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Two Years of Gridlock

Written by Gary North on February 14, 2013

The President is not going to get an increase in minimum wages. He is not going to get gun control. This is pretty clear today.

Will he get a revision in the immigration laws? That looks more likely. But it’s not a sure thing.

So, by the time Congressional elections bring in a new Congress, Obama will be in his final two years. That is when lame ducks quack loudly, but get little through Congress.

This is good news. Gridlock is the best we can expect. We’re going to get it.

What about sequestration? What about automatic cuts in federal spending. We can always hope. The cuts begin next month.

Will Congress buckle? There will be lots of pressure to do so. But will Obama give ground, too? He sounds like he is hard-nosed. So, gridlock works in favor of sequestration.

There will be lots of posturing. But if Obama thinks Boehner is going to play a white version of Stepin Fetchit, he is making a big mistake. Boehner’s ego is on the line. Ego, not commitment to principle, motivates Boehner. He is not going to eat a mud sandwich that Chef Obama has made for him personally. Hank Paulson suckered him in 2008. Obama won’t.

If Obama plays hardball, the Pentagon will take the hit. The automatic cuts will begin. If he plays nice guy, Congress will go along with a revision. The deficit will stay above $1 trillion.

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8 thoughts on “Two Years of Gridlock

  1. Igor Karbinovskiy says:

    I seem to recall reading your opinion that the Speaker would not compromise because of his ego before. He did. You wrote that he wouldn't eat Obama's mud sandwich. He did. I don't think he has ego problems, Dr. North. Not sufficient enough to stand in the way of more government. So I'm skeptical. I think he will play ball with Obama. I'm sure he gets some kind of quid pro quo for it. Oh, he will posture and bluster but when push comes to proverbial shove, he will do what every conservative in DC always does: authorize more government. Then he will whip the rest of the GOP congressmen into line too.

  2. And Rand Paul calls the completely incompetent radically insane process of unlimited immigration numbers and disregards for immigrant’s desires as the only way to demonstrate that you desire, accept and welcome immigrants.
    Rand Paul and Gary North are not that stupid so who does Rand Paul and Gary North think is that stupid? http://www.saynotoamnesty.com / http://www.goooh.com

  3. blessmedear says:

    The Speaker gives in to the side that exerts the most pressure. When "o" convinced Boehner to meet with him face to face Boehner caved. It was a mistake for the GOP to allow "o" that meeting. Boehner will go along with who is pressing him the hardest. Read the man's face. He is suffering from stress. Rather than have an emotional collapse he will cave.

  4. blessmedear says:

    Why would we want to desire, accept and welcome unlimited immigrant ion? We should expect other countries (Mexico etc…) to manage their economy so that their citizens do not desperately seek opportunity elsewhere. We should also expect our own country to avoid making so many free things available to illegal immigrants. By doing these things responsible people would be attracted to our country. There is nothing wrong with immigration as long as it is done responsibly. Anything other that that is disaster.

  5. Two Years of Gridlock

    I didn't read past the headline. I often see questions in online forums along the lines of "If you could pass one law, what would it be." My answer has always been "Laws are too easy to change, I want a Constitutional Amendment." For the last several months, my proposed amendment could be called the Mandatory Gridlock Amendment.

    It would read something like this: Congress shall make no law, except on a vote immediately following a FULL reading of the final text of the bill on the floor of each chamber of Congress. Any member not present for said reading shall be ineligible to vote, but a majority of the full membership shall be required for passage of any law. The above requirement for an absolute majority shall be waived for any law whose SOLE function is to repeal an existing law. Such laws shall be in a form substantially equivalent to "The (insert name of law here) act of (insert year here) is hereby repealed..

  6. We are stuck with him until January 2015. If he actually gives into whoever exerts the most pressure, we need to exert the most pressure. As much pressure as the White House can exert, the population as a whole CAN exert more.

    Note: This logic applies regardless of what position you take on any issue.

  7. Joseph C. Moore says:

    Gridlock instead of the unconstitutional expansion of unconstitutional laws? I'll take that any day.

  8. blessmedear says:

    Exactly, we need to keep all the pressure up. Don't let up for a minute even when we think we have been successful. Many people will slack off now that they think the efforts to weaken Second Ammendment rights have been stalled. We can't do that. The left will wait for another opening. There are many on the left employed simply to wait for opportunities. People need to be put in place whoes complete job is to watch every move they make.

    Boehner needs to step down. If he doesn't do that, he needs to be replaced with someone who can stand up to Obama. I don't have any suggestions on that.