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Gov. Jindal Wants Sales Tax Revenue and No State Income Tax. Liberals Are Aghast.

Written by Gary North on February 7, 2013

Sales taxes are flat taxes. Liberals prefer income taxes. Income taxes let tax collectors impose higher percentages on rich people.

Voters like rich people to pay more. They themselves do not want to pay more. “Stick it to the fat cats” has been the voters’ cry ever since 1913, when the government announced — without supporting evidence — that the 16th Amendment had passed.

Governor Bobby Jindal is now proposing that the state government collect sales taxes on previously exempt services. He is proposing the abolition of the state income tax.

Liberals are aghast.

If sales taxes are imposed on all people inside the state, then there could be political resistance to any increase in sales tax rates.

Liberals are aghast.

The sales tax means the rule of law: “Same strokes for different folks.”

Liberals are aghast.

I mean, what would happen to the growth of civil government if everyone under its jurisdiction had to face the same burden? What if voters knew that whatever the government does to rich people will be done to them? They might call for tax decreases, thereby cutting government spending.

Liberals are aghast.

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16 thoughts on “Gov. Jindal Wants Sales Tax Revenue and No State Income Tax. Liberals Are Aghast.

  1. Jindal is correct in using the sales tax and getting rid of the income tax. If the federaslGovernemnt was that smart we wouldn't be in the financial fix we are in. We need a federal sales tax that has a constitutionally controlled cap at 10% and at the same time recinding the income tax in all its sinister forms. Then the federal government should be forced to live within the means of whatever it brings in and cut out all the other crap. That would force a huge reduction in the size of the Government, which we very much need.

  2. See losthorizons.com and see what your missing in this article.

  3. What's really interesting is that with a sales tax, everyone pays. Another fact that the liberals fail to realize is that rich people will pay more because they have more to spend and thus they spend more. Duh..

    But, logic is not necessarily the way of liberals. All they want to do is to make sure that someone gets taxed, and some more than others.

    What a bunch of idiots liberals are.

  4. GreyHawk has it right. Even my close liberal friends admit that the tax system we have now is a penalty not a tax. The best way is to do away with an income tax and tax everyone at a specific rate. 10% would be just fine with me.

  5. But see, a sales tax puts discretionary power in the hands of the people. They can decide, by what they buy or don't buy, how much tax to pay. Can't have that!! With the discretionary power, comes the power to decide that maybe they would rather fund their own enterprises (AKA savings and investment). What a concept. It would also introduce the idea of everyone participating in the funding of their government–no division of the populace into "contributors" and "takers". It might even mean a little self-respect among the lower-income segments as they see that they're contributors as well, that they count, maybe not so much individually, but collectively. Do you suppose?? Nah, can't work.

  6. And here's another "unintended consequence" that Laffer would laugh at–a tax like this, with government living within it, would stimulate so much enterprise that in time, tax revenues from all the increased spending because of the increased prosperity would cause the government to say, like the Israelite leaders when the people contributed way too much for the tabernacle project, "Stop already! We've got more than we need!!" Just kidding. Never happen.

  7. Texas Chris says:

    LA should abolish the income tax and replace it with nothing. Sell the major highways to private toll operation companies, and let counties handle their own roads. Get out of the big-state government business.

  8. Texas Chris says:

    Revenue generation is only a part of why the liberal promotes the income tax. It is also a weapon of equalization, a progressive holy grail.

  9. Texas Chris says:

    Get rid of the Fed, and you won't need a national income tax.

  10. Texas Chris says:

    I agree. Never happen.

    Except in Texas, it did. We call got checks in the mail.

    But not on Saturday.

  11. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Which makes Capitalism more acceptable.

  12. It’s a great idea but whichever state does it first will chase sales away to neighboring states with lower sales taxes…

  13. No it won't…people won't drive for hours just to save a few percentages of Sales Tax when their income taxes have just been abolished. Your logic is shakey. people have busy lives and will most of the time shop within a 30-60 min drive from where they live.

  14. The government spends money like a trustee of the estate of an elderly person in a coma. The only way to stop it is to remove the trustee and get his hands out of the till.

  15. Yawn. Same as any tax that is tailored with special interest exemptions. Put the sales tax on everything (flat tax) then if there is excess revenue at year end, proportianally give a refund back to those qualified citizens applying for relief of taxes paid.

  16. Better yet, let's stick it to the Tea Party cowards who rant and rave against paying their fair share. Hooray for taxing cry-babys.