ends at 5O? cheezzzzz

  2. Well, I haven't heard of anybody going the other way, not counting movies.

  3. IsuckbutIstillplay says:

    I'm almost 58 and I still play hoops with guys less than half my age.

  4. Co-opted Confederate says:

    So who really give a rats rectum. with the Government threatening to void the Constitution on a daily basis and in some cases actually usurping it blatently. with a Fraud in the Oval office Gangsters in Congress and a Bench full of sissys on the Supreme Court who cares if Michael Jordan is even breathing. Oh I know simpering Diversity and entitlement flavored Kool aid sippers. Most Ameicans are more concernes with wether they are going to turn 50 in the manoer in which they ahave be come accustomed.

  5. Seymour Kleerly says:

    If this site presents another article that does not demean Blacks, they'll likely lose followers. Unless of course it's a Black who will attack Obama.