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Walmart Wins, Union Loses. Walmart Shoppers Never Noticed.

Written by Gary North on February 1, 2013

The union that tried to create problems for Walmart in the Thanksgiving sales failed miserably. There were pickets at 26 stores nationally. It was a complete flop.

Now the National Labor Relations Board has ordered the union to cease picketing. This means that the picketing was illegal after all, just as Walmart had claimed in November.

Walmart issued this statement.

Jan. 31, 2013 – “Today the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and the UFCW reached a settlement agreement that will bring the union’s unlawful tactics and disruptions towards Walmart, our associates and our customers to an end.

2. “We appreciate the thorough efforts of the NLRB in its investigation. Many of the union’s demonstrations and pickets used before Black Friday were illegal. As part of this agreement, the UFCWsays in its letter to the board that it has no intent in ‘forcing or requiring Walmart to recognize or bargain with UFCW or OUR Walmart as the representative of its employees.’

In addition, the union and its subsidiary, OUR Walmart:

will stop all unlawful recognitional picketing, the basis of the Unfair Labor Practice charge against the union,

will stop encouraging unlawful disruptions by nearly 30 affiliated groups and,

will stop all picketing and confrontational conduct at our stores and other company facilities for at least 60 days.

“The Unfair Labor Practice charge against the union will also remain in place for several months as part of this settlement to hold the UFCW accountable should it violate the agreement during that time.

“This is good news for our associates, who have asked us to stand up to this conduct because they understand better than anyone the opportunities Walmart offers. In fact, every year we promote about 170,000 people to jobs with more responsibility and higher pay. Additionally, about 75 percent of our store management started as hourly associates and we have more than a quarter million associates who have been with the company for more than 10 years.

“Our associates can now move forward knowing that the UFCW must stop its illegal and disruptive activities.

Note: the word “associates” means “employees.”

The union’s efforts failed. The largest retailer was untouched by the protest.

This is one more sign that the labor union movement is dead in the private sector in the United States. Union organizers are going through the motions in a desperate attempt to justify their salaries.

Nationally, union membership in the United States fell in 2012 from 11.8% to 11.3%. This included government-related unions.

The union got out some lipstick for its pig.

“This does not affect or limit OUR Walmart members’ and supporter’s ability to otherwise protest, demonstrate against or strike because of Wal-Mart’s unfair practices and poor record on labor rights,” OUR Walmart said in an e-mailed statement.

If anyone believes this, he should check into a de-tox center. Soon.

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9 thoughts on “Walmart Wins, Union Loses. Walmart Shoppers Never Noticed.

  1. Another reminder how irrelevant and backward-looking trade unions are in the 21st century. They failed so miserably in the marketplace they had to go to government and public schools to find new pastures. And we see every day what unionized government workers have done to the US education system.

  2. The only problem is, trade unions are alive and well in the public sector. This is especially damaging, since the government has no market competition to curb unions' demands. They just take it out of the hides of the taxpayers.

  3. True. Nor is there anyone at the bargaining table to represent tax payers' interests. The public employee unions negotiate with who? Other bureaucrats.

  4. Unions no longer focus on working people and their needs. Unions are in it for themselves.

    When or If Unions focus on apprenticeships, training, skills, networking to help people find jobs, and other necessary functions that are often done by businesses themselves today for economic reasons, they might gain some membership.

    Labor cartels? That seems to be fading away.

  5. Unions are alive in the government sector, but TRADE unions can't exist in the government sector. Even the term labor unions is a stretch.

  6. Has anyone else noticed that as bad as unions claim Wal-mart treats associates (they don't like to call them employees), every time some union shoves a vote down their throat, they vote NOT to unionize? Could that possibly mean Wal-mart already treats employees as well as, if not better than, the employees think the union could negotiate?

  7. So glad to see these union thugs get slapped down. Good for Walmart, and good for their associates/employees. Every state should be a right-to-work state.

  8. Unions have their roots in communism… this administration supports this illegal activity… just as communists like Chavez and Castro endorse Obama.
    Banana Republic comes to mind…

  9. The commie-affiliated unions under mob bosses Trumka, Hoffa, and scum like them killed the steel, auto, and rubber industries in this country and ran not only jobs, but entire industries, out of the country. They won't be satisfied until they do it to what we have left. If the states that aren't right-to-work had any sense, they'd become RTW states. But then the mob would just concentrate on public employees. We need a final solution to unions.