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Marco Rubio’s Fabulous Judy Garland Routine

Written by Gary North on February 13, 2013

“Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high
There’s a land that I’ve heard of once in a lullaby.”

The tax increases and the deficit spending you propose will hurt middle class families. It will cost them their raises. It will cost them their benefits. It may even cost some of them their jobs.

And it will hurt seniors because it does nothing to save Medicare and social security.

So Mr President, I don’t oppose your plans because I want to protect the rich. I oppose your plans because I want to protect my neighbours.

“Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream,
Really do come true.”

Hard-working middle class Americans who don’t need us to come up with a plan to grow the government. They want a plan to grow the middle class. Economic growth is the best way to help the middle class. Unfortunately our economy actually shrank during the last three months of 2012.

But if we can get the economy to grow at just 4% a year it would create millions of middle class jobs. And it could reduce our deficits by almost $4tn over the next decade.

Tax increases can’t do this. Raising taxes won’t create private sector jobs. And there’s no realistic tax increase that could lower our deficits by almost $4tn. That’s why I hope the president will abandon his obsession with raising taxes and instead work with us to achieve real growth in our economy.

“Someday I’ll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far behind me.
Where troubles melt like lemon drops,
High above the chimney tops,
That’s where you’ll find me.”

Helping the middle class grow will also require an education system that gives people the skills today’s jobs entail and the knowledge that tomorrow’s world will require.

We need to give incentives to local school districts to offer more advanced placement courses and more vocational and career training.

“Somewhere over the rainbow, blue birds fly
Birds fly over the rainbow
Why then, oh why can’t I?
If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow
Why, oh why can’t I?”

I believe in federal financial aid. I couldn’t have gone to college without it. But it’s not just about spending more money on these programs; it’s also about strengthening and modernizing them.

A 21st century workforce should not be forced to accept 20th century education solutions. Today’s students aren’t only 18-year-olds. They’re returning veterans. They’re single parents who decide to get the education they need to earn a decent wage. And they’re workers who have lost jobs that are never coming back and they need to be retrained.

“Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high
There’s a land that I’ve heard of once in a lullaby.
Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream,
Really do come true.”

In order to balance our budget the choice doesn’t have to be either higher taxes or dramatic benefit cuts for those in need. Instead we should grow our economy so that we create new taxpayers, not new taxes, and so our government can afford to help those who truly cannot help themselves.

“Someday I’ll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far behind me.
Where troubles melt like lemon drops,
High above the chimney tops,
That’s where you’ll find me.”

Despite our differences, I know that both Republicans and Democrats love America. I pray we can come together to solve our problems because the choices before us could not be more important.

If we can get our economy healthy again, our children will be the most prosperous Americans ever.

“Somewhere over the rainbow, blue birds fly
Birds fly over the rainbow
Why then, oh why can’t I?
If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow
Why, oh why can’t I?”

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70 thoughts on “Marco Rubio’s Fabulous Judy Garland Routine

  1. Matthew Rensen says:

    Take his speech for what it was, a declaration of philosophy as it applies to government.
    What would you have him say? Everything Rubio said reflects the conservative view of the way things should be.
    We need not be critical of him.

  2. Dale Hogue says:

    These lyrics are also appropriate, "If I told a lie, if I made you cry, I'm sorry, from the bottom of my heart…" It appears that everybody is in a make-believe world that can only be controlled by the leaders of the Democratic Party and the so-called journalists in the mainstream media. We ordinary American citizens are being humped in the rear so hard that we cannot tell the difference between the two political parties since "I don't remember when…" Somewhere over the rainbow, my backside is being handed to me and I cannot even recognize it, nor can you recognize yours. "There's a land that I heard of once in a lullaby!"

  3. FACT;
    The U.S. government has never collected more than about 21% of the GDP in taxes each year. Never. Even when taxes were up to 70%.
    So what thoughtful person (note the word – thoughtful – impies someone who thinks rather than simply dreams) would suggest that they alone can create the miracle of taxes matching a 24-25% of GDP spending rate? The only way to balance a budget is to cut spending to a level which reflect historical reality. Too bad the media is so blind, or stupid, they cannot support this truth.

  4. Jack Brienza says:

    I have one question–are you mocking his speech or are you just trying to make a point of agreement ? If you are mocking, take me off your email list as you are proving to be a detrement to the Republican Party cause . Unless you have a more proficient method of challenging Obama with someone who you feel would do a better job then I suggest you announce who the Savior is and we can audition them–otherwise get with the program and help instead of hinder getting the morons out of office and save the country.

  5. Senator Rubio is a good man and conservative middle of the road version. He is not ready for prime time..choked a few times . I think by next election..he will be ready but we'll see. Surely as VP at least. His speech was not direct enough period. This tyrant of a President needs to have a sharp mouthed, direct attack Conservative not mince words and profound statements, but rather..COMMON , DIRECT , LANGUAGE…such as "this President and his Party are totally Destroying our nation !!" and how and why. Boehner (Mr Tan/Bend over), and Sleepy McConnell (Mr Can't smile or speak) are totally worthless. Why are they in those positions? Where are our tigers? Only the demoncrats have many of them and use them to destroy the weak Republican party. Christy is a bulldog but is a Charlie Christ in big clothing….watch him switch parties..I guarantee it. So who do we run with and it needs to be NOW !! That is our serious issue folks. Got to find our leader and NOW !! Who will it be? I cannot see even one .

  6. Oh so wrong you are. Rubio is a fake. His name recently appeared on the bilderberg's list. Nuf said.

  7. Rabelrouser says:

    And then he sang " We're off to see the wizard" as he headed back to the laire of the elected monarchy!
    Nothing, and I mean "absolutly nothing " was really said last night, from anyone. It was just a regurgitation of anything we have ever heard before; in other words, no answers.
    But the elected monarchy does this in an effort to placate the serfs and pheasants. With the coment of "Ignore the man behind the curtian" being their mantra.
    We aint in Kansas anymore TOTO!

  8. The day Rubio says on the Senate floor "No more aid to Israel until they sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (like Iran already has) and officially admit the existence of the nuclear weapons factory under the reactor at Dimona", and call for abolishing the Fed and changing the creation of our money, from privately-owned bank debt at interest, to government issued real money spent into circulation with no cost to the people for its use, will I begin to take him seriously.

    Until then he's just another eager-to-please young hustler on-the-make being groomed by his establishment handlers for higher office. The Justin Bieber of national politics.

  9. What Republican party? There is only one party now and Marco Rubio is a part of it. While you're telling others what they should/shouldn't do what are you doing and what's your answer?

  10. You need to stop tearing apart every Republican who is man enough to step up and try his or her hardest to come up with an agenda that works for all of us. You don't see the Democrats doing it. We need a united front.

  11. Gary North;
    What a creep you are. I am done. Enough of the crap. What is your suggestion? Apparently not any better because things still remain the same. We are on our way out and your stupidity just adds to the speed of the end of the United States as we knew it. Good Luck, cause you are going to need it. If you are so darn smart why don't you step up and take the place at the front of the line. Let us here what you have to say in a public forum and stop hiding behind your " pen and paper". No more Tea Party Economist. Ugh – you stink!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. You know you're in surreal times when Gary North gets called the creep while the creeps fill the Capitol Building and get away with creepiness galore.

    Gary North, if we had more people llke you in the world, we would not even be having this bizarre "conversation."

  13. Allen West is the answer.

  14. What do you knuckleheads want??? 5 million whites stayed home and left this jerk in charge, and kept the Senate in Democrat hands!!! Even the NRA Backed Harry Reid!!! Are you kidding me??? And the first chance he gets, he is ready to throw gun owners under the bus (or at least try) and even Marco’s kness got kind of wobbly until the truth came out, now he seems to be firming back up!! With the press ready to crucify anyone who speaks ill of Obummer, he has a very tight rope to walk. And it looks like there is going to be some kind of amnesty, no matter what we say. But the right thing to do is let the Democrats do it!! Then, when it fails, they can’t turn around and blame the Republicans of Conservatives!!! Give them enough rope to hang themselves!!

  15. On septeber 10 2001 donald rumsfeld gave a press confrence where he said the enemy was closer to home and it was a matter of life and death. there was 2.3 trillion dollars missing from the pentagon in one year just gone vanished, where did that huge sum of our money go? That money would help this wonderful country that I have seved as a 82nd air bourne infantry man a great deal. The next 911 happened and we never heard another word about it, google it if you do not think this is true. Funny thing the so called plane that hit the pentagon hit right where all the accounting offices were wow what a stoke of luck it was to have all those records wiped out and our poor fellow americans who worked there were kiiled. Tha seems to be a big news story but you do not here a thing from main stream media HMMM I wonder why. We as americans need to wake up now!!

  16. At the top of this page you have:
    Comcast Internet Deals http://www.comcastauthorizedoffers.com
    Your Area's Fastest Internet Speeds Under $20/mo Up To 50Mbps. Sign Up!
    This is BS. Gary, you should not mislead your readers or use ads that do.

  17. There is no savior so support the best sounding con-artist in the Pub suit.
    I guess I’m the idiot for seeing how useful that is to the person wearing the suit! http://www.saynotoamnesty.com

  18. It`s time for a new party: The Constitutional Conservative Party.These spineless baffoons that are in office on both sides are only concerned with their pathetic egos and their paychecks.This nation needs to be turned around(as it was during and after the FDR Depression)and returned to it`s Judeo-Christian values,the one`s this entire nation was founded upon.

  19. Thank you, Jack Brienza for expressing my own thoughts so well. I hope many other Republicans will write in to support your effort to bring sanity back to the party.

  20. Rand Paul's Tea Party Response was carried on WABC Radio 770 out of NYC. Most of the eastern half of the US could hear it. Rand Paul is the real deal. His dad's troops will support him. Rubio has come out for amnesty and that will hurt him. Rand has enthusiastic support already: http://www.randpac.com

  21. Obama does not love America. Democrats want to redistribute wealth not grow the economy. Borrowing, printing, and spending money we don't have will not grow the economy, although I wish it was that easy.

  22. I like this, musicman7. The Constitutional Conservative Party says what the party stands for.

  23. Patty, I like your attitude. Democrats support one another and rule. I have said all along that too many from each wing of the Republican party failed to give President George W. Bush the support he deserved when he was in office. We are reaping what they sowed. One flaw in Senator Rubio's speech last night is that he said that President Obama criticizes his predecessor. I fear he took his cue from the elected Republicans' failures in the years 2006 through 2008.

  24. no there is still two parties, the democrat and the communist

  25. To even mention Rubio having 'dry-mouth' or a case of the nerves is exactly why this nation is spiraling downword through insignificant and meaningless focus on stupid, I mean STUPID THINGS. My son is blind. He has the right mindset over the sighted. He could care less what Rubio looks like, whether he was dressed nice, was drooling or whatever the case. He focuses only on what the voice is saying. Needing a drink of water during a speech is a ridiculing offense? Grow up people. Look at and study world events through news and media throughout the world…anything but USA news, THEN you will see our condition in a different light. Stop listening ONLY to USA news medias and start comprehending they are only extensions of one political party or the other…tainted, slanted, brilliantly worded and performed by like-minded actors…we call this news? I call it propaganda. If you would just take the time to research one single world event and see how many versions there are around the world including USA media…THEN you have a grasp of the event…a reality.

    Rubio is spot-on with his philosophy…he is a REAL person when he speaks. In the USA, he is forced to join a party or there is no winning any leadership positions at all. Ridicule is Obama's forte through the teachings of Sal Allinsky…look it up. Obama does NOT know what he's doing but makes an absolutely brilliant representative and speaker for any political agenda. The world and 1/2 the USA sees him as arrogant and dangerous through lack of ANY experience and being severely naive. You'd have to be blind not to see that.

  26. Lisa Kinney says:

    I agree with Mark&the infighting in Congress must stop.And the speech NOT broadcast, (except on Beck’s show),was the best of all;Rand Paul’s speech.

  27. Blind Indeed – How did this man of shadows get into the highest office in the land anyway?

  28. Lou…Glad you said "perplexed"… That's the word I was searching for because I can't tell if the writer was mocking Rubio either. I was pondering my support for the Tea Party as well…JUST BASED ON THIS ARTICLE. Is this the temperature of the Tea Party? Or is this a rogue report? It sure sounds to me like they're writing they piece as if he was a child…and I don't like it one bit. The article is not written with any intelligence and doesn't deserve a complimentary 2nd look.

  29. Your inane story line leaves me perplexed. Are you endorsing the wild fact less claims of the State of the Union address or mocking Rubio’s response to it? If your piece is very poor attempt at mocking Rubio I must totally step away from any support of Tea Party objectives. I see no viable third party candidate or power so citizens have two choices stay with either the Democrats or Republicans and attempt to make your choice better and more responsible. You article adds zero intelligence and hence value to the already confused process.

  30. It was also carried live by the Blaze, Glenn Beck's tv channel that is only on Dish satellite.

  31. Dan Barnes says:

    I agree with you Jack, not sure where there going with the rhetoric, but it sounds like mocking to me. The bomb throwers get nothing done and all they do is turn a large segment of us. They probably don't care to lose us, but Rubio has been a strong conservative, and has the answers to getting hispanics, who are conservative, back to the party they belong in. Ann (Flame thrower) Coulter is just as bad, claiming amnesty BS. Nothing I heard sounds like amnesty. Fines, paying back taxes, back of the line, etc, etc, etc. Only after borders are secure. Good comment…

  32. ALL AMERICAN says:


  33. LOL.

  34. It not his fault…he's well schooled in the art of deception and mass manipulation…and I wish he was conservative/republican/tea party… It's the fault of every single voter. What Obama actually represents is the national count of how many uninformed, easily misled, gullible and plain ignorant people have evolved away from their sense of common sense. This is the land of immediate and instant gradification and push button results. The easiest path with no resistance has taken over the American way of life and created a couple generations of people who actually believe they are owed something…take, take, take…me, me, me. It was a great political plan to start converting minds in pre-school and continue the "new-wave education" through a university. The "bottom up" training….

  35. funny how you targeted Irael but not the money flowing to Egypt or other countries who are not our allies…just an observation

  36. Seymour Kleerly says:

    If Obama had performed as Rubio did the Right Wing Media would have used his shortcomings in their HEADLINES and 90% of the story.

  37. Larry Schwarm says:

    I am with Shane. The intent of your submittal is not clear. Rubio was a bit fumbly but in that showed his humanity far better than the polished piece of copralite representing the Republican Elites. I am also with Nugent – the weepy aproach offered by our Republican Elite will not do in the face of the crafty, ruthless Progressives who are the Democratic Party now. The important message will be to our Spanish speaking citizens because we are now in a position where ideas, words, and actions need to be tailored to potential new adherents to the conservative bent. The majority of Mexican people I know and it is quite a few as I live and work in California in a position associated with construction, are naturally conservative and when they understand the framework outlined by Rubio it can do nothing but help these good people to rethink the politics.


  39. ORRRRRRR—–maybe Rand Paul??

  40. Doug Thomas says:

    We conservatives can continue to beat on each other or we can agree to disagree but fight for the common goal of reclaiming our nation. I don’t care what Quinnipiac says, I’m certain that most Pennsylvanians don’t favor the things their polls suggest. ie: 63%favor same sex marriage. Yeah, right. Liberals try to make us apologize for not being open to all things, but all things are not Godly, nor are all things acceptable, nor are they right. Pick the important battles and save your energy for the enemy.

  41. Good, you pay all those taxes. They are definitely hurting me, small business, and for-profit hospitals, etc. Taxes are inflationary and cause unemployment. Yes, cut the spending level.

  42. The Conservative point of view needs to be repeated as often as possible until the fascist-loving people in this country wake up to the fact that this is not NAZI Germany or fascist Italy.

  43. Wow! What an ignorant rant. You need to grow up and write something intelligent instead of just hateful. You have NO idea what you are talking about except we are a nation in decline, but it's not Gary North's fault, it's yours and people like you who just criticize those that try to do something while you do nothing.

  44. I think Marco Rubio just needs a little seasoning. He is kind of young and just got to D.C. People are pushing him to the front too fast, but I understand because Conservatives are in the hunt for someone who can get it done. I kind of feel sorry for Rubio because he will be vilified by those against him and too much will be expected of him by those who want to support him.

  45. Yep, that's Americans, focusing on the trivial while spending huge amounts of dollars at Starbucks and football games while refusing to donate to Conservative causes.

  46. That's really true. Americans focusing on the trivial.

  47. Yes, he's new to politics. He's young and inexperienced and a LOT is being expected of him–too much, maybe. But, he is one remarkable young man.

  48. jes we have to figth for ouer freedom and every thing the old rainos are the stupid ones that figth there one party, the are brain deprifed , the are old and need to be put out on some island and stay there , the have the same outlook for years, change it , and all you other rep get a bckboone , you are miserable cowards ether you stand up to ob ore get out , let some one step up that dosent give a rats ass what ob treatens him , some one that has guts ,

  49. awkingsley says:

    Rubio is ineligible for the presidency, hence ineligible to be V.P. Rubio was born in the U.S., but neither of his parents were American citizens. The same is true for Jindal and Haley. The Tea Party rebuttal was given by our leader.

  50. 1. Rubio is a TRAITOR to America. See: http://www.sodahead.com/united-states/did-you-kno

    2. His speech in a FOREIGN LANGUAGE was a Balkanizing affront to America, a nation founded upon English.

    3. Rubio is NOT constitutionally eligible to be president. Both his parents were foreign nationals at the time he was born.

    If the GOP anoints this TRAITOR to run for president, I simply won’t bother to vote.

  51. Fran invites everyone here to visit her rival blogsite that gets a fraction of the traffic TPE does and subscribe to her brilliant analyses of current events. NOT!

  52. Dave Veselenak says:

    I'd like to hear him and his crybaby cohorts inform AMERIKA that we have a Muslim-Marxist and his communist minoins that are intentionally destroying this nation, that's what I'd like to hear and what must be said to wake up the ef'n sheeple of this communist state! THAT'S WHAT I'D LIKE TO HEAR!

  53. That's ALL I need to know about Rubio , no wonder the defunct GOP like him . Go with Rand Paul !

  54. SCREW YOU !!!!!!!

  55. Taxpayer2013 says:

    Marco Rubio is a Patriotic American. He speaks for we live human beings. We are people and Americans. We've worked hard for what we've got. Now we have people in the WH, that aren't satisfied with what the taxpayers have done for them…they want more. They also want to hand over money to the undeserved….not willing to work a day for their stuff. They are takers and not givers. The government is treating us as non humans…trash under their feet. Obama has a vandeta and he will do anything and everything to get his ounce of vengence. He reminds me so much of Dorno. It's scary. Have you really seen his eyes up close?

  56. Then why do we have an illegal in the white house at this time. Obablers father was a british subject; Case closed.

  57. What does that have to do with Rubio being a traitor to America? If you want to change the subject, sure, I'll join in with you on outing the Usurper.

  58. Well, screw you illegals-loving TRAITOR to America. Anyone who supports traitors is a traitor. And you should be too ashamed to show yourself like that.

  59. tncdel 45p …..I LOVED YOUR 1ST IDEA…

    Stick with "I JUST WON'T VOTE"…I don't trust your character ideology at all, and your opinion is VERY uneducated. So, it's all settled now…DON'T VOTE. Thanks Buddy…. Good idea.

  60. If you want to know who in this country hates this country – read Muslim Mafia

  61. Rubio was channeling Bill Clinton. For the benefit of Latinos. Those already here and the millions more on their way here. Nonetheless, Con-serve-A-Dumb loves him. Go figure.

  62. I wondered how long it would take for the attacks on Marco Rubio to begin. Sadly, some so called conservatives, or at least they say they are, are now joining in. Still remember even on websites like this one there are watchers. Those paid for by the moneyed left, those that made their fortunes because of the freedoms and liberties we share that they now wish to control, if not control to destroy. The cry from some to our elected officials is "don't you dare compromise!" While it is true that we have compromised too much in the past, don't expect to see any thing positive accomplished without political compromise as distasteful as it may be to you personally. Appreciate however that the Left's definition of compromise is them getting everything they want and even if what they want changes each day. Attacking Marco Rubio is as stupidly ignorant as independent conservatives staying home from the polls to punish those in elected office. All that did was punish the country and bring us just that much closer to losing it all. Remember Obama won this time by no more than 3% of the popular vote, probably far less if you discount illegal votes.

  63. Obama is the communist racist fake! U don’t even know who he really is! He has 2 names & every word out of his mouth is a LIE! His creative math doesn’t work!

  64. Anyone with an IQ above that of a turnip should be able to realize that amnesty would only serve to attract millions more job-stealing illegals here.

    The ONLY way to stop the illegal alien invasion: MAKE THINGS AS TOUGH AS POSSIBLE on the illegals, so they will self-deport back to Mexico, etc. at their own expense because they get to hate it her so much. We certainly can't afford to deport over 20 million illegals. Plus most would only come right back if we tried.

  65. Republicrat says:

    Had Obama been the Republican nominee they would have voted him to "stop the Democrats."

    The comedy never ends.

  66. Try Lt. Col Allen West, for starters!

  67. Marco Rubio showboat. Another Clint Eastwood, only Marco Rubio uses bottled water, but doesn't talk to an empty chair. Besides, if he was an everyman (He likes to think he is), he'd be drinking tap water.

  68. You are so right .. these guys get elected to "get it right," so they say, but they end up giving in to the "GOOD OL' Boys Club nd nothing gets done, Again ..

  69. You are correct.

    Remove the incentives and most will depart.