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Parents, Be Prepared. The Boy Scouts May Accept Homosexual Scoutmasters.

Written by Gary North on January 29, 2013

“Be prepared. That’s the Boy Scouts’ marching song. Be prepared, as through life you march along.” Tom Lehrer wrote that ditty over 60 years ago. It ended with this: “If you’re looking for adventure of a new and different kind, and you come across a Girl Scout who is similarly inclined, don’t be nervous, don’t be flustered, don’t be scared. Be prepared!” It was funny then. It’s not so funny now.

The Boy Scouts are about to change policy, despite the fact that the Supreme Court said the Scouts do not have to do this. The Scouts will accept homosexual Scoutmasters and boys.

Think back 60 years ago. Would you have imagined this? “If you’re looking for adventure of a new and different kind, and you come across a Boy Scout who is similarly inclined, don’t be nervous, don’t be flustered, don’t be scared. Be prepared!”

First they recruit. Then they recruit.

If the Scouts do this, will straight parents pull their sons out overnight? Will every family say “enough is enough”? Will the Scouts disappear by the end of the year? Of course not.

Diversity beckons.

Boycotts are legitimate tools of persuasion. In a voluntary society, we have the right to say “no.” We need more of these rights. But this right still exists with respect to joining a club.

Will parents be allowed to organize a boycott? Will there be cries of “hate crime” when parents say in public, “Not with our sons, you don’t”? Will they be sued?

Be prepared.

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81 thoughts on “Parents, Be Prepared. The Boy Scouts May Accept Homosexual Scoutmasters.

  1. As with anything else in this country if we stand together they can't do it.
    “The force of public opinion cannot be resisted when permitted freely to be expressed. The agitation it produces must be submitted to.” — Thomas Jefferson

    So simple. Anyone listening?

  2. Like Hell…..The BSA will cease to exist as we know it
    I do not want my kids being indoctrinated by by queer scout masters. This is unacceptable and the homosexual movement has gone too far. Just because Obama is a queer does not maKe it right.


    Anyone that supports HOMOSEXUALS SUPPORT PEDOPHILES!!!!

  4. IMHO this will signal the eventual end of the boyscouts

  5. Now the BSA will permit openly sodomites into the organization. All male schools have been made co-ed. The US military now lets openly sodomites live together, all while the heterosexual males are not allowed to shack up with heterosexual females.
    Political Correctness is destroying this country.

  6. master of disaster says:

    Look In the end it is there decision to do it if they want. Now one sexual orientation has nothing to do with there abilities to be a male. Now sex is something private and conseual and is a choice. Now th lessons taught by boyscout help one grow and to know the basics. Now if the boundaries are known to me there is no issue or incdient . . .to me people are over reactin due to religious vews and not what s relaity

  7. grammasheila says:

    I always thought "morally straight" meant…among other attributes of character…having the courage of your convictions…Say what you mean, mean what you say, take a stand and stand on it.
    My dad said it meant be honest, tell the truth, don't lie, don't steal, don't take unfair advantage of other people.

  8. To the credit of the Scouts, the acceptance of homosexual scouts and scoutmasters will be left to the individual troops and their sponsors, many of whom are churches.

    While I don't necessarily agree with this decision, especially given the problems the Scouts have had in the past, and while I DO NOT subscribe to the "all homosexuals are pedophiles" school of thought, this does open up a lot of potential problems.

    Don't like it? Find a troop that supports your viewpoint, or have your sons join another organization. Explorers, DeMolay (which I was in), Jaycees for older teens, and a whole host of other things are out there.

  9. What has happened to this once great country? Why does its people continue to give ground on all they hold dear??

  10. This will destroy the great institution of the Boy Scouts. I have had great experiences with the Boy Scouts and I was able to trust the leadership with my Boys. This will diffinently be a sad day in our society if this happens. Once again the Boy SCouts will seize to exist. Why do the homosexuals have to destroy the Scouts? Can't they live with society and just be happy of whom they are instead of pushing their idealogy onto the rest of us. Its a shame even for the homosexuals.


  12. Why would any man reveal his perversions to a bunch of children? Why is this an issue? I can answer that question myself. The goal of homosexual men is to introduce as many boys to homosexual practices as possible thereby increasing their numbers. How many parents would want their child to be initiated into perverse sex ruining the boy's chances for a normal marriage and family?

  13. The queers invaded the Boy Scouts at the top levels years ago. They have been pushing this for a long time. They are already in the Girl Scouts. That happened rather silently a few years ago. They are pussifying our young boys just as hitler did. Same with our military. Lowering standards so women can join. Before someone calls me a names,do know that I an a woman. I see things differently than most. If a woman wants to work at any job,she needs to preform that job as well as everyone else does,no matter what duties she has to preform.If you can't preform a job,you need to step aside & get a job you are capable of doing physically.It is not fair to the other workers to have to pick up your slack.I can say this with pride,because I worked a job for 16 yes. & carried y own weight & my male co-workers respected me for it.

  14. There is one simple solution to this. Don't allow you children in the Scouts. Take them out. Organize a group for children that represents what you believe. Let them go their perverse way.

  15. Utah Mommy says:

    "Imitation is the highest florm of flattery". Why can't people who like something but want to change it drastically simply start their own school, club, etc from scratch?
    Maybe the scouts administration can help with setting it up—-that my be the alternative to withering away as straight parents pull their sons and the homosexuals are left with a dead organization. Homosexuality is not "gay".

  16. It's not a religious view if I don't want any of my children to be homosexuals. That is a disgusting practice to me. I also don't want them to become drug addicts. I don't want any of these things simply because I want the very best for my children and grandchildren. Homosexuality is not the best so I don't want it for them.

  17. You can call it political correctness but be honest, it is the loss of morals, values and ethics and all because God is being pushed out of peoples lives. God sees us heading towards Sodom and Gamorah and look what happened there.

  18. jmsmaxwell says:

    There are so few example of upright morals in our nation and none in Washington DC or politics. The Scouting programs
    for Boys and Girls gave our children a reasonable safe envoriment away from perverted individuals who have little if any
    morals in the lives. Sodimites to not make good leaders and corrupt those they come in contact with. Liberals and others
    can whind cry and curss me for saying that but I do not care. They are not normal in any snese of the word. They may be
    some fairly good individuals among them but they are corrupt. They do not breed homosexuals but have to intice others
    into thier deviant lifestyle choices. Allowing them access to children who are not old enought to comprehend nor understand
    the results of such a lifestyle will destroy generations of children as bad or worse than the drug culture has done. I was a
    Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Sea Explora we respected and trusted our Scott masters felt safe when with them. We also
    learned life lessons from them that stood us in good stead and set good moral values for us thru life.

  19. All parents should take their children out of such organizations. They have long been a magnet for pedophiles and perverts. A group of unprotected children is to much temptation for pedophiles to resist.

  20. Gliderider says:

    Yes and you sound like a nice , kind, well mannered young man yourself.

  21. Absolutely right Ken.

  22. Any adult sexually attracted to young children has a serious problem with their biological wiring. Any adult bent on destroying the innocence of young children is seriously sick in mind and body. You can't have civilization when humans start acting like animals. I also note the "diversity" battering ram is almost always aimed at fundamentally Christian organizations.

  23. I was a cub,boy,explorer scout,scoutmaster,neighborhood commissioner for a total of 18 years in BSA ,from 1948 to 1966, and I NEVER heard that so called marching song before. I suggest that the authors' scoutmaster or his troop CREATED that song or the author meant it to be PREJUDICIAL in an attempt to sway his readers to accept the sensationalism of HIS POINT of VIEW. From my experience in scouting and dealing with people, I can say unequivically that there have been homosexuals in the scouts, with NO PROBLEMS for years, and anything derogatory that was ever reported to the contrary, was manufactured to promote a personal agenda by the person making the report.

  24. People who quote the Bible follow the LEADER who said that GOD commanded ALL to not KILL then made laws commanding that all WISE PEOPLE such as Astrologers,Magicians,and people having a GUIDING SPIRIT, [ like Jesus ] should be STONED to DEATH. He also said that two men in the same bed is an Abomination [ something distasteful ] to God. How can they follow the beliefs of such a man who commanded to KILL anyone who posed a possible threat to his authority to represent GOD, including JESUS. Jesus said he was WRONG in Matt 19 and that the little children should not be forbidden to come unto him.If Adam Lanza had been a Scout he wouldn't have shot all those kids!

  25. Because life got too easy for all of us and we got lazy.

  26. My guess is, there will be more, "Skinny Dipping And Breast Stroke Lessons," in the, "New Boy Scouts!" The new motto will be, "Don't Leave Your Scouts Behind!"

  27. Proud to be BSA says:

    Wait just a minute! The BSA will leave it up to the sponcers of the various troops and packs to allow the gay men and women.
    I a sponcer is a church that the scout commity will be the ones who will be responcible for allowing gays to be leaders. The BSA will have nothing to do with it just the sponcers. I believe that is a great idea. If the sponcer alowes the gay leader the they must accept what happens with their scouts. The the sponcers fight the law suits that will come in the future. Parents get with you local commity and let them know you stand on this situation. My sons climbed the mountain to Eagle Scout – I sure hope your sons can have that opportunity!

  28. "Like a trampled spring and a polluted well Is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked. (Proverbs 25:26)

  29. I was a scout as a young boy and LOVED it so much that I became a trained adult leader in the Scouting program when my own three sons were growing up. They LOVED it too. But THIS would change EVERYTHING that scouting is supposed to stand for and teach. If the BSA cave-in and do this I will burn all of my scouting memorabilia and never again support the BSA in word or deed. We are supposed to protect our children from harm and that includes exposure to ALL unhealthy or perverse lifestyles. If this happens it will be one more undeniable proof that our once great country and American culture has been hyjacked by evil… and it happened right before our very eyes.

  30. Holy Cow, MyTake8, obviously you don't understand the scriptures when you twist them like that to suit your own purpose. Methinks thou hast an hidden agenda and your assertion that, "anything derogatory that was ever reported to the contrary, was manufactured to promote a personal agenda by the person making the report," is a manufactured "fact" that is actually only your own opinion and promotion of your personal agenda. Hey, it's like the pot calling the kettle black. Hmmm.

  31. Yes! Take them out.Let them join the GROUP that play VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES in their rooms UNSUPERVISED so they can evolve into respectable KINDERGARTEN KILLERS like Adam Lanza or the Columbine shooters [ trenchcoat killers ] or the theater shooter who thought he was the JOKER ; Batmans' adversary. That is what the computer and TV are for. That is much SAFER than allowing them to come in contact with homosexuals who are NOT PEDAPHILES. Let the MEDIA do your thinking for you.You will get just what you deserve when you fall into the PIT.

  32. I am twenty-five years a trained scoutmaster, proud to wear the uniform and proud to have mentored scores of Eagle Scouts. I have worked closely with our local public schools and churches to bring the lessons and values of Scouting to youth in our community. Our troop has often been profiled in local newspapers for outstanding community service and our Eagle Scouts publicly honored by local officials and organizations for their achievements.

    If the BSA National Council intends to compromise OUR stated traditional American values which have guided BSA since 1910 and thus bow to pressure from immoral outside activists and pandering politicians then the BSA will cease to exist as the nation's premier youth organization and guardian of cherish American values. I will resign my membership and renounce this bastardization of Scouting rather than forward a policy of immorality and compromise.

  33. I just called the main office and told them I was against this happening to such a great organization. My son is a Eagle. The pledge we read to him from the front of the manual was a rule for them to abide by. Please call and tell them not to let such a thing happen to our young men! 972-580-2000

  34. this is is going to be interesting. THe Affiliate groups that actually adhere to their values muy simply leave and do their own thing out of safety for the boys they are charged with protecting. This would remove all money that these groups contribute, drop membership by over half, and bankrupt the whole thing
    NAMBULA is holding a celebration with an 10 year old as the center piece and than will skip down to sigh up as recruiters , Oh, leaders excuse me

  35. The LDS Church (Mormons) have a strong Scouting program but I can assure you they will not accept Practicing "Gay" Scout Masters or Scouts. Sexual immorality is strictly forbidden in the Latter Day Saint (LDS) Life Style. The doctrines of the Church speak against any form of sexual immorality and given that most homosexuals participate in homosexual behaviors you can see where the conflict arises. As far as the Church is concerned being Homosexual or having Homosexual feelings is not a reason to be disfellowshipped but only acting on those feelings. It is exactly the same for heterosexuals. You are expected to remain sexually pure until marriage and if you have not you are expect to repent and cease to commit sexual sin. The Church does not believe in same sex marriage so those "gay" members are expected to remain celibate the same as non-gay single individuals of which there are plenty. The whole idea behind the Church's teachings is to live a life that brings one closer to Christ and immoral sexual behavior whether with-in or with-out the Church by straight or gay is not acceptable.

  36. This is all part of the homosexuals' two-step campaign of normalization and demonization. In Canada, pastors have been arrested for saying homosexuality is a sin. That is also their end game here in the US.

  37. Sandy Jones says:

    Lilbear, I agree…our two girls wanted out of the GSA because they started accepting boys and we gladly took them out, we will now stop donating (as we did the GSA) to the BSA…The BSA is even going to allow homosexual boy scout leaders (Masters)…Homosexuality is a perversion and if we had young boys we wouldn't allow them to become boy scouts simply because we wouldn't them to be taught homsexuality is normal; plus, the very good possibility of them being abused by queer scout masters. I hate to use the word queer, but that's what they are. and that what the BSA will become if they allow homosexuals into the BSA.

  38. Seymour Kleerly says:

    While I'm no fan of the Gay Community, I guess this is "progress". I doubt I'll live long enough to feel that way but I hope it's the right thing for society. Also, Gay's are not nearly as apt to be pedophiles as straights. I cringe when I envision the Gay scoutmaster jumping up on the picnic table when a field mouse comes along!

  39. Sandy Jones says:

    Joseph Smith, very well said, my family and I aren't Mormons, but we share many of the same beliefs as you do.

  40. Totally agree. Our sons were scouts but if the policy was as it will be now, they would not have been in boy scouts!!!

  41. This can not happen. My God why do these people want to take something good for children and make it unsure of what could happen to your child. It will runin the boy scouts. Anything good there is always some nuts that want to take away.

  42. Nothing will change locally.

    It's the Catholics, Southern Baptists, and LDS who sponsor the Scouts around here.

    The more liberal religions dropped Scouts years ago.

  43. Come on people, get a grip. Gay does not mean child molester.

    Sheesh. If you are a man, are you unable to control yourself around girls?

  44. A house divided will not stand. Why does any organization enspouse any ideology that goes against their tenet? So the gays want to infiltrate the BSA, is that a reason to allow it. I use to send all my packages out by UPS. That is no longer the case. When I heard that were pulling funds from the BSA over the gay issue, I informed the local office and corporate I would no longer use their services. My family will no longer support or contribute to the BSA. If this is a hate crime, then so be it. I unfortunately tend to stand on principal.

  45. The gays should leave the Boy Scouts alone and form their own group. They could call themselves the "Twinkies"

  46. The Boy Scouts since its inception has had a high moral standard based upon the Bible. The organization's purpose was to instill in young boys a moral compass that would help them in later years as they faced the issues of life and its temptations. Many of our national leaders were Eagle Scouts who lived by a high moral code. But, like everything else, the homosexual agenda is to destroy God's moral values and to elevate homosexuality to an acceptable "alternative" lifestyle. Forget what God's Word says in Romans 2, and in God's Old Testament moral code concerning homosexuality, and His judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah. The ACLU and the LGBT group want to exert their influence on culture which includes the "victory" of watching the Boy Scouts be overtaken by those who see an opportunity to "convert" young boys to that life style or to at least get them into bisexual activities. If the BSA allows this, they can say goodbye to many of the donors who have supported them over the years. And many parents will not allow their kids to participate in or become members of the Scouts.

  47. This will open the door for pedophiles, cross-dressers, and other deviants. I would guess that most of the applicants will not have the best interest of the boys in mind, but, like the liberals, try to sell their own style of adult sexual perversions… just like in the failed public education arena.

  48. Well, it's not quite accurate, there a many homos at BYU, and members of the Church. The requirement is that they don't openly practice homosexuality. How they monitor that I don't know. The problem is homosexual leaders, if they allow that. Homosexuals love to convert young people to their disgusting practice. I know, I've observed it. This will create a huge problem. I was told by a wise Baptist minister over 50 years ago that when homosexuality is openly accepted in this country as a moral sexual alternative then you know your country is in decline. America is "toast". This isn't the America I knew as a young man. Yes, it wasn't perfect, but you don't "throw out the baby with the bath water", and that's exactly what we are doing.

  49. First Planned Parenthood took over the girl scouts now the gays have the boy scouts. Too bad two organizations with such a good reputation should come to this. In a free country it is hard to stop this kind of take over but their is a real lesson here. Parents are still reponsible for their children. This is what is called a teachable moment for parents. If you don't want your child under the influence of a homosexual it is your responsibility to protect your child but I hope you will also explain why you are protecting them.

  50. "Sex"….shouldn't be part of this organization in the first place. Not to 11 year old boys.

  51. I also don't think homosexuals are pedifiles, BUT this thing opens up the pedofile can of worms dontcha think? With any acceptance of homosexuality being "in born", this also opens up the case for organizations such as NAMBLA, who will also say that THEY are "born that way". There is good behavior and bad, and homosexuality, pedofilia, beastiality et all are BAD behaviors.

  52. Thing is….it's the "media" that is promoting homosexuality. I do my own thinking rather than follow the MSM who Obama has in his pocket. I'd agree that homosexuals are not neccessarily pedaphiles, but the NAMBLA members are standing in the wings for THEIR "acceptance". It's a behavior, and a bad one at that…..it's NOT inborn, any more than cleptomania is.

  53. If the Boy Scouts do this there will be a mass exodus of young boys of "normal" parents! This is an outrage!!

  54. I don't know if you are intentionally misquoting the Bible, or if you are simply woefully ignorant, but in any case you could not be more wrong on this issue!! If you support pervert rights I suggest you confine it to the four walls of personal dwellings rather than public organizations like the Boy Scouts!!

  55. No good will come from this. What does one hope to gain? i thought the BSA was a moral organization.What do the homosexuals hope to gain from this? Few will gain, actually they do not gain, but millions of other will suffer. Like they say misery likes company. Read 1 Cor 6:9 Do you not remembr what happened with the Catholic Priests just a short time ago and these men were supposed to be celibate.

  56. Bigots always try to flip the table to the worst possible conclusions to hide their own faults.

  57. Prove it.

  58. I think he's supporting equal rights, while you're just being a dick.

  59. While I agree with you, homosexuality (the point of this inflammatory article) has nothing to do with pedophilia. They're two separate things.

  60. You're a dumbass.

  61. Don't let the door hit you in your bigoted ass on the way out.

  62. You're wayyyyyyyyyyyy overthinking this.

    No scoutmaster is going to just come out and say "I'm a homosexual" to a bunch of kids. They just want the freedom to be part of the Scouts regardless of what their sexual orientation is, without fear of being persecuted by bigoted assholes like yourselves.

  63. LOPEZ Yes, why ? To me, a 90 year old scout, this must be the end of scouting for religious people. Lord Robert Baden Powell, who founded scouting, clearly decided that a real scout believes in God. Homosexuals deliberately act against God. If they are allowed in, all others should leave scouting in America. Thus everybody who sees a 'scout' knows that he is involved wit homosexuals. Has America fallen so low that Americans can not have 'groups' free of homosexuals ? All non-homos, leave scouting. Choose an other name and make it clear that no homos are allowed. Where is freedom in the USA ? Are you allowed to have on the back of you scout-shirts, in clearly visible letters "NOhOMO" , or anything that clearly indicates that your group does not accept homos ? Is it not allowed to wear anything that indicates clearly that one is not a homosexual ? Poor Americans !!

  64. This is the purpose of the demand for homosexual "leaders" in the scouts. The leftists want to destroy the scouts and the churches by perverting them. The scouts will be sued out of existence. Just wait a few years.

  65. Absolutely right Ken. Where are the real Americans ?

  66. This is illustrating the point made a day or so ago, that liberalism is evil. All PC is is the liberal take on things. And you're calling the liberal take "the loss of morals, values, and ethics". Well said!

  67. And you're a jerk. Nice refutation of her commentary, jerk.

  68. Pedophilia is almost always homosexual, not heterosexual. There IS a very close relationship. This "nothing to do with" is a distortion and a lie. Not all homosexuals are pedophiles, but almost all pedophiles are homosexual. And Shane, it's only a matter of time before you DON'T agree with Danno and are defending the rights of pedophiles. I predict it.

  69. Apparently the President is heavily invested in K-Y Jelly.

  70. TimeHasCome says:

    As a former Scoutmaster I had 37 boys make the rank of Eagle Scout . Two perished in wars in Iraq .Dozens of young men have been on my 50 mile hikes and week long canoe trips. I have voted to burn my old uniform and rid my household of all things scouting .The BSA may believe the rectum has a duel purpose , I do not. The homosexuals have rights and so do I , goodbye BSA.

  71. This is the sign of the end of time. We need prayers to overcome.

  72. Another great institution about to be destroyed by political correctness. The lengths to which liberals and so-called progressives will go to insure that their immorality (anything goes mentality) is amazing. As to most politicials, we know that over time their desire for power and votes from whatever group tends to override any moral or integrity standards that they may have had prior to achieving elected office. How pathetic has our Country become when we are forced by our elected leaders to recognize and condone homosexuality as normal and acceptable condition in society, both in our everyday living and and by our children in our public education system. As far as I can determine their is no gene or DNA marker that will cause homosexuality. I do know, however, that factors such as abuse, bad parenting, and the desire to be socially accepted can and does effect the mental processes of youth and can result in bad life decisions. Regardless of the cause it is a lifestyle choice and not an not a choice which should be accorded special treatment in our laws or condoned in any of our institutions.

  73. Sir Robert Baden Powell, founder of the scouting movement, would turn over in his grave if he knew this was going on in his beloved scouts.


  75. The Boy Scouts get special privileges from the government. If you want the government's special privileges, you have to live by the government's rules. If you want to remain a private organization with the rules you desire (including the right to discriminate as you see fit), then give up the government privileges.

  76. Tom Lehrer wrote many humorous songs, of which this is just one. He was a math instructor in "real life" and Be Prepared was simply one of them. "Be prepared to hold your liquor pretty well. Don't write naughty words on walls if you can't spell …
    Don't do good deeds when there is no one watching you … " Cynical 50's and 60's humor, making fun of the accepted norm.

    He also wrote one about folk singers, "We are the Folk Song Army, every one of us CARES! About things like poverty, war and injustice, unlike the rest of you squares. So join in the Folk Song Army, guitars are the weapons we bring,to the fight against poverty, war and injustic, ready .. aim .. SING!"

  77. huntingfreedom says:

    Sue, so right you are, but we have come to a cross roads that few stand together. Our 1st Amendment is under attack by the evil obama team. If the Scouts get gay leaders in there ranks the scouting to America will come to a end. I was a cub scout master for 6 years while my 3 sons grow up and later with the boy Scouts as Scout Master for 6 years and with counsel for another 10 years. Scouting was a great time in America, but this will like everything evil get into becomes sick and proverted. I still support the scouts but I'd have to say if the scouting people of America lets this happen they will not get support from me any longer. I could not support gays in the military and will not support the scouts There is a agenda in America to destroy it from with in and if our elected leaders keep voting for the agenda's one would have to ask if they themselfs are not gay . Lord I pray You will step in soon and put a Stop to this madness and evil.

  78. It is a heart problem. Their heart is directly opposed to God's law. Since homosexuality is the vilest form of idolatry placing sexual pleasure over God, they have corrupted themselves. Except they repent, and turn away from that wickedness, they will burn in hell eternally.

  79. If they allow queers to be brought in, they will have to change the scout oath which goes like this:
    On my honor, I will do my best
    To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law;
    To help other people at all times;
    To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.

    To be dutiful to God, one must love God with their whole heart and forsake their sin. Sodomy is sinful. It is detestable in the sight of God as set out in His word in Leviticus 18:22. To be morally straight means walking in a way that is pleasing to God. To be declared righteous, (in a right relationship with God) should be the desire of every citizen of this world. That can only come from the Holy Spirit quickening the dead in sin, and bringing about life in them through Christ Jesus our Lord. The Sodomite is following the God of this world (Satan). It is not hate speech when someone tells another of danger. The lost of this world are in danger of perishing. God will hold them accountable of their disobedience and transgression of His Holy law. Unless the sinner repent, they will all likewise perish. Luke 13:3

  80. If the Warp minded Queers can actually
    prove they are, or have A G–spot, or A
    clortis located in their bodies, other than where our creater God put it, then and
    Only then should they be allowed to be
    Or actually.
    mix with anyone in society. I truly, believe that all Queers should be forced
    to become Islamist, because most
    young Boys yield to Sodomy and really
    Get the shaft. We true Red blood Americans will not tolerate such, Never, Never. We with A backbone will establish And
    Organize the largest Man and Women groups and Kick Asses
    to be sure all FAGITs go back into yo’ closets to do your butt
    friggin’ or reach arounds or whatever you Nasty asses Do! !
    And that’s my Say, but only for now.

  81. is that why Utah which is mostly Morman now has gay marriage. hippocrits!