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Cholesterol and Statins: The Debate Rages

Written by Gary North on February 18, 2013

I do not have high cholesterol. I do not take statins. If I had high cholesterol, I would still not take statins.

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7 thoughts on “Cholesterol and Statins: The Debate Rages

  1. Anonymous Coward says:

    Consider also everything that Dr. Eades (both of them) have to say about it.

  2. VoiceOfReason says:

    In the early 1990s I participated in a cholesterol drug study conducted by the USAF, Texas College of Osteopathic medicine and drug company. This double-blind study was conducted on military retirees to determine the effect of a cholesterol-lowering drug that was being developed by the drug company. The first 30 days before the study commenced, participants were required to eat a stringent low-fat diet consisting mainly of steamed vegetables. Once the thirty day pre-study period was done, the participants were given bottles of either the drug or a placebo, but the participants were not allowed to know which they were getting. About a week after I began taking the pills I had received I came down with the most severe sore throat that I had ever had and the following day I woke up with the entire left side of my face completely paralyzed. It turned out that I had Bell's palsy, and I reported this to the study monitor, who immediately told me to stop taking the pills dropped me from the study. After two weeks of antiviral medicine and prednisone the paralysis lifted and no permanent damage resulted. The study monitor refused to let me know whether I had been getting the drug or the placebo, but to this day I believe that I had been getting the drug and the low cholesterol was damaging my immune system.

  3. the fda is an out of control government agency that makes up it's own regulations without the constitutional congressional oversight and is run by leftists. most of the drugs they approve have side affects that are often worse then what they are supposed to control or cure. everyday we see a new commercial on tv for another class action lawsuit because of harmful drugs that were approved for use without proper testing and/or knowingly approving dangerous drugs for use. it's long overdue for congress to take back it's control over all the out of control government agencies which have been bypassing congress and installing their own regulations. this has been destroying our constitution and our country for too long. nobody not even obama can bypass congress. if congress wont do their duty then it's time for a new congress.

  4. After having one patient die from liver failure and multiples, at least one per month, suffering from myofascial pain as a direct result of $7+ per pill statin drugs and having seen "doctors" prescribe statins to 90+ year olds for total cholesterols of 202 and telling patients they need to get their cholesterol levels "down to 100" (ludicrous) and then actually READING the poorly constructed studies (most of which are financed by the same companies selling them) that seem to say absolutely nothing repetitiously…

    I have decided to die of old age.

    It's cheaper.

  5. I do take statins, I don't take them every day as I am supposed to, but 20 MG every other day…if this proves to be too much, will cut it further…BUT when it's time to get my blood test, I then take 40MG per day for the 15 days before the test…and doctor is deliriously happy…it's actually a bit below 200…I prefer it to be between 200 to about 250!!
    Dr. is happy and stays off myy case for 6 months…I'm happy I don't take so many of them!!

  6. Dotty Brant says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. If one watches the TV commercials they run on the different drugs it's enough to scare one from ever taking them, so many side effects and some sound worse than the disease or syndrome they are supposed to help?
    It's better to eat healthy and take good vitamins and walk. JMHO

  7. Dotty Brant says:

    My brother was taking them but he weaned himself totally off and does a low carb regime and weight exercise. He's 58 years old and doing well. I refuse to take statins. I think my doctor thinks I'm nuts but I think he's ill informed, LOL.
    I am 66 years old and never had a stroke or heart attack. I have high blood pressure but great triglycrides (low) and my total cholesterol is around 238 but my so called good cholesterol is very good. I read Dr. Jonny Bowden and Dr. Sinatra among others. I would not recommend anyone to take Statins. They are going to find out in the near future all the bad ramnifications of taking these drugs. I think, we Americans, don't want to take the hard road, we just want to pop that magic pill.