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Gov. Bobby Jindal: “Pull Your Kids Out of the Public Schools.”

Written by Gary North on February 5, 2013

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal gave a speech at a National Review summit meeting on the future of conservatism.

It got some media coverage, but Cal Thomas zeroed in on a key segment of the speech. This got no media coverage. Thomas wrote:

If Republicans want to do something about the future, they should back a growing movement to pull children out of underperforming public schools where often their views, values, understanding of history and even faith are undermined. Home-schooling is an option.

The public school system, seemingly a “hot house” for growing new generations of secular liberals, is a failure on many levels. It makes no sense to me to put one’s children in a school system that will likely transform their minds and souls into something quite different from those of their parents. Private school is also an option. Many of them offer scholarships to children whose parents can’t afford tuition. A solid education is the first step out of poverty.

This is as good a piece of advice as any governor has provided in the last 20 years.

The exodus is continuing. Parents are pulling their children out.

Jindal is correct: home schooling is a very good option. The average American can afford it. Mothers are capable of teaching their children. There is a growing supply of home school curriculum materials.

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18 thoughts on “Gov. Bobby Jindal: “Pull Your Kids Out of the Public Schools.”

  1. I believe those are Cal Thomas' words, not Gov. Jindal's. The speech Thomas is referring to was given to the RNC in Charlotte a day or two before. In that speech, Gov. Jindal does not call for people to pull there kids out of public schools nor does he advocate home schooling. He does call the school system antiquated and suggests reform. I agree home schooling has great merit but I believe you have misattributed Thomas' statement to Jindal. The speech that Gov. Jindal delivered was excellent and can be found at: http://washingtonexaminer.com/full-text-bobby-jin….

  2. Any event involving the National Review must be considered a "neoconservative" summit, not a conservative summit. Just more word games from the War Party which has devoured both Republicans and Democrats.

  3. the department of education and most all the others is an out of control arm of the progressives and should be eliminated along with just about all of the rest of them. the federal government has overstepped it's authority in just about everything it does. most agencies are unconstitutional just by their existence much less by their power to make policy without congressional oversight. billions maybe trillions of taxpayer money is being spent and wasted by government agencies that should not exist under our constitution. the states and the people respectively must stand up and put a stop to this now. the country is being pushed away from our principles by progressives who have control of our schools using lies and indoctrination instead of truth and education.

  4. Notwithstanding who said it, it's appropiate for Louisana schools. In the middle 90's my daughter and her family stationed at Barksdale AFB near Shrevport. A quick check of the local schools and they (she and her husband) opted out and home schooled. I was concerned. So off to Barksdale to see for my self. Talked to many other parents who were doing the same thing. Visited a couple of locals chools and talked to some staff. My impression was that Shreveport tax payers would have been better off if all the public schools would close.
    Three years late my son-in-law was assigned to the Navy War College in Rhoad Island The kids went to the public schools. All thrree got A's the first marking period The oldest kid is now flying for the Air Force Number two is working in the banking interest in Utah, and the 3rd is on his way to Harvard law. Hooray for home schooling.

  5. Ken is correct. The dept of education should not be meddling in anything that involves our children's future. When they integrated the schools, they found that the black kids were failing, so the wizards of smarts dumbed the system down so that more could get a high school diploma. Well, that didn't work out so well, did it?
    Now we have kids of all shapes, sizes, ages, and ethnic origins who are "graduating" from high school who are incapable of simple math, cannot read beyond the 3rd grade level (if that!), cannot spell, and have no idea where different countries are and what language they speak. They do not understand, much less can recite, any part of the Bill of Rights or the Constitution. Most times when asked, they cannot tell you who the VP is, or any head of any govt dept.
    So, instead of helping bring the black/ethnic kids UP TO the level of other kids to ensure them a good education and thereby a better future………..they made everyone else more ignorant.
    That is what our dept of education stands for.

  6. you are taking a symptom and concocting a disease the black kids couldn't read because they were told by the haters not to believe anything whitey told them and a lot of states the schools just let them go so the liberals saw a way to take over america and federalized the school system this started in the 50s, i went to a two room school so i heard what the upper grades were taught, and i now that some of the things that were taught the eighth grade when i was in the fifth were no longer taught when i got to the eighth grade

  7. Thanks, Gary!

    Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling (ISBN 086571231X) is a book by teacher John Taylor Gatto.

  8. It seems you missed the title of the article. You might also check the part where it says that Thomas "zeroed in" on Jindal's comments.

  9. Which is why Dr. North says plainly, “Thomas wrote…” Not “Jindal said…”. Did you miss that part?

  10. LiberalsRCommies says:

    Why do we even listen to these liberal trolls? Its time to ignore them and do what needs to be done. Obama has been indicted so it's only a matter of time till he and his country wrecking comrades are gone. Those republicans who are nothing but fake conservatives like McCain, Rowe, Gingrich, O'Leary will be ignored into oblivion and soon relegated to a footnote in history.

  11. Who ever said. "take your kids out of the public schools." gave the best advice you could get. To protect them from perverts, and their teaching, communist indoctrination. Immoral , homo bent false teachers etc.

  12. geneww1938 says:

    25% or more of the cost to educate a public school student should be given to the parent for every child they home school. In that manner, the schools would be making 75% of the cost they would have spent on that student and the parents may have some incentive to create a smarter, more talented student.
    Compare national test scores of public educated and home schooled students.

  13. Ken
    I wish you and others would stop adopting that word Progressive. A commie is a commie, call them by there true name. Stop this trap of word game they got you playing

  14. there are different types of communists, most of the basic ideology is the same but there is enough difference to call them by different names. there are also different groups of communists that use different names in order to identify one from the others.

  15. Seymour Kleerly says:

    The man who called the Republican Party "STUPID" should be taken very seriously.

  16. I read the entire article. Very interesting and a lot of very good points came out of it. Gov. Jindal, without question, is one of the stars of American public life today. While I don't always agree with him as I'm not as hard-line conservative, the man is unquestionably brilliant and I would be very interested to see where the future takes him. I hope it's far and possibly to the White House.

  17. Interesting concept.

    Now…where are they going to have the stones enough to try it?

  18. If you want to add a US Constitutionally safe and state approved (for certificate renewals) e-course, or, if you want to view my website that documents the influences of the Bible on American culture academically and without "progressive", academic bias, go here http://www.biblecultureit.com.