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Coursera: A Free College Education Online at Home

Written by Gary North on February 5, 2013

Coursera is new. When this video was shot, faculty members at four universities were involved. Today, 33 major universities participate. This list keeps growing.

The cat is now out of the bag. You can get a first-rate education at home for free.

Soon, this program will grant certificates of completion — not quite a B.A., but close.

Parents of students will learn a lesson: paying $50,000 or $150,000 is a waste of money.

This is what’s coming.

If you know how to beat the system, it’s already here at a handful of accredited universities. You can earn a degree for under $15,000.

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6 thoughts on “Coursera: A Free College Education Online at Home

  1. Harvard, MIT, Berkeley and Wellesley are now offering certificates of completion on the edX.com website for specific classes. You're absolutely right, Dr. North, this is a game changer. Wellesley has just this month come on board, but expect many more soon. This should be an impetus for Coursera to get on board with the certificates. If not, everyone will flock to the edX site. That's what I'm doing.

  2. edx.org. The beginning of the long goodbye to failed government-run indoctrination centers K-12 masquerading as learning institutions.

  3. Obama Regime anti-freedom thugs are rushing to make sure their decades of preparation are not overturned by a return to Founder's-principles of freedom; individual and states-rights.

    It is unclear if this is too little, too late, but it's sure worth a try!

    Meanwhile, conservative patriots need a new political Party http://unitedamericaparty.org

  4. chris kruger says:

    Can’t wait till one of these colleges offers a chemical engineering courses….

  5. Its edx.org………………………………….woman

  6. You're right Jim…err…man.

    I was in a hurry when posting.