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Surveilance Drone Can See What You Are Doing from 15,000 Feet.

Written by Gary North on February 4, 2013

This is some camera!

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22 thoughts on “Surveilance Drone Can See What You Are Doing from 15,000 Feet.

  1. are drones a distraction from the fact that every police department in every major city, county and state have several planes used for spying for decades? the equipment used on a drone can be mounted and used on any aircraft. the government has the same technology flying in space. it's not the drones it's the spy equipment and it's use that' is the real issue, no matter what it's mounted on.

  2. timeforjustice says:

    The Government has been Surveilling the American People for many years.

  3. I can hardly wait to hear about the first drone/commercial airliner collision. It's just a matter of time.

  4. A drone went over my place about two months ago. It made no noise
    and just a small chemtrail that vanished instantly. Unless you were looking
    up you would have never noticed it. Moved very slowly.

  5. William Baldridge says:

    The question here is not whether the government has been spying on us for years. The question is why we as a free nation and free people, are allowing our government to spy on us. We are being taxed into oblivion while we bankroll thier efforts to spy on us. All these cameras and drones are not to be used against our citizenry, but to gather intell to protect our citizenry. Our government has become so bloated that it has completely lost its vision of what it is and is not allowed to to do on our behalf. It is time we wake up in this country and put our government back on its leash.

  6. Annoymous Patriot says:

    Agreed Ken, we have already allowed them to spy on us and now they are taking the next step because we have signed off on the first part. Pure definition of slippery slope. They are happy to erode our rights slowly over time, less resistence that way. These drones are a lot more plentiful than a spy satellite and easier to send up on a whim. They also cost less to operate than traditional aircraft, again, easier to operate and therefore more of them. Tasking a satellite to photo a target requires altering it's orbit and then of course waiting. With a dozen drones orbiting overhead spying can be instant.

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  8. Our gov't is on a path to destruction.If it chooses to proceed on it's current path, the ensuing aftermath would just be too terrible to handle, it would cause the immediate destruction of the United States. I hope they don't come after the guns.Gov't needs to stop while they are ahead of the game .qwikslver

  9. How much dam_age could you do to one of those drones, with a 22_rifle?

  10. Raymond T O'Donnell says:

    I already had a plane make about four passes taking photos of my home area and not the farm from about 700 feet up. It was at a time whan I was running for the US Senate as an Independent canidate. It happened after I blistered the Democrats and Republicans, especially the Democrats in my recently published book "I CAN SEE THINGS."

  11. I'm thinking. Who are they going to watch? One drone for every… what 1,000,000 people? They can't watch everyone all the time. They can watch me all they want. It would be boring and a waste of their time. Of course there's always the pay people to watch their neighbor. Like the communists have done for decades. I'm not worried about drones right this moment. However, if there were to be a revolution (and it might come to that), THEN I would start to worry about being watched.

  12. Don Rushing says:

    The phrase that big brother is watching you is in fact a reality. What you say will be recorded and will be used against you at the same time that you are being watched!!!!! Being branded through micro chips or hidden bar codes could be in the development already, just waiting to be given the green light. Is this what we want for our future????

  13. Now, wouldn't it be fantastic is that place had a sudden implosion??? I wonder if Adolph was working on something like this.

  14. Mary Mohanan says:

    DON'T get chipped.

  15. Bob Marshall says:

    It is predicted there will be 30,000 drones in the skies of America by 2016.

  16. Regardless what imaginary checks and balances (as depicted by Patrick Henry at the Virginia ratifying convention) a government "imposes" upon itself, this is but another inevitable consequence of man-made governments which have only themselves to answer to. Under Yahweh's law (Deuteronomy 24:10-11), one's privacy is so protected that even a bill collector is prevented from entering his debtors' house.

    "Under constitutional law, the United States government is no longer obligated to honor its guarantee [in Amendment 4 "against unreasonable searches and seizures," including drone surveillance] because it has appropriated all private property via property taxes [and eminent domain] and is consequently de facto owner of all property in America."

    For more, see online Chapter 13 "Amendments 3 & 4: Constitutional vs. Biblical Privacy" of "Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective" at http://www.bibleversusconstitution.org/BlvcOnline….

  17. Damn !!!
    What a fantastic invention and technology. Some immigrant comes to America and uses his intelligence to succeed. Should we 'bitch' or throw him out for his successes ???
    Could he develop medical tech stuff for our health questions ???
    It wouldn't be the first time GOOD stuff was used in evil purposes.
    Just look at again with an educated mind.
    God looks at all your "good" & "bad" behavior and you FEAR HIM NOT !!!
    Where's your head at, people ???

  18. Right so we will have government violating our privacy “in the name of God” instead. Big improvement. 😛

  19. Can a shoulder-fired Stinger-type weapon hit a drone at 15,000 feed. If so, the Citizen's Militia needs to start acquiring them.

  20. Can some one say TAEGET practice 🙂

  21. A. Weirich says:

    None. The effective range of the 22 is 5000 feet.

  22. are you sure it wasn't Google Maps or competitor