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President Hillary? An Insider Says It’s Inevitable.

Written by Gary North on January 28, 2013

David Rothkopf has written a column on CNN saying that Hillary Clinton will be elected President in 2016 if she wants the job.

Who is David Rothkopf? He is the author of Superclass, the best Insider book on who the Insiders are, how they work, and how 6,000 of them control an enormous percentage of the world’s wealth.

If David Rothkopf goes public with this opinion, it is a very good reflection of Insider opinion.

He thinks she performed magnificently in defending herself against the Senate Republican critics of her handling of the protection system given to the embassy at Benghazi. If he thinks so, then the Insiders who run this country are ready to back her. Count on it.

But does she want to be elected President? To ask this is to answer it.

When the speeding train goes over the collapsed trestle, who will be the engineer? That person will get the blame. Those who greased his/her skids will get the blame.

The trestle will collapse. It is already on fire. The train is going to go over it. I don’t know when the train is scheduled to go over it, but go over it, it will. My guess: in the administration of the President who is elected in 2016.

I know what’s coming. There is a song about it. The engineer will not be named Steve.

How convinced am I that she will run? This convinced: I have just registered the domain name, HillaryHoover.com.

The masthead will feature a Hillary Clinton for President button on the left. It will feature this on the right hand side.

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57 thoughts on “President Hillary? An Insider Says It’s Inevitable.

  1. If the illegals get to vote she will win. The biggest factor is when the US Dollar stops being the reserve currency, and we follow Greece into decline. Then we wil be done with liberals for a generation, but it will be too late.

  2. With Muslim ties(her confidant) she will assure The Muslim Brotherhood continuance and after that we will be DONE for good

  3. Would be another disaster following the current administration. She is the epitome of corruption, back to her days in Arkansas and in the Watergate probes. Last night on her 60 Minute lovefest with POTUS, she looked like a bobble head. Thanks to the fawning media we may never find out what happend in Behghazi and whether or not it related to providing terrorists with guns. Media made a big deal out of Iran Contra but at least those weapons were for our allies. Cannot believe what these unpatriotic incompetents are doing to this country.

  4. The only thing I want hillary to run is the other way!
    She makes me gag. If you think oblamo is liberal, just wait to see how evil this (b)witch is!

  5. There was already a deal made between the puppet masters and Hillary to become president in 2016. This was for her dropping out of the 2008 campaign against Obama. I also think they're banking on most Americans to either still be drunk on the koolaid or have A.D.H.D. in 4 years too. That's only if the democrats aren't able to change the 22nd Amendment and have Obama in there for life. At this day and time, with all the ozombies slaves, the Republican party couldn't say or pay anything to win that office. I believe a strong Independent candidate (not tied to the puppet masters) would be the People's best and possibly only chance of ever getting away from this dictatorship and getting our country back on the right track…..

  6. He thinks she performed brilliantly before the congress? If brilliance is lying your a** off, I guess he's right. I don't think that is the end of this quite yet. Many in congress are not happy or convinced she has done anything aside from obfuscating the truth about what went on in Banghazi. She may think she is out of the woods but I wouldn't bet on that just yet.

  7. barb patton says:

    PLEASE – Mrs Magoo is as wicked and ghastly as our Bill (I DID NOT SLEEP WITH THAT WOMAN) and barack hussein )I WISH I COULD USE MY MIDDLE NAME) (muslim) obama rolled into one fat old turd. I just hope to goodness that the lemmings that voted for their god, saviour, allah, king,, lord and master barackie will be so sick and fed up of all the rules and regulations of the next 4 years that old bottle coke glasses Mrs Magoo will not even get a shoe-in……..

  8. Bill Smith says:

    God help us! PLEASE!!!

  9. "He thinks she performed magnificently in defending herself against the Senate Republican critics of her handling of the protection system given to the embassy at Benghazi"
    Then he is an idiot. Anyone with half a brain could see that she was stonewalling the inquisiitors and was guilty as hell.

  10. if the people haven't figured it out by now that shes criminal just like the chimp dick-tater yes we are screwed we will probably be at war right here in america

  11. PaternoWasFramed says:

    Anyone considering voting for Mrs. Slick should read “Unlimited Access” by Gary Aldrich – or “Boy Clinton” – to get to know the real ‘her.’

  12. vietnamvet1971 says:

    I do not see any thing to STOP her the Liberals have all the special Groups & special interest groups covered (Bought & Paid for)

  13. mrsgunnut10 says:

    Yes, Hillary could run as a Presidential Contender. WHO, in their right mind, would want this used up, so called Bi-Sexual person, running this Country?? If she ran & won, you can bet Bill (Slick Willie) Clinton would have his own Harem in the White House as First Man and Obama would be the Vice Presodent. Boy, wouldn't that be a Combination. It would surely make these United States of America, if we still exist, the Laughing Stock of the World. God help us and hopefully this will never happen. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  14. Whats It Matter says:

    With a little luck and the grace of God the only spot she'll be running for is president of the prison garden club.

  15. Seymour Kleerly says:

    You have just stated that Liberalism is EVIL. Methinks your brain is totally the property of the Right Wing Hate Propaganda Machine. (Talk Radio, Fox News, etc.)!!!!

  16. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Thanks for proving yet again that Rightwingers are RACIST!

  17. Oh you left wing idiot. The most over used (and wrongly used) word these days is "racist". I see it used all the time where the sayer is talking about someone of the same race, or talking about someone saying something about someone else of the same race.

  18. What 2016 run? The only way Hilary will run is if obama is willing to step down or dies. That being said, the author ot the author of this article has a very low opinion of magnificant if he considers the garbage she spit out so. The signs of coverup were all over the place, from her being too busy to read messages, to her 181 country tours, to blaming lack of funding, to the old standby the Republicans, the staged tearful account of meeting family members of the deceased, the fake anger and demand of what difference did it make, and her sanctioned attempt of diversion with reference to Samali and Mali. Excuse me Madam, but the issue was Benghazi.

  19. This is a joke,she will never be a President due to O'Vomit not giving up his golden goose. He will plan a big ol constitution change in 2014 allowing O'Vomit to unchallenged presidential terms. This guy will rule America and extend his rule to the world along with the UN. Our only hope is China bucks up and ends O'Vomit and the UN but that means we learn Chinese as our language.

  20. Heaven forbid. America has had enough!

  21. Michael4yah says:

    She cant even get up in front of a group of servicemen without being booed off the stage. How is she going to be president, she is the most disliked female in politics. It aint going to happen. But if you dont get ahold of your Senators and Congressman 40 million illegals will be made Americans and they will vote democratic, they will steal our jobs, they will steal our healthcare and education. Even the idea of this sounds so impossible it kept me up all night, My country would allow millions of lawbreakers to have the same rights as me and my family? IM going to call the Republican Headquarters and tell then that if this passes IM getting out of the Republican Party.

  22. J.M.R.'s is an old trick: pose as a conservative and post a racist rant to discredit the very group you pretend to be part of. This is immediately followed by a chorus of fellow travelers deploring how racist conservatives are. Guilt by association is nothing new.

  23. The only people spinning words and turning to hate or the Unionized Thugs, Illegal alien backers and those who seek to destroy the Constitution of the United States.

  24. I think she's an evil witch but I am not interested in Fox News or Talk Radio. They're all statist. Try again.

  25. Thanks for proving yet again that Leftwingers are too stupid to make ARGUMENTS! Istead they throw out the childish response of "racist!' or "Sexist!"

    Geez you're simply minded.

  26. I believe there is at least an even chance that Michelle O will throw her name into the ring. It's not so much the bully pulpit she desires, she can leave that to O, but the never-ending perks of the job. Even with their growing wealth, it's hard to afford million dollar vacations several times a year on a President's pension.

  27. awkingsley says:

    She will win against anyone other than Rand Paul. Up against Rand Paul, she will be made to look like a corrupt old bag "has been". If Hilary is confronted with Jeb Bush, she will be confronting an old corrupt equal, and Republicans can easily lose that one, even with amnesty of illegals and Jeb's Mexican wife. Sans amnesty, Rand is squeaky clean, and his PAC can take Hilary down by targeting all of the Clinton corruption. Jeb has the same corruption behind him, so he and Hilary will, for the most part, play nicey nice with each other, and Jeb is likely to lose at the game. America will just be ending an era with a racial minority as president, so a woman minority will probably out-weigh the Jeb Bush racially mixed couple. Remember there is a greater number of women who vote for and favor the Democrats. If amnesty is passed, Republicans will have to run a minority or a racially mixed couple to win an election forever after. And, that is just wrong. It is the incorrect platform element to change. The correct one is from Pro-War to Pro-Defense – defense of American soil – our own homes.

  28. I see you saw that inference. Good observation.

  29. Liberalism, in its current manifestation and definition, is a conglomeration of practically every anti-God position that it's possible to take. Now, by definition, God is good, so….

    It wasn't always this way. I'm just referring to liberalism since the takeover of the Democratic national convention in 1968.

  30. She would probably have Obama as the her V.P. running mate. HEAVEN FORBID.

  31. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Newsflash! Racism is a major reason Americans hate Conservatives. That's not a simple matter.

  32. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Hillary will rule the planet from 2017-2025!

  33. Yeah…..like the last two times.

  34. Methinks YOUR brain is totally the property of the left wing communist MSM and Rachel Maddow.

  35. Hillery won't be president or anything of the kind in 2016 or any other year after that. There won't BE ANY "election" in 2016. BO will be ending the term limit and continue to "reign" as long as he wants after he's done doing what he's been doing. Say goodbye to the bill of rights, constitution et al. BO is our first dictator and will remain in the WH long after 2016. We need to do something NOW!!!!!!!!

  36. Thing is there won't be any election in 2016. This last two "dog/pony shows" trying to pass as "elections" are the last we'll see of anything like an election for decades to come if BO gets his way.

  37. Coming from the left wing that wrote the book on rascism starting with the democrat KKK,and the democrat Jim Crow laws by the democrat southern governors after the civil war.

  38. That…..and the book about her by Barbara Olsen years ago. Of course Barbara was killed on 9/11 being a passenger on one of the crashed flights.

  39. And backed by the CPUSA

  40. Illegals won't need to vote…"voting" will cease.

  41. AGain….that is "IF" there's any election in 2016. I think it's over unless we do something about BO.

  42. Hahaha, a shill for Hillary. Nothing but a shill. Part of the plan, put out little stories like this. Look how early they are starting.

    The Clintons have plenty of money and dead bodies to back them up.

    You’ll hear more and more why Hillary should be president and stuff like that.

  43. not with my vote

  44. Look at this article by David Rothkopf and realize who he and what he is doing: he is implanting into the thought stream what he and his heinous cohorts want to bring about. What is not stated in his identification and "credentials" is that he is a member of THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS. The "superclass" he speaks of are simply his fellow members of The Council On Foreign Relations. They are the true and shadow government of the U.S.A. and have become so since their inception over 90 years ago by the same psycho-misanthropic power criminals that created the FEDERAL RESERVE. The CFR covertly but definitely create the political realities of this country for you and you have no say. Primary and general elections are useless and have long since been fraudulently manipulated and falsified. Candidates are chosen FOR you, not by you. Romney was chosen FOR you, not by you. Romney is a CFR member. McCain was chosen FOR you. He is CFR. Kerry – CFR (also Skull and Bones as were Bush I & II) This author, Rothkopf is CFR and -Oh! Guess what?! Bill and Hillary Clinton are CFR!!! Anyone catching on yet? Further, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN and,yes, even FOX are all corporate members of CFR as are Microsoft and Bill Gates. Ah,yes, the grand wizards of banking fraud and international political criminality are here: David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, George Soros ….. and this snide little turd Rothkopf. How come the CFR is never talked about or exposed, not even by Gary North. The CFR has their own buildings in NYC and now Wash. D.C. and they meet in private and it's all secret. Wonder why?

  45. An outsider says it's improbable.

  46. Texas Chris says:

    What makes you think they actually count the vote? If "they" want Hillary, then "they" will get Hillary.

  47. There is no such thing as inevitable in politics. That said, it is far too likely unless TRUE Americans get organized to reclaim the nation.
    Note: US citizenship and being an American are rapidly becoming unrelated concepts.

  48. Controlling the presidential election was achieved with the constitutional amendment requiring a president/vice president ticket. The only players that can do this are the two main parties. Prior to this, every candidate ran for president, and the one who got the second largest number of voters became vice president. When the November elections rolled around there were sometimes as many as five viable candidates on the ballot.

    The new system favors the two major parties and puts them in control. By the time the primaries are over, the public has only two choices – Republican or Democrat; And as many know, the "two choice" maneuver is a classic psychological tactic for pediatricians and pediatric dentists to manipulate a child into doing what the DOCTOR wants by making it appear that the child has been given a choice. But since the doctor controls both choices, there really is no choice.

  49. Sorry, but the money the Clintons have was no use against Obama. The party threw Hillary under the bus, and Obama's team members threatened Chelsea, if the Clintons brought up the subject of Obama's ineligibility — which was first broached by the Clintons. Bill and Hill didn't know what hit them.

  50. She has way to many issues not in her favor. She was arrogant during the hearings.. Any Republican nominee would have so much dirt on her, they could destroy her.. UNLESS, all the illegal, liberal, voterd fraud is voting…..Oh’ wait, isn’t that how obama got in..

  51. Bob Marshall says:

    That would put the final nail in the coffin.

  52. Good one, great insight on the CFR………

  53. Vote for HIllary? Only if she is running against someone recruited from a local looney bin or the zoo to represent the Republicans.



  56. richard holmes says:

    Maybe this scag hag should have the Jimmy Haffa put on her.